Find out which qualities seriously impress each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

How to Impress Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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Last week I wrote an article about the turn-offs of each Myers-Briggs® personality type and today I thought I’d counter that with things that impress each of the 16 types! I hope you enjoy this, and as always, if you have other suggestions be sure to leave them in the comments below the article!

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ENFPs are constantly searching for new possibilities and opportunities. Bring your creative side to the forefront and be willing to experiment with new things and discover ideas you’ve never considered before! Be creative and share your passion with them – whether it’s painting, writing, or playing music. But more than anything, be real. These types quickly see through any facade, so be genuine and authentic as much as possible.

Some Pointers:

  • Demonstrate your heart, ethics, and values. Show that you stand for something.
  • Be open to brainstorming and exploring possibilities, even if they seem “crazy” at first
  • Don’t be afraid of spontaneity. Let down your guard and be willing to try a new adventure!
  • Ask questions, actively listen, and be curious!
  • Always be sincere and actively listen before responding to what they’ve said.

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The ENTP personality type thrives on intellectual stimulation and the promise of a new, daring possibility. They are constantly seeking novelty, thought-provoking challenges, and theories to discuss, so be prepared to have a lively conversation! Bring your wit and humor to the table and be willing to explore ideas or hear them play devil’s advocate without getting offended. But don’t just talk at them – they also need someone who can listen attentively. Show them you care about testing your worldview and that you’re interested in getting to the core principles behind various commonly-held ideas and beliefs.

Some Pointers:

  • Be innovative and intellectually curious. Ask questions!
  • Engage in a debate, offer opinions, and be eager to talk about what you’re passionate about.
  • Don’t get stuck in a single way of thinking – challenge them with your ideas.
  • Let down your guard and be willing to include spontaneity in your day-to-day routine.


The INFP is a personality type that values depth and authenticity. They are eager to explore new ideas, but they also deeply desire meaningful, honest relationships with their friends and family. So be real! Show them you care about more than just small talk or gossip by opening up your heart and being committed to self-discovery. Let them get to know you instead of trying to put up a facade. The INFP is intuitive and perceptive – it’s not hard for them to see right through your B.S., so be genuine and authentic – they will appreciate the effort!

Some Pointers:

  • Be willing to share your heart, beliefs, and values with them.
  • Show interest in their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • Be supportive and understanding – let them know it’s okay to be themselves.
  • Believe in something and go after it. Whether that’s helping the homeless, planting trees, or writing poetry. The point is to have pursuits that are meaningful that you are passionate about.
  • Be up-front about your weaknesses and mistakes (in moderation – don’t blurt it all out on the first coffee-date). They’ll admire your vulnerability.

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INTPs are always trying to gather information and understand how it connects. Mentally piecing together random bits of data and looking for new theories excites them. If you want to impress them, be prepared to offer up your theories on how the world works and to be able to defend them! They love a good intellectual debate. Show interest in their passions, whether it’s theoretical physics or ancient history. Also show that you have your own independent interests and be willing to talk about your skills and the lessons you’ve learned in life.

Some Pointers:

  • Challenge their ideas and opinions. Don’t feel intimidated by their brilliant arguments – ask questions, offer a counter-perspective, or share your thoughts!
  • Have a sense of humor and be willing to laugh at yourself (or them) when the logic of an argument just doesn’t work out.
  • Be interested in their passions, and be prepared to have a lively conversation on any topic.
  • Show that you have an ever-expanding interest in learning.
  • Be as honest as possible about who you are – don’t play a role

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ENFJs are caring, perceptive people. They are constantly analyzing the people around them to figure out what makes them “tick.” Deep and questioning, they enjoy delving into philosophies, concepts, and abstract, existential ideas. To impress one of these personality types show that you care about something deeper than surface-level details. Also, show that you care about people and are considerate of others’ feelings and emotional needs.

Some Pointers:

  • Be honest about your feelings and needs. Don’t try to force them into a “mind reader” role.
  • Be an active listener – ask them about themselves, their worldview, and what they care about most deeply.
  • Be willing to have deep conversations about metaphysics, philosophy, or spirituality.
  • Be considerate and thoughtful of others. Always say “thank you” and show respect to people.
  • Show a sense of ambition and vision for the future.

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ENTJs are natural-born leaders who like to take charge and make things happen. They often see possibilities and opportunities that others fail to notice, and they can be great visionaries. To impress an ENTJ, strike up a conversation about your future goals and dreams. Show them you have a strong drive to accomplish your ambitions – even if it’s something as lofty as becoming the President! Also, be prepared to have a lively discussion about deep concepts, politics, or world events.

Some Pointers:

  • Talk about your future goals and how you plan to achieve them.
  • Back up your statements with logical arguments and evidence.
  • Show that you are decisive and can make things happen
  • Don’t make excuses or blame others for your mistakes
  • Don’t waste their time or procrastinate if you can help it
  • Don’t be afraid to challenge them or disagree with them. Realize that a debate or argument isn’t personal and they can debate with you without feeling offended or emotionally invested.


INFJs are insightful and perceptive people who enjoy focusing on ideas, philosophies, and personal growth. They come from a place of rich imagination, empathy, and highly developed intuition. To impress an INFJ, show them you have a sense of depth about life. Talk about your passions, be open-minded, and demonstrate that you want to live a life with integrity. Show them you love to learn and that you have a big, beautiful, rich inner world they can explore.

Some Pointers:

  • Be a good listener – show that you’re interested in their passions and the lessons they’ve learned from life.
  • Let them know what’s going on inside of your mind without dominating the conversation too excessively
  • Show you care about others by being considerate, thoughtful, and respectful
  • Be willing to think outside the box and explore many different perspectives
  • Be curious about life and interested in learning and advancing
  • Respect their need for alone time

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INTJs are independent, strategic thinkers who like to think far beyond the present moment. They often have a clear vision for the future and are driven to bring their ideas to fruition through hard work and commitment. To impress an INTJ, talk about your goals and ambitions, and show that you have a strategic plan for achieving them. Also, discuss complex concepts or theories with them – show them that you have an active mind and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what they know. Bring new ideas or insights to them and show that you are constantly expanding your mind.

Some Pointers:

  • Be assertive and get straight to the point – don’t waste time beating around the bush or fluffing your words.
  • Use logic and evidence to back up your arguments
  • Be willing to think outside the box and explore alternatives without jumping to conclusions or shutting down possibilities.
  • Be as authentic as possible. Having principles and integrity is a must.
  • Respect their need for autonomy and alone time.

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ESFPs are fun-loving and enthusiastic people who enjoy being in the present moment. They have a gift for noticing what is going on with other people and immediately making a connection with them. To impress an ESFP, show your sense of humor and be ready to laugh! Play some games that get you both out of your heads and into the moment. Tell stories that are fun and interesting, and share your experiences with them. Let them know that you have a sense of adventure, but also are competent at handling the curveballs that life can hurl your way.

Some Pointers:

  • Share your sense of humor with them
  • Enjoy being in the moment and taking part in activities that get you in touch with the world around you
  • Be open to trying, and learning new things
  • Share your goals, dreams, and ambitions and listen to their thoughts
  • Realize you’re never too old to “play”
  • Have empathy for people and give them space and personal respect/freedom


ESTPs are active, dauntless people who enjoy making things happen. They have a strong awareness of what’s going on in the present moment and their zest for life and sense of humor makes them fun to be around. To impress an ESTP, show that you’re someone who can roll with the punches of life and go after your goals. Keep in mind that ESTPs enjoy action; sometimes that means playing sports, other times it means dancing or any other number of activities. A sedentary hangout will likely bore them.

Some pointers:

  • Be open to being active and spontaneous
  • Show that you have a sense of adventure and aren’t afraid to try new things. Be willing to explore – whether it’s hiking in the woods or going out on a boat ride.
  • Have a sense of humor and be willing to take a joke
  • Be considerate of the people around you
  • Don’t blame your faults or mistakes on others (or whine incessantly about the “hand you were dealt”)
  • Back up your arguments with logic and practicality


ISFPs are perceptive, thoughtful types who want to make the most of the present moment. They enjoy creatively interacting with the world around them and having a flexible schedule with a lot of free time. To impress an ISFP, it’s crucial to be as authentic as possible. Show them your passions, convictions, and dreams, and listen attentively when they discuss their own. Also, show your adventurous side! Try new restaurants with them, get outdoors, travel, or show them your artistic side! ISFPs love to engage with their senses in an immersive way; whether that involves dancing, singing, eating, or anything in-between.

Some pointers:

  • Share your passions with them and let them explore what means the most to you
  • Be authentic – don’t try to be someone you’re not
  • Let them see that there are multiple sides to your personality, but also respect their need for alone time or quiet moments. Don’t be intrusive or invade their personal bubble.
  • Be willing to try new things, but also be willing to listen if the ISFP wants you to back off for a bit
  • Give them space and time to process their emotions without pressuring them.

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ISTPs are analytical, practical people who have a strong need for autonomy and freedom. To impress an ISTP, it’s important to be someone who is competent in what they do and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Show them your mental prowess by doing something that challenges you and makes you think or troubleshoot in some way. That could mean playing a strategy game, going rock climbing, reprogramming a computer, or having a debate! Be straightforward when you speak, don’t ramble, and back up your statements logically.

Some pointers:

  • Be logical and composed when making decisions – don’t let emotions cloud your judgment
  • Listen to their points and be willing to have a debate or discussion
  • Be someone who is competent in what they do and isn’t afraid of hard work
  • Challenge them physically and mentally
  • Respect their need for freedom and autonomy
  • Don’t feel like you have to make constant small talk. Get comfortable with silences.
  • Have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously!

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ESFJs are generous and caring people who enjoy making a positive difference in the world. They like stability and order in their lives and value tradition and “tried and true” methods. To impress an ESFJ, it’s important to show that you’re reliable, kind, and generous. Don’t be afraid to open up about your feelings and to show interest in their traditions, culture, or personal values. Show your practical side, treat people with respect, and affirm and validate their strengths and abilities.

Some pointers:

  • Be someone who is reliable and has a strong sense of duty
  • Respect their traditions and culture – they may be very passionate about them
  • Show that you’re kind and generous to others
  • Have a practical side and be willing to lend a helping hand
  • Show up on time and adhere to agreed-upon plans
  • Validate their feelings


ESTJs are decisive, straightforwared people who enjoy organizing and planning. They like rules and order in their lives and are often seen as the “doers” of the Myers-Briggs® world. To impress an ESTJ, it’s important to be someone who is competent and reliable. Show them your ability to think logically and take a no-nonsense approach to life. Be someone they can count on to get things done and who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. ESTJs also appreciate a good sense of humor, so be sure to show them that you have a lighthearted side too!

Some pointers:

  • Show up on time whenever you make plans
  • Don’t beat around the bush when you’re talking – get straight to the point.
  • Always use good manners and treat people courteously
  • Back up your statements with logic and common sense
  • Don’t make excuses or blame others for your mistakes
  • Help out with practical tasks
  • Have a good sense of humor!


ISFJs are compassionate, responsible people who crave an orderly, tranquil life. They enjoy creating a sense of routine and stability in their lives and often have a strong sense of tradition. To impress an ISFJ, it’s important to be someone who is reliable and trustworthy. Be supportive and affirming, and let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Listen attentively when they speak and be respectful of their feelings. Don’t be pushy or overwhelming – they need plenty of time to process information and emotions.

Some pointers:

  • Be someone who is reliable and can be counted on
  • Affirm their efforts and tell them how much you appreciate them
  • Respect their routines and need to plan ahead
  • Create special activities that just the two of you share
  • Try to be down-to-earth and approachable
  • Always treat people with courtesy and tact


ISTJs are reserved, analytical people who have an interest in facts and technical knowledge. Beneath a down-to-earth, logical exterior they have a firm set of values they rely upon. To impress an ISTJ, it’s important to be someone who is competent and reliable. Show that you mean what you say and that you’re willing to stand by your values even when they’re not popular. Respect their space but bring your own skills and knowledge to the table. ISTJs love learning and enjoy the company of people who have a lot of life wisdom to share. They also love to laugh, so bring your sense of humor to the table!

Some pointers:

  • Be down-to-earth and practical
  • Have a strong work ethic and be reliable about your responsibilities
  • Treat people with courtesy and respect
  • Make them laugh!
  • Share any intellectual or technical knowledge that might seem applicable to them
  • Ask their advice and really listen

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Find out which qualities seriously impress each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ
Find out which qualities seriously impress each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

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