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Here’s the ’90s Sitcom Character You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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If you were a character on a ’90s sitcom, who would you be? This is a question I’ve been getting lately from my readers, so I’ve been researching the ’90s, catching up on my sitcoms, and analyzing the characters to an almost unhealthy degree.

Keep in mind, characters in television sitcoms are usually exaggerated for the sake of humor. Many of them are ridiculous simply for the sake of comedy. If I’ve typed you as a buffoon of a character, please don’t take it personally. Most of these characters are lovable goofballs in their respective shows. And on top of that, I can’t sit across from the Phoebe Buffay or any other fictional character and conduct an MBTI® consultation. These are all my best guesses, but if you have a different perspective, be sure to just leave a comment!

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Here’s the ’90s Sitcom Character You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

The ENFP – You are Phoebe Buffay or Eric Matthews

ENFP 90s Sitcom Characters

It’s no surprise that the sitcom world of the ’90s is rife with ENFP characters. Funny, friendly, and creative, they come up with the hilarious one-liners that seem random but perfectly fitting. Phoebe Buffay from Friends embodies the ENFP well. She’s off-beat, optimistic, and always ready with a funny story. She thrives in the world of ideas, possibilities, and all the potential the future could hold. She doesn’t accept things at face value and has a tendency to probe deeper. While she might seem quirky and outgoing much of the time, she has an introspective, insightful spirit that looks for deeper meanings and strives to be authentic. Like most ENFPs, she places great importance on personal freedom and creative self-expression.

Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World is also an ENFP. He’s impulsive and enthusiastic, always up for a good time. He has a gift for gab and is quick with a joke. Unfortunately, his character devolved into being a buffoon as the show progressed. Initially he had a lot more promise and seemed to be fairly normal. He was kind, caring, and tried in his own quirky way to be supportive. And even though he made silly mistakes plenty of times, he ultimately tried to live according to his moral compass. While he was certainly a zany and ridiculous character towards the end of the show, he still thought about the deeper meaning behind life itself, even going so far as to write a “manifesto” about the secret to life (we just won’t focus on how short it was).

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The ENTP – You are Chandler Bing or Tommy Solomon

ENTP 90s Sitcom Characters

ENTPs thrived in the ’90s sitcom world. With their sharp wit and creative and ingeniously random comments, they stood out as some of the wittiest characters in television. Tommy Solomon from 3rd Rock From the Sun is an ENTP if there ever was one. He’s clever, quick-witted, and always ready with a sharp retort. He loves to debate and is constantly trying to prove himself. He’s also a bit of a trickster, which is common for ENTPs. Like most ENTPs, he adapts well to chaos and can roll with whatever situation presents itself. While he’s definitely got a rebellious side, he’s also intensely smart.

Chandler Bing from Friends is another ideal example of an ENTP. He loves to play pranks and is always ready with a comeback. He’s a bit of a smart aleck, and enjoys a good debate with anyone who can keep up with him intellectually. His ability to pick apart arguments is characteristic of many ENTPs. He’s also able to quickly spot patterns, extrapolate possibilities, and inconsistencies in logic. While this can make him a bit neurotic (or snarky at times) it also makes him a brilliant problem solver. And like most ENTPs, he’s more sensitive than people realize and sometimes needs emotional support after relationship problems.

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The INFP – You are Amanda Lane or Paul Stevens

INFP 90s Sitcom Characters

INFPs were a lot harder to find in the sitcom world than their extroverted counterparts. The physically and verbally-expressive nature of sitcom characters gives them a tendency to be more extroverted by nature. I could only find two relatively minor characters that seemed to fit the preferences of the INFP.

Amanda Lane from Daria is a fairly minor character with some serious issues, but she exemplifies some of the problems with extremely unhealthy INFPs. Laid-back and whimsical, she spends most of her time in her basement making pottery. Mellow and relaxed, she gives her children huge amounts of freedom so that they can “find themselves.” She doesn’t believe in rules and structures, instead she insists that children need the freedom to find their own way. Unfortunately, this philosophy of life meant that she was a more uninvolved parent than she should have been.

Paul Stevens from Friends seems all tough and no-nonsense at first glance. But throughout the course of his run on Friends he reveals a softer, more sensitive side. He has a profound emotional inner world, and it got a little too intense for Rachel to handle in the end. It just goes to show that INFPs don’t always look like feelers at first glance. They can be tough and intimidating when they’re feeling protective of their loved ones; but deep down they are still deeply sensitive and compassionate people.

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The INTP – You are Mr. Bean or Eric Forman

INTP 90s Sitcom Characters

The INTP is a rare personality type, and it’s no wonder that there are so few of them in the sitcom world. Mr. Bean from the British show of the same name is one of the few INTPs I could find. Just keep in mind that sitcom characters are intentionally ridiculous and quirky, and Mr. Bean is certainly no exception. He’s an odd little man, with very few social skills. He’s clumsy, awkward, and doesn’t seem to understand the basic rules of social interaction. He’s also inventive and creative, and is always coming up with new and unusual ways to solve problems. While he might be a completely ridiculous example of an INTP, he’s still amusing and lovable in his own special way.

Eric Forman from That ’70s Show is another example of an INTP. Intelligent and sarcastic, he’d often rather read comic books than interact with people. But he’s also a brilliant thinker, and is always coming up with new theories and ideas. He’s quick to point out logical inconsistencies, even if it lands him in a precarious situations as a result. He thinks for the fun of it, learns because he wants to, but has little desire to be in charge and organize the world around him (something a TJ type would be more likely to do).

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The ENFJ – You are D.J. Tanner or Frasier Crane

ENFJ 90s Sitcom Characters

ENFJs are known for their warmth, vision, and insight into relationships. They are often the glue that holds groups together, and they use their intuitive understanding of people to bring out the best in those around them. D.J. Tanner from Full House is a great example of an ENFJ. She’s always looking out for her family and friends, and is  quick to offer a shoulder to cry on (or a piece of sage advice). Like most ENFJs, she is often able to anticipate how things will turn out in relationships or in her future and she tailors her choices as a result.

Frasier Crane from Frasier is another great example of an ENFJ. He’s fascinated by people and how they think, thus becoming a psychiatrist and talk show host. His sage insights genuinely heal people, but at times he can be snooty and egotistical. Like many ENFJs he has a passion for the finer things in life like going to the opera, tasting fine wine, or attending the symphony. His tertiary sensing side gives him a love for luxury and beauty. But at the end of the day, he’s someone who’s driven by concepts and a desire to understand people.

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The ENTJ – You are Clair Huxtable

ENTJ 90s Sitcom Character

ENTJs are known for their drive, ambition, and ability to get things done. Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show is a perfect example of this type. She’s a successful lawyer, and she uses her quick mind and sharp wit to accomplish anything from winning over a jury to disciplining her children. Insightful and firm, her children can’t sneak anything past her. She’s assertive and strong, calling out poor behavior or illogical arguments without flinching. But at the same time, she’s deeply devoted and caring and will do anything for her family.

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The INFJ – You are Wilson W. Wilson Jr. or Niles Crane

INFJ 90s Sitcom Characters

Insightful and visionary, INFJs often know what people are going through emotionally without having to be told. They have a deep understanding of human nature, and they use this knowledge to help others in their lives. Wilson W. Wilson Jr. from Home Improvement is a perfect example of this. He’s always there for his neighbor Tim Taylor, offering sage and unexpected advice. He seems to know just what people need to hear, but reveals very little about himself in the process. He’s a bit of a mystery, but that just adds to his charm.

Niles Crane from Frasier is another memorable sitcom INFJ. He’s fascinated by the human mind and how it works, as evidenced by his career as a Jungian therapist. He’s deeply intuitive, and is often able to see through people’s facade to the root of their issues. That said, he’s also fussy, especially about sensory issues. He can be snobby, pretentious, and obsessed with what others think of him. Unhealthy INFJs can have these same tendencies, believing that their deep, concept-driven way of thinking is “above” the more “mundane” or “trivial” concerns of others.

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The INTJ – You are Charlie Wheeler or Dorothy Zbornak

INTJ 90s Sitcom Characters

Intellectual, ambitious, and self-assured, Charlie Wheeler from Friends is driven to research, learn, and understand the world around her. She’s passionate about anthropology, and is always quick to share her latest findings with anyone who will listen. She can be a bit of a know-it-all, but she’s also one of the most intelligent and insightful characters on the show.

Dorothy Zbornak from The Golden Girls is another excellent example of an INTJ. She’s fiercely independent, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her logical, insightful presence makes her the voice of reason among her friends and family in many situations. While she’s private and cynical many times, beneath her stoic exterior is a deep well of compassion and empathy. She’ll stop at nothing to protect those she considers family and will go out of her way to speak up against injustice.

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The ESFP – You are Francine “Fran” Fine or Will Smith

ESFP 90s Sitcom Characters

Outgoing and fun-loving, ESFPs are masters of living in the moment and using their practical intelligence to thrive. Francine “Fran” Fine from The Nanny is an excellent example of an ESFP. She’s bubbly, vivacious, and allows her fearlessness and curiosity to guide her. She dresses to please herself and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Her contagious, joyful energy is impossible to ignore.

Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is another iconic ESFP sitcom character. He’s charming, funny, and always ready with a quick quip or clever comeback. He loves to have a good time, and his positive outlook on life is infectious. He’s also impulsive and spontaneous, which often gets him into trouble but can lead to exciting and memorable experiences.

The ESTP – You are AC Slater or Donna Pinciotti

ESTP 90s Sitcom Characters

ESTPs are full of energy and liveliness and have a knack for taking charge. They have a commanding but friendly demeanor, and people are naturally drawn to their charisma.

AC Slater from Saved by the Bell is my pick for the ESTP sitcom character. Although he’s not as intelligent as many ESTPs, he has the same charismatic personality and in-the-moment cleverness. He’s always quick with a joke and knows how to amp up the energy of whatever room he’s in. He’s also a bit of a troublemaker, and is always ready for a physical challenge.

Donna Pinciotti from That ’70s Show is another fitting example of an ESTP. She’s confident, active, and no-nonsense. Many ESTP females find themselves relating to the “tomboy” role, and Donna is no exception. She doesn’t care about fashion or makeup, and would rather spend her time hanging out with her friends and playing basketball than shopping or primping.

The ISFP – You are Ashley Banks or Shawn Hunter

ISFP 90s Sitcom Characters

ISFPs are gentle and creative souls who live in the moment and follow their heart. They’re often able to see the beauty in everyday life that others miss.

Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a classic ISFP. She’s passionate, creative, and has a strong connection to her emotions. She loves fashion and beauty, and is always striving to find her own unique style. Like many Feeling-Perceiving types, she cares more about staying true to herself and being authentic than fitting in with the crowd. There are times when she’ll go against the grain or speak up against authorities when she feels something is unjust, even if it will upset the peace. She’s also a bit of a dreamer, and often escapes into her own world when she’s feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of everyday life.

Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World is another ’90s example of an ISFP. While from the outside he can seem like a bit of a womanizing rebel, on the inside he’s deeply sensitive and passionate. Much of his issues in life stem from his difficult childhood and his resulting fear of abandonment. Eventually, like many ISFPs, Shawn searches for a life that makes use of his sensitivity and creativity. During college he develops an affinity for prose and poetry and is known to have impressive ability in that field.

The ISTP – You are Steven Hyde or Jack Geller

ISTP 90s sitcom characters

ISTPs are independent, resourceful, and adaptable people who like to live on the edge. They’re often able to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.

Steven Hyde from That ’70s Show is a perfect example of an ISTP. He’s independent, sarcastic, and doesn’t care about following the rules. He’s always ready for a new adventure, and is typically excited to try something new. Like many introverted thinking (TP) personality types, Hyde cares more about learning for its own sake and doesn’t care as much about grades and test results. Thus, while he may not apply himself to academics, he’s actually quite intelligent. In fact, he was a child prodigy and might have gone on to achieve major success if he wasn’t blamed for destroying a classmate’s science project as a child. Hyde sees things as they are, and thus gives useful and practical advice that his friends value.

Jack Geller from Friends is another quirkier example of an ISTP. Easy-going and adaptable, he knows how to roll with the punches and seems to always be having a good time. He’s ready with a quick quip or sarcastic remark, and is never afraid to speak his mind. Like many ISTPs, he enjoys knowing how things work and sometimes gives far-too specific advice to people about it (for example, the time he tried to “help” Chandler and Monica effectively conceive).

The ESFJ – You are Grace Adler or Kitty Foreman

ESFJ 90s Sitcom Characters

ESFJs are outgoing, caring, and social people who love to be surrounded by others. Grace Adler from Will & Grace is a bit of a silly, exaggerated ESFJ, but an ESFJ nonetheless. She shares her emotions in real time, even if it’s embarrassing. She wants to create emotional connections between herself and others and she’s skilled at creating back-and-forth banter. When there’s a problem, she reaches out to her friends to get their opinions and perspectives. Like most ESFJs, she’s relationship-oriented and friendly.

Kitty Forman from That ’70s Show is another great example of an ESFJ. She’s the heart of the Forman family, always quick with a hug and a kind word. She’s a bit of a traditionalist, and she loves to entertain. She’s also fiercely loyal to her family and friends, and she’s always ready to help out when someone needs it.

The ESTJ – You are Carrie Heffernan or Monica Geller

ESTJ 90s Sitcom Characters

ESTJs are take-charge, organized people who like every aspect of their life to be as efficient and sensible as possible. They’re often the ones who make sure life is running smoothly; attending to details and creating goals and objectives.

Carrie Heffernan from The King of Queens is a perfect example of an ESTJ. She’s confident, opinionated, and ambitious. Her competitiveness often gets her into trouble, but she’s always able to see the silver lining in any situation. She’s also a bit of a control freak, and she likes things to be done her way. Like many ESTJs, she’s traditional and family-oriented, but she can also be insensitive without realizing it.

Monica Geller from Friends is another excellent example of an ESTJ. She’s usually the voice of reason, and she’s always ready to take charge when the situation calls for it. She’s highly organized, and she likes everything to be done according to plan. She’s also a bit of a perfectionist and a bit bossy at times, but she cares about her friends and will go to any lengths to support them.

The ISFJ – You are Maggie Sheffield or Robert Barone

90s ISFJ Sitcom Characters

ISFJs are gentle, compassionate people who want nothing more than to make the people around them happy. They’re often the ones who lend a helping hand, and they’re always quick to comfort someone who’s upset.

Maggie Sheffield from The Nanny is a perfect example of an ISFJ. She’s kind-hearted, gentle, and concerned about how others feel and what they think of her. She’s a bit shy and she often finds comfort in books. She often confides in Fran Fine, the nanny, to find out what’s acceptable or how she should handle various relationships. Like most ISFJs she looks for solidarity and guidance from outside sources when it comes to relationship issues and personal decisions.

Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond is another excellent example of an ISFJ. He’s highly attuned to details and is driven by a strong sense of duty. Like many ISFJs, he’s aware of his environment and is particular about his home and all the details in it. As the pacifist of the family, he often finds himself in the middle of his brother Ray’s arguments with his wife, Debra.

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The ISTJ – You are Ross Geller or Geoffrey Butler

ISTJ 90s Sitcom Characters

ISTJs are quiet, analytical people who like to have everything in their life in order. They’re often studious, detail-oriented, and dutiful. It’s crucial to them to have a stable routine and a consistent, reasonable way of life. Ross Geller from Friends is a great comical example of an ISTJ. He’s intelligent, logical, and he has a great memory for past experiences. While the show focuses primarily on his emotional reactions, deep down he’s an analytical person at heart. He’s obsessed with learning, research, and understanding the ways of dinosaurs. He’s also a bit of a stickler for rules, and he can be inflexible at times. On top of that he has a fondness for tradition and security, and seems bent on the security and loyalty of a traditional marriage.

Geoffrey Butler from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is another excellent example of an ISTJ. He’s the loyal butler to the Banks family, and he always has everything under control. His traditionalist, formal ways often clash with the more laid-back lifestyle of the Banks family, but he does his best to adapt and make the best of any situation. His frustration with the laziness of others often comes out in cynical or sarcastic remarks, and most ISTJs will relate to releasing frustration this way. His orderly, responsible nature makes him a beacon of stability for the family.

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