Here are some of the things you'll NEVER find someone doing, based on their personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

Three Things You’d Never Dream of Doing, Based On Your Personality Type

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Complying immediately when your partner tells you to do an unpleasant job in an authoritarian manner.

Turning off the lights, laying in bed, and instantly falling asleep without getting distracted by thoughts.

Following the rules without wondering why they’re there in the first place.


Not stating your opinion when you strongly disagree with something that is being said

Saying, “we don’t need to re-make the wheel here” or “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Taking the blue pill


Starting a puppy mill

Dispassionately throwing away a letter from an old lover

Listening only with the intention of replying


Volunteering to be the master of ceremonies at your next high school reunion

Ignoring logical fallacies in a face-to-face argument

Typing in all caps


Saying a simple “goodbye” instead of adding “have a great day!” “it was great to see you!” or “let’s do this again!”

Saying “I don’t want to talk,” when a friend who’s going through a hard time calls you up

Not making a list of goals for an entire week


Being passive-aggressive and mysteriously quiet instead of saying directly what’s wrong when you’re mad at someone

Distracting yourself with reality TV when an important decision needs to be made

Not taking over a meeting when it is being run inefficiently or ineffectively


Taking people at face-value without reading into any underlying meanings or motives

Passing a bookstore without going in

Starting a conflict or argument just because you’re bored


Jubilantly engaging in small talk and gossip because it’s the polite thing to do

Deleting your 20-year-life-plan and deciding to live entirely in the moment from now on

Asking “Are you okay?” whenever someone isn’t smiling


Spending six months at a silent retreat

Declining an invitation to a party because you have paperwork that needs to be done

Setting up a detailed to-do list for the week and following it to the tee.


Driving the speed limit in the left-hand lane

Saying no to a dare because it’s too scary

Sniffing loudly instead of blowing your nose


Drinking instant coffee when you have the money for Starbucks

Bullying someone simply because the popular crowd is doing it

Standing in the middle of an escalator


Telling your life story to someone you just met

Using generalizations rather than specifics when arguing

Blocking the sidewalk to get a photo


Giving the silent treatment to a  partner and making them guess what’s wrong for an ENTIRE day

Not crying or feeling emotional when watching “The Notebook”

Not holding the door for the person behind you


Letting someone place a glass of ice water on a wooden coffee table

Seeing a job being done inefficiently and deciding it would be better just to ignore it and not say anything

Not returning your shopping cart at the store


Accepting all compliments with a simple “thank you” and not discounting them, brushing them off, or coming up with a compliment to give back

Looking at your phone when someone is talking to you

Calling up an ostentatious talk-show host and getting into a screaming match on-air


Going to a new doctor without looking at their reviews or checking their credentials

Sending an email without re-reading it to check for errors

Finishing a food item and putting the empty container back in the fridge

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Find out what you'd NEVER find each personality type doing. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

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  1. The “typing in all caps” thing rings too true, haha. Also glad that someone’s not getting rid of an old letter I wrote them. Ever think of writing an “INTP Personality Type and Your Enneagram Type” article?

  2. The “typing in all caps” thing rings too true, haha. Also glad that someone’s not getting rid of an old letter I wrote them. Ever think of writing an “INTP Personality Type and Your Enneagram Type” article?

  3. “Looking at your phone when someone is talking to you.” -Yes, this is a HUGE Pet Peeve for me. -ISFJ

  4. Ok, but does any other INFJ out there enjoy interlectual debates? Or am I just spending too much time with my ENTP

    1. I think a lot of INFJs enjoy intellectual debates. I think I was thinking of a non-friendly debate or argument just to rile someone up or get a “buzz.”

  5. ENFP is also 100% me.

    ESFP is 90% me (I might decline a party for other reasons, but chores is never one of them).

    Totally LOLed at imagining ISFJ screaming at a talk show host. ISFJ only screams in private 😉

  6. Honestly I related to the INFJ list much more than the INFP list. There are a lot of stereotypically INFJ things I relate to even though I’m an INFP. I hate it when I’m talking with someone and have to ignore all of the subtle insights I’m reading off of them and keep talking about shallow things, nodding along like I’m only interested in simply what they say or do and not who they are underneath. And I want to talk to their soul, not their face! Happens all the time. I cannot take things at face value, I’ve tried and failed 🙂

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