INFJ teenager

Take a look at each introverted Myers-Briggs® personality type in the teenage years. #MBTI #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP

The Teenage Versions of Every Introverted Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Not sure what your personality type is? Take the most accurate online personality indicator here. (This is an affiliate link). The ISFP Teen ISFPs yearn for independence and autonomy. Though deeply tied to their families, they retreat more into their quiet places during this time of life. They hate…

Find out what #INFJ teens need most. #MBTI #Personality #Perosnalitytype

10 Things INFJs Need in the Teenage Years

The teenage years are filled with change, curiosity, inspiration, and struggle. If you’re an INFJ personality type, chances are your teenage years were somewhat confusing as you wrestled to find your place in the world. Making up a very small percentage of the U.S. population (less than 1%), it’s…