what is introverted sensing

A beginner's guide to the cognitive functions in #personality theory

An Introduction to the Cognitive Functions in Myers-Briggs® Theory

Here at Psychology Junkie I spend a LOT of time talking about the cognitive functions, and I realized just recently that I don't have a post that really goes into each of those functions very clearly. That's about to change as of today! There are so many misconceptions about the cognitive…

10 signs that you might be an introverted sensing personality type! #ISTJ #ISFJ #ESTJ #ESFJ #MBTI

10 Signs That You Might Be an Introverted Sensor

Introverted sensing (or Si for short) is one of the most misunderstood cognitive functions in the personality community. Many people make assumptions about Si-users as being overly-traditional or rule-following to a fault. So today I want to talk about what it REALLY feels like to have introverted…

Discover the beauty and truth about #Si or introverted sensing

The Timeless Power of Introverted Sensing

There are a lot of misconceptions about the cognitive functions, particularly in respect to introverted sensing (Si). I've heard people refer to SJ types as "conformists" or "slaves to tradition" and other condescending terms. Certain web sites will say that Si-users cannot think outside the box or…