Find out why each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types can seem intense. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

Here’s How You’re Intense, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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When you first meet an ENFP, you’ll probably notice their enthusiasm, imagination, and charisma. Their intensity comes through in their passionate desire to turn over every leaf, explore every possibility, and theorize about the potential of a grand dream they’ve envisioned. Living by their impulses, ENFPs pursue their inspirations and are pulled by a surge of energy down many different paths. Their conviction about their dreams and free-spirited ways can seem intense to more quiet, traditional types – but those who love them know that their intensity is what makes them unique and inspiring.

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The ENTP‘s intensity is evident in the way they constantly ask questions and turn over ideas. They care about learning as much as possible, and their determination for understanding how things work makes them an unstoppable source of knowledge. When a theoretical problem presents itself in their mind, their curiosity propels them towards a solution. Their need for exploration, innovation, and discovery can lead them to rebel against rules, traditions, and constraints that they feel are mentally inhibiting them. People who are more by-the-books, cautious, or soft-spoken can be intimidated by their unique brand of intensity, but for many, it’s refreshing.

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The INFP can seem calm and reserved on the outside, but their inner world is rich with feeling. Their intensity lies in their zeal for exploring what matters to them most – people, causes, or beliefs that they feel have been ignored by others. They have a strong sense of what is right and wrong – and when something calls out to them on a deep level, they can’t help but throw themselves into it. Their passion for their beliefs and values inspires them to stand up for what they believe in, hold strong to their convictions, and fight passionately for causes they care about.

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When an idea or problem piques the curiosity of an INTP, they throw themselves into it completely. Their intensity is evident in the way they explore a subject from every angle, contemplate its inner workings and connections to other problems, and gather as many facts about it as they can. They have a drive for understanding that never falters – no matter how many dead-ends and detours they face – and this leads them to look at all sides of a problem. This intense intellectual vigor can be impressive or overwhelming, depending on what you look for in a person.

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ENFJs are drawn to the rich and fertile world of ideas, imagination, and emotion. When they can dive into conceptual theories or get into the inner workings of other people’s minds they feel energized and excited. It’s easy for them to get lost in weighty thoughts about future possibilities or complex concepts ranging from spirituality to the supernatural. People are initially drawn to them for their warmth, but are often surprised when they see how much intellectual intensity is hiding beneath their friendly exterior.


People are often intimidated by the intensity of an ENTJ‘s mind. They like to take in all perspectives, collect knowledge about what makes something work, and come up with grand plans for the future. Their conviction for mapping out strategies and taking action towards their goals can be formidable, but it also inspires deep respect when they can come through on it. When their intensity is applied in the right way, they are unstoppable problem-solvers and leaders who can create grand change.

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INFJs have a deep reservoir of intensity that many people don’t see right away. At first, people are drawn to them for their warm and gentle demeanor. Yet as time goes on, friends are often shocked by the depth of their interests and passions. Their curiosity veers them away from day-to-day details and moves them towards a conceptual territory where many have never ventured before. From exploring the world of the mind to analyzing abstract principles of spirituality, INFJs can become deeply passionate about intangible ideas that make people think, reflect, and wonder, “Could that really be possible?”

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Fiercely determined and independent, INTJs long for mastery and achievement in the intellectual sphere. It’s not enough to have a fancy award, they want to synthesize all their learning into an insightful, revolutionary idea or invention that changes the fabric of how we understand and do things. Their intensity is evident in their desire to bring a vision to fruition, find out how to implement it, and perfect their strategic timing. People who aren’t used to an INTJ’s way of thinking might be intimidated by their abstract language and complex theories, but they never fail to show the world an intensity that few can match.

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ESFPs are drawn to all opportunities that excite their curiosity and give them a chance to take action. As jacks-of-all-trades, they are often found juggling a wide range of projects and following their curiosity down many different paths. They have an intense physicality that draws them to a life of adventure and opportunity; whether they’re white water rafting or starting a business, they have a buzz of energy and vigor that few can match. What other people shy away from, ESFPs see as exciting challenges they get the chance to overcome!


ESTPs are energetic go-getters who are attracted to a life of action and competition. They get a thrill from pushing the limits and getting the results they crave. Pushing against boundaries and asserting their independent thought is crucial to them. Nobody is going to shove a bunch of rules and “because I said so’s” down their throats; they’ll question the standards and circumvent authorities they don’t respect. With an intense physicality and keen problem-solving mind, they know how to persuade people and make things happen.


Some people may not realize how intense ISFPs can be. They have a warmth and calmness that is both enticing and disarming at first. But after they’ve gotten comfortable, others are often surprised by the depth of the ISFP’s feelings. They can retreat into themselves for hours studying music or pondering spirituality in a way that is often abstract and deep. ISFPs are intense in their passion for beauty as well as the things they hold dear to their hearts, such as family, friends, and creative expression.

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ISTPs are keen observers of their environment; seeing and noticing more than others realize. They can quickly analyze people and situations, noticing inconsistencies, hypocrisies, and logical fallacies. On top of observing people and situations, they are quick to analyze things and figure out how they work. On the outside, they seem bold and action-oriented, but underneath is a quiet intensity of analytical thought always humming.

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Practical and caring, ESFJs aren’t the types most people imagine when they hear the word “intensity.” But if you’re someone who likes a calm, low-key life without a lot of structure or socializing, ESFJs can indeed seem intense. They love having an active schedule full of social events, get-to-gethers, and community experiences. On top of that, they are highly structured and like having a clear plan and daily routine. This can come across as overwhelming to types that are more reclusive and flexible! But their high need for interaction and order can give them an intense but friendly vibe that draws in people who are seeking warmth and camaraderie.


ESTJs are assertive and driven individuals who like having things in order. They’re not the types to shy away from conflict or avoid hard work; they welcome these challenges head-on. Their drive and hard-working nature definitely gives off an aura of intensity. Yet while their tough exterior can seem intimidating to some, underneath it all they can be deeply caring and supportive. But instead of offering warm words of affirmation, they’re more likely to offer a logistics plan or solution that gets the job done.

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Diligent and caring, ISFJs enjoy having a tranquil life without a lot of commotion or drama. “Gentle” is more apt a word to describe them than “Intense,” but to people who are more rambunctious and spontaneous, the ISFJs need for order and procedure can indeed seem intense. ISFJs will notice when you need a warm blanket, a cup of hot tea, or a shoulder to lean on. On top of this, they’ll quietly eye the way you put your cold drink on the coffee table without a coaster and slightly purse their lips when you drop in unannounced. Underneath their warm, inviting exterior is an intense need for sctructure, common-sense, and dependability.

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Practical and hard-working, ISTJs are not ones to mess around with. They pay attention to detail and work hard to meet high standards of excellence. While they may seem quiet and studious at first glance, they know how to be tough and assertive when people are slacking off or being sloppy in their work. The intensity of the ISTJ is one that has a strong purpose and motive, to accomplish whatever task they’ve committed themselves to in order for it to be done right.

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Find out why each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types can seem intense. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

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