Discover the unique talents and strengths of the #ENFJ personality type. #Personality #MBTI #Myersbriggs

7 Ways That ENFJs Make an Impact

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Often called “Givers” or “Inspirers,” ENFJs are regularly praised for their people skills, enthusiasm, and empathy. These types seem to innately know what people need to hear and how to navigate sometimes perplexing social situations. But what lesser-known talents do these personality types possess? Today we’re going to take a look at a broad spectrum of strengths this type has when they are healthy and mature.

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7 Ways That ENFJs Make an Impact

#1 – They Have an Eye for Potential

ENFJs believe that it is their duty to lead people towards their potential in life. They see talents and abilities in others and are driven to see those strengths brought to life. Instilling confidence in others and encouraging them to achieve their dreams is a huge motivation for ENFJs.

#2 – They are Purposeful

ENFJs often appear energetic and enthusiastic. They put a lot of effort into accomplishing their goals and they usually seem confident in the direction that they are going. Reaching an objective is important to these types – they want to harness the energy within themselves and within others to make the world a better place. Wasted time and procrastination are rarely an issue when these types have settled on their path for life.

#3 – They Often Serve as a “Social Conscience”

ENFJs believe that the best decision is one that benefits everyone involved. They are constantly analyzing the personal dynamics of a situation, how everyone will be affected, how everyone’s values will be honored. Healthy ENFJs are firm believers in putting others first, and they believe that every goal should have a positive human impact. They also believe that selfish motivations or greed should never be at the center of a movement.

#4 – They Are Natural Peacemakers

ENFJs are able to see many different sides to a situation and empathize with people whose views are different from their own. They are able to easily operate from a fourth-person perspective, seeing the big picture and how each person is affecting the other. Because of this ability, they can often spot unifying traits and ideas that can diffuse conflict. They can also point out the intentions of others rather than the surface-level details that are creating a conflict. Helping two opposing parties to see where they agree, and where they can respectfully disagree, is a strength that this type is exceptionally skilled at in many cases.

#5 – They Are Inclusive

These types don’t want anyone to feel left out or unheard. They are skilled at scanning a room and finding outliers or underdogs that need a voice at the table. They are good at asking questions that facilitate interaction, like, “What do you think?” or “Are you okay with that?” or “What is your perspective?”.

#6 – They Have Unique Insight into Underlying Meanings and Motivations

ENFJs realize that all things are interrelated in ways that are sometimes intangible or subtle. They see threads of underlying meaning connecting every situation and are quick to spot relationships, potentialities, and unspoken intentions. They often have a fine-tuned awareness of the authenticity levels of others and how wise it would be to be open and honest with them. They can also quickly spot people who have ulterior motives.

#7 – They Seek to Understand the “Why’s” of the Universe

While some types are more interested in the “How’s” of life, ENFJs are fixated on the “Why’s.” They want to understand the origins of what’s really important, the meaning of everything, and the long-term implications of decisions and events. Rather than focusing on surface-level details, ENFJs look for symbolism, core motivations, connections, and underlying truths. They believe that in order to create progress and beneficial change they must understand the often-hidden meanings of what’s happening now.

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Explore the unique strengths of the #ENFJ personality type. #MBTI #Personality #Myersbriggs

Discover the unique talents and strengths of the #ENFJ personality type. #Personality #MBTI #Myersbriggs

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