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At Psychology Junkie, our vision is to provide only the best products for our customers. We are constantly working to create information designed to be helpful to everyone and useful to anyone. All of our items are painstakingly researched and detailed to provide the greatest accuracy possible. Come explore our selection and discover for yourself.

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TRANQUILITY BY TYPE: Stress Relief Tips For Your Unique Personality Type 


Do you struggle with stress and overwhelm regularly? Do you feel like there's no way to manage it? This book addresses the struggles that each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types face when dealing with stress. 

THE INFJ: Understanding The Mystic


Explore the wonders and mysteries of the INFJ life in "Understanding the Mystic" by certified Myers-Briggs® practitioner, Susan Storm. This book will take you inside the inner workings of the INFJ mind and give you practical life tips that can be used instantly to enjoy a fuller, more peaceful life! 

Find Your Child's Personality Type

Parenting by Personality Video eCourse


Take the confusion, conflict, and miscommunication OUT of parenting with this easy-to-follow course! 

You'll get 8 visual-video lessons that teach you how to type your child (or children!), how to communicate on their level, how to understand their learning style, and how to thrive and experience less stress as a parent! Along with the visual video modules, you'll get 15 accompanying mini eBooks, printables, and a printable personality questionnaire. Click Here to find out more

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