INTJ Infographic!

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Okay, I tried to make this while fixing breakfast for my kids and answering questions about work over the phone, so forgive me if there are any typos (also, let me know if there are any typos!). Let me know what you think! I’m not sure I’m 100% pleased with it yet, so I will probably revise it. Any thoughts from real live INTJs would be awesome 🙂

All About INTJs

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  1. However, they have an intense love *for beauty and tranquility.

    (That’s the only typo I spotted.)

    I’ve been waiting for this infographic ever since I saw the one with INFJ. I loved both, and I was wondering if you will do one for INTP too sometime in the near future.

    1. Thank you!!! I will have to fix that as soon as I’m back home. I will do the INTP infographic next! I’m hoping to do all of the 16 types. Thanks so much for the feedback!!

    1. Well I had the feeling after I made it that it still wasn’t perfect…but like all INJ types I’m a perfectionist. So I wanted to check with the INTJs to make sure it wasn’t completely off anyway:) I didn’t ask for advice on the INFJ one because I figured I was enough of an authority on that type!

  2. I cannot speak for all INTJ, but it is my experience (and perhaps this has something to do with my being an HSP and Aspie to boot) it is not only my vision I rely a great deal on; I would actually say that is the sense I least rely on even though visuals are important to my data collection process, but ALL my senses are heavily involved in my ascertaining of circumstantial evidence in my environment(s). For me, my sense of smell and hearing become greatly affected during times of high stress or energy upheaval. I believe this could explain why, to some degree, introverts like to retreat to quiet, dark places. Lights, yes, they overwhelm me, but sounds and smells can either break me or take me away somewhere in my mind that is safe when I am feeling exteriorily fearful or threatened.
    It could be the Aspergers. But I find there to be a hairs breath line between my intj/Aspie definitive characteristics some times.
    Just a taste of my point of view. And of course, in true INTJ style, I love the graphic. Anyone who creates an ordered, intellectually appealing visual aid is A-OK in my book. Nice work & namaste.



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