The Unhealthy INTP
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The Unhealthy INTP

I’ve had several requests for an article about the unhealthy INTP. As always, I want to make sure that you know I have NOTHING against INTPs (in fact, they’re one of my favorite personality types to be with). This article will address some of the different ways INTPs can be unhealthy, whether that’s through a…

What is an unhealthy #INTP like? Find out!
12  Insightful Quotes From Famous INTPs
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12 Insightful Quotes From Famous INTPs

INTPs have always held a particular fascination for me. These unique thinkers have an impeccable sense of logic but also a never-ending desire to explore new, uncharted ideas and theories. They are often thought leaders when it comes to technology, physics, or even philosophy. There seems to be no limit to what these innovative people can…