3 Things You’d Never Do, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Today we’re taking a look at three things you’d never dream of doing, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. I know there are nuances between people, and everyone is one-of-a-kind, but I think I’d be seriously shocked if I saw these things taking place (an ENFJ saying they don’t feel like talking when someone wants to confide in them? I mean….in what world?). But if you disagree, or have a different opinion, be sure to let me know in the comments! I’m very curious!

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3 Things each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality would absolutely HATE doing. #MBTI #Personality #INFP

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3 Things You’d Never Do, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type


When your partner starts micro-managing you, immediately complying without hesitation.

Turning off the lights, laying in bed, and instantly falling asleep without getting absorbed in dozens of random thoughts.

Just blindly following the rules, because who cares why they exist, right?


Not speaking your mind when someone is being ignorant because you’re afraid of offending them

Saying, “we don’t need to re-make the wheel here” or “let’s just do things the way they’ve always been done”

Taking the blue pill when offered the red one


Micro-managing your partner because they get lost in their head too much

Dispassionately throwing away a letter from an old flame

Having a conversation and only formulating your responses instead of listening


Asking everyone if you can be the master of ceremonies at your next high school reunion

Ignoring logical fallacies in an argument

Sending an email or text message in all caps


Saying a simple “bye” instead of adding “have a great day!” “it was great to see you!” or “let’s do this again!”

Saying “I don’t feel like talking,” when a friend who’s going through a hard time calls you up

Not dreaming up your future goals for an entire week


Being passive-aggressive and whiny instead of saying directly what’s wrong when you’re mad at someone

Distracting yourself with reality television when an important decision needs to be made

Sitting back and playing on your phone when a meeting or group project is being run inefficiently or ineffectively


Taking everything at face value instead of looking for underlying meanings or motives

Walking by a bookstore without going in

Sparking a conflict or argument because you’re bored


Jubilantly getting involved in some small talk and gossip because it’s the polite thing to do

Scrapping your 20-year-life-plan and deciding to live entirely in the moment from now on

Telling someone “You’d look better if you smiled!” when you walk by them


Taking six months to go to a silent retreat and dwell on the meaning of life

Declining an invitation to a party because you have paperwork to do

Mapping out a detailed to-do list for the week and following it to the tee.


Driving the speed limit (or a few miles less) in the left-hand lane

Saying no to a dare because it’s too intimidating

Sniffing loudly for a long time instead of just blowing your nose


Buying a minimalist wardrobe that lacks any personality or individual touches

Picking on someone simply because the popular crowd is doing it

Spending your weekend creating a 20-year life plan


Revealing your life story to someone you just met

Relying on generalizations rather than specifics when arguing

Blocking a busy walkway to get a photo


Giving the silent treatment to a  partner and making them guess what’s wrong for a whole day

Pointing out the logical fallacies in your friend’s words when they’re unloading their feelings to you about a breakup

Not holding the door for the person behind you


Saying nothing when someone places a glass of ice water on a wooden coffee table

Seeing a job being done poorly and deciding it would be better just to ignore it and not say anything

Leaving your shopping cart by your car instead of returning it to the stall after grocery shopping


Accepting all compliments with a simple “thank you” and not brushing them off, minimizing, or coming up with a compliment to give back

Staring vacantly at your phone when someone is talking to you

Calling up a dramatic talk-show host and getting into a screaming match on-air


Making an appointment with a doctor without looking at their reviews or checking their credentials

Hitting “Send” on an email without re-reading it to check for errors

Eating leftovers and putting the empty container back in the fridge

What Are Your Thoughts?

Would you do these things? Do you defy your type in some way? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Not only would an INTP not send an email in all caps, but he/she would write complete, grammatically-correct sentences with appropriate punctuation, and not click “Send” until it all of the pertinent details (and there would be many) were included and it was proofread, tweaked and word-smithed to convey exactly the meaning (and tone) that was intended. It might even expound and overstate to preclude any possibility of misinterpretation.

  2. Nope, ADHD and ISTJ don’t mix; containers and empty bags go right back into the fridge whilst I’m rewatching scenes of last night’s episode of my show in my head, simultaneously hearing a random song and pondering the 30 things I need done before next week. Spoons also go in the trash and containers in the sink. The rest is spot on though

  3. I wonder if this would be better titled “Three things your HEALTHY Myers-Briggs type would never do”… It seems like in grip-stress mode a lot of types might act contrary, even opposite to their usual natures. What do you think?

  4. INFJ here. I won’t spark an argument, but I will absolutely spark a controversial discussion. It has to be philosophical though.

  5. As an INTJ, “Jubilantly getting involved in some small talk and gossip because it’s the polite thing to do” will never happen unless it is absolutely necessary to achieve the correct outcome.

  6. Hi – I’m an EFSP and have been following your articles for a few months now. I really have gained a lot of valuable insights and love to read them. Most have really been spot on! I diverged a bit on this one. I do think I’d go spend 6 months to dwell on the meaning of life. Maybe it’s my curious nature to learn something new.

    And skipping a party to complete paperwork maybe not, but I did skip a party invitation to finish a self improvement program. Perhaps not quite the same thing as paperwork, but it was more like work than fun, even if I’ve gained valuable knowledge.

  7. Say whaattt? After reading this I’m doubting if I am really an INTJ. Coz I’d do all three of them depending on the situation 💁

  8. Hi Susan,

    I am an INTJ. Telling someone, “you’d look better if you smiled.” Is about as belittling, condescending and insulting a comment I can imagine making to another human being. It implies I know how a person should behave and act better than the individual them self. I t implies I know what’s good for them more than they do. It implies they are incompetent with even ordinary behavior and that I know how to correct their incompetence.

    In short, it is about as belittling to the other person and as much a reflection of my own thoughtless stupidity as could be.

    I am a firm believer in the adage, “If you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything.” Maybe I’m sophomoric and simplistic but it is better, in my view than belittling another human. As Jesus said (and I am not a dogmatic Christian) “Worry not what goes into your mouth but rather what comes out of it.”

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