ISTJ personality type

Get a closer look at the way the #ISFJ, #ISTJ, #ESFJ and #ESTJ personality types think. #MBTI #Personality

Here's What It's Like Inside the Mind of an ISFJ, ISTJ, ESFJ or ESTJ

Sensing-judging personality types have a unique and very personal way of looking at the world. They see the world around them as if filtered through layers of past experiences and impressions. They are in touch with the natural world, in touch with their inner bodies, and are skilled at storing…

Take a look at each Myers-Briggs #personality type in their most average state. #MBTI #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP

The Average Versions of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

When you’re trying to learn about your personality type you might find yourself confused if all the descriptions you read are of extremely healthy or inspiring versions of the type. Let’s face it. We’re not all operating at an ideal version of our type at all times. As an INFJ I’m not always filled…

Discover 10 things that bring joy to the #ISTJ #personality type. #MBTI

10 Things That Excite the ISTJ Personality Type

ISTJs are often revered for their attention to detail, their meticulous nature, and their loyalty and sense of duty. But what we don’t often hear are the kinds of things that make them light up, bring them joy, and provide a sense of satisfaction in their lives. I’ve spent the last few days…