Find out how each Myers-Briggs® personality type has a way of bringing out your best. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ

This is How Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Will Bring Out the Best in You

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ENFPs believe in exploring all their options before settling. When it comes to people and relationships, they surround themselves with people who they see as valuable and authentic. When it comes to the people they care about, ENFPs won’t let you settle for less than you deserve. They want you to have the best options in life, and they’ll help guard you from friends or relationships that are changing you into something you’re not. They won’t let you settle, sell yourself short, or disappear behind the pressure of your friends.


ENTPs are the iconoclasts that challenge you to see more alternatives and possibilities in life. They aren’t afraid to try something out of the ordinary, and they encourage others to do the same. When you feel like you’ve exhausted all your solutions, the ENTP will challenge you to look at things from a brand new angle you hadn’t thought of before. They don’t let people stay in a comfortable bubble if they’re fooling themselves with false ideas and narrow views. They will make you aware of all the possibilities in the world around you – and you’ll be grateful for it in the long run.


INFPs gently encourage you to do things that align with your core values and needs. They won’t let you compromise your ideals in order to get ahead or fit in. These types will gently remind you of who you really are and will show you the value of doing your own thing over pleasing the crowd. As quiet rebels, they encourage you to shirk the societal mold and live according to your moral compass and individual beliefs.


Ever get tunnel vision and feel sure that your one way of seeing things is the only right way? Well, an INTP friend will break down that tunnel and help you see all the alternate pathways you haven’t considered. These types help you to consider a plethora of available options, outcomes, and opportunities that can enrich your life and broaden your understanding of the world. They can also help to refine the logic of your decisions and judgments.


When the world feels lonely and you’re lacking self-confidence, the ENFJ will remind you of their unconditional love and the potential they see in you. They won’t hesitate to tell you how much they care about you, and they will point out all the beautiful things about yourself that you may have become blind to. They’ll remind you of your value, purpose, and significance. Having this kind of reassurance and loyalty will bring out the best in you because they won’t let you give up on yourself.


ENTJs are the tyes that won’t let you make excuses for not living up to your potential. Laziness, procrastination, and scapegoats will be rejected, and they’ll point out the facts of what you’re capable of. Their belief in you, combined with their encouragement to take initiative, will help you to get off the floor and make things happen. They’ll remind you of who you can be, what your potential is, and that your goals are achievable if you just take that first step and keep going.


When you need a friend to empathize with your struggles while helping you find your path in life, an INFJ is a perfect guide. When you’re on a one-way road to destruction or stagnancy, they will remind you of the implications or amazing possibilities you could experience in the future. More focused on tomorrow than today, they can easily predict how things will play out. Their visionary focus on potential future outcomes can make them inspirers or mentors, guiding you towards fulfilling futures or away from paths that might lead to pain or loss.

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These types bring out imagination and strategic thinking in people. Future-focused and visionary, they show people the steps needed to achieve their goals. Quiet but intellectual, they help you to think more deeply about life and the purpose of the actions you spend your time on. They help you fight against stagnancy, meaninglessness, and trivialities that would cause you to ultimately throw away large portions of your life.

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These types are outspoken, expressive, and fearless. They bring out the confidence in others by showing them not to care what other people think. They encourage open expression and raw authenticity and will create a safe atmosphere where people feel that they can be 100% themselves. They also know how to find the humor in everyday situations, and they encourage you to find your own sense of freedom, bravery, and spontaneity.


These types challenge people to conquer their worst fears. They have the ability to bring out bravery, common-sense, and a fearless sense of adventure in people. They challenge you to stop daydreaming about the future and live in the present, with all its beauty and promise. These types know how to get people active, engaged, and in touch with the real world around them.


ISFPs blend rebelliousness with gentleness and empathy. They bring out the resilience and individuality in others. They teach you that you shouldn’t live your life half-heartedly, because if you do, what is the point? They encourage you to embrace your unique dreams and to ignore the naysayers along the way. They also have a gift for bringing out an emotional depth and sincerity in people, because honesty is the most practical way of communicating in their eyes.


ISTPs help you to explore all the options available to you, shedding light on the experiences you might not have noticed before. They help you to adapt to changes without losing your mind, solve problems without getting emotionally derailed, and keep a steady head when there’s a crisis. They’re also strong in the art of teaching practical thinking; they’ll show you how to change a tire, win a debate, or map out a road trip with all the best stops along the way.


ESFJs are known for their level-headedness and loyalty. When you feel like your worries are too small, your accomplishments too meager, or you have a hard time liking yourself, and you can depend on them to express how much they value you. They will lend a listening ear (and perhaps a cookie) and make sure that you don’t walk away feeling bad about who you are as a person. They will remind you of your accomplishments, talents, and how much they believe in you.


ESTJs believe in taking responsibility, having a strong work ethic, and doing their part to make your community better. They push you to be better by being honest and straightforward and encouraging you to combat laziness or inefficiency. If you have an ESTJ for a friend, you can count on them to tell you the hard truths other types might be too scared to tell you. And they’ll do it because they genuinely care about you as a person and want the best life for you.


ISFJs thrive on harmony and peaceful coexistence with others. They will be concerned about your struggles and hardships, but they won’t judge you when you feel weak or incapable. Instead, they will offer suggestions to help give your life a sense of balance. They pay attention to details and know which things will raise your spirits or bring them down. They’ll remind you to balance your work ethic with rest, time in nature, and laughter. They’ll remind you of your strengths while not judging you for your failures. They bring a sense of steadiness, empathy, and common sense to your life.

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ISTJs may not appear lovey-dovey and exuberant, but their steadiness, honesty, and loyalty are deeply valuable. They will stand by you and be there for you through anything, not because they always agree with your decisions –but because they cherish their true friendships. They’ll give you criticism when you need it because they care about you. They’ll be a rock of stability when life feels chaotic and undependable. They’ll remind you that you’re not alone and encourage you to take care of the details that will give you a sense of security and logic in life.

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Find out how each Myers-Briggs® personality type has a unique way of bringing out your best. #MBTI #Personality #INF J #INFP
Find out how each Myers-Briggs® personality type has a way of bringing out your best. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ

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  1. Istj. For this reason I dont have many friends but acquaintances. Very few people are trustworthy, which I have found out over the years.

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