What should you NEVER say to an #ENTP? Find out! #MBTI

10 Things You Should NEVER Say to an ENTP

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When it comes to type and communication, there are a lot of things that we all universally hate hearing. Nearly everyone gets riled up by the words “calm down” or “you’re over-reacting” regardless of their type. But if you’re in a friendship or relationship with an ENTP, there are some very particular statements that drive them up the wall. Try to avoid saying these unless absolutely necessary!

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10 Things You Should NEVER Say to an ENTP

  1. “That’s just the way it is.”

Accepting things as they are, or being forced to accept something as it lies in direct opposition to the ENTP‘s dominant function, Extraverted Intuition. ENTPs are all about innovating, transforming, and finding potential. Having to settle for something “just as it is” goes against their very nature.

  1. “Fine. Whatever.”

Do you have a tendency towards passive-aggression? If so, better leave that habit behind. ENTPs detest passive-aggressive behavior and prefer it when people come right out and just say what’s on their mind or what’s bothering them. Be direct if at all possible.

  1. “Because I said so”

This line will only work to further challenge an ENTP to do exactly what you said not to do. They want logical reasons and open discussion before they willingly follow along. The “because I said so” line is probably the bane of most ENTP children’s existence.

  1. “Everyone knows,”

This line just begs the question “do they?”, “who is everyone?”, or “just because everyone thinks something, does that make it right?”. Usually when people say the line “everyone knows” they’re trying to be condescending towards the person they’re talking to or cut off their opponent’s argument prematurely.

  1. “Let’s use the reliable, tried-and-true method. Experimenting is a waste of time.”

Sticking with the known, tried-and-true method is a major mood-killer for an ENTP. They want to innovate and find a new way to do just about everything. Unless there’s really a major time crunch they’ll try to find a way to optimize or re-work something in a new and unusual way.

  1. “This is black and white, stop over-analyzing it”

Thanks to Extraverted Intuition and Introverted Thinking, ENTPs see everything from 100 different angles and connection points. They also tend to question binary thinking and pre-established rules. Having to see things in black and white is limiting to them and being forced to do so will frustrate them.

  1. “Stop thinking with your head. Tell me what your heart says.”

As thinking types, ENTPs don’t prefer to make decisions without analyzing the logical data. They get majorly frustrated when they’re asked to ignore their logical thought processes or tap into emotions instead of truth. ENTPs definitely have emotions (all types do), and they have feelings and values, but when it comes to decision-making they absolutely have to have their head in the equation as well.

  1. “You need more routine and structure in your life.”

Knowing what to expect day after day after day is a bone-chilling nightmare for an ENTP. Being stuck in a routine is stifling and creatively mind-numbing for them. New experiences and possibilities stimulate them and keep them mentally engaged and optimistic.

  1. “Hurry up and decide!”

While sometimes a decision really does need to be made in a hurry, unless it’s actually urgent it’s better not to rush an ENTP. These types like to stay open to new information and data as long as possible before settling on a decision. They will get frustrated and on edge if they’re pushed into major decisions before they’re ready.

  1. “Have you heard about (random acquaintance/celebrity/distant family member)? Let me fill you in on the details!”

Gossip, especially highly-detailed gossip, is usually of very little interest to the ENTP. They tend to get turned off by people who spread rumors, or who go into long monologues about the behavior of a person who has no actual effect on the ENTP’s life.

Do These Statements Bother You?

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What should you NEVER say to an #ENTP? Find out! #MBTI

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  1. I almost stopped reading it because it’s so accurate, these questions really do p*ss me off.

  2. This is so accurate. Reading articles like this one, is often one of the only ways I can experience the, “someone gets me”, phenomenon. :/

  3. Spot. On. Yes, “because I said so” was alone the spark of much of my childhood misbehavior. And I have often quipped that the root word of “routine” is “rut.” Bone chilling indeed! And if I had a dime every time I was accused of “overthinking” something… Again, every one is spot on.

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