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“Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone, and let your hand give in proportion to your purse.”

George Washington – ISTJ


are known for their quiet integrity, their resolve, and their keen eye for detail. They are often called The Duty Fulfillers, and they live up to this name by following through on their words and keeping their responsibilities. ISTJs may not say a lot, but internally they collect numerous facts from the world around them and store these facts carefully in their memory. Their masterful Introverted Sensing (Si) gives them a vivid memory for all the nuances and details they collect in the world around them. While an Intuitive may see a broad landscape, the ISTJ will see the facets of every leaf, tree, plant, and crevice. The ISTJ combines their Introverted Sensing with a strong use of Extraverted Thinking (Te). This makes them quiet but organized leaders who can arrange and delegate to get any job done. They are quick to implement logical solutions to problems, and they try to remain as objective and fair as possible when making decisions. The ISTJ believes in helping his or her community and family, living honestly, and working hard to accomplish goals. While the ISTJ may sound extremely serious from these descriptions, they balance out their quiet thoughtfulness with an offbeat sense of humor that draws others in.

You’ll find a wide variety of ISTJs in numerous career fields; Investor Warren Buffett, Philosopher Thomas Hobbes, Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, and even Queen Elizabeth II are all ISTJs.

Not sure if you're an INFP or INFJ? Here is an extremely easy guide to telling the difference between the two. #INFP #INFJ #MBTI #Personality

INFP vs INFJ – Your Super-Simple Guide

Are you sick of reading INFJ or INFP articles and feeling just as lost as ever? I’ve written articles comparing the two types, gone onto long discourses about the cognitive functions, and so on. But I think the answer lies in simplicity. Today let me break down the differences as quickly and simplistically as possible….
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Discover 10 of the most memorable INTP anime characters. #INTP #MBTI #Personality

10 Amazing INTP Anime Characters

Want to figure out which anime characters have your INTP personality type? After weeks of research (and suggestions from fellow anime nerds), I’ve compiled this list of my top ten best picks for INTP characters. Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire here. Or you can take the official MBTI® here. 10 Amazing…
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Find out the specific style

Why Style Rules Empower INFJs

Guest post from 16 Style Types  Style is not about wearing the latest fashion and too often, style and fashion are concepts that are used interchangeably. At 16 Style Types we are interested in style, and specifically, how style can be used to express the quintessential nature of a person – their essence. How are…
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Get an in-depth look at the strengths and struggles of the Enneagram 4 child. #Enneagram #personality

The Enneagram Four Child

Called “The Individualist”, the Enneagram 4 child is known for rich, vivid emotions and an ability to connect with the human experience. Fours face the darker sides of life, not shying away from emotions and thoughts that others suppress.  They bring sensitivity, intuition, and self-awareness to the world and can be profoundly creative and original….
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Get an in-depth look at the strengths and struggles of the Enneagram Five personality type. #Enneagram #Personality

The Enneagram Five Child

Labeled “The Investigator,” Enneagram Fives seek understanding and knowledge in a world that seems run by volatile emotions, noise, and power-grabs. The Five child may seem reclusive and obsessive to some, but there’s more to this information-hungry type than meets the eye. Let’s take a look! Not sure what your Enneatype is? Take our free…
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A story of how my childhood sexual abuse impacted my body image and relationship with religion

Sexual Abuse, Starvation, and Salvation

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains details about rape, eating disorders, and self-harm. Don’t read ahead if this will cause you to feel unnecessary stress or put your mental health in jeopardy. Every night after I get out of the shower I look at my reflection in the mirror and take an inventory of all my…
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Get an in-depth look at the career strengths and needs of the #INFJ as well as the careers that they are best-suited for. #MBTI #Personality

The Top 10 Best Careers for INFJs

As an INFJ, have you ever felt like your career was draining all the energy and inspiration from you? Today I want to explore some key things INFJs crave in a career as well as what they naturally excel at. I hope that this article will encourage you to go after the career you’ve always…
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Discover the Myers-Briggs types of each of the prominent Haikyuu!! characters! #MBTI #personality #INFJ #INFP

The Myers-Briggs® Types of the Haikyuu!! Characters

When my 14-year-old pleaded with me to watch “Haikyuu!!” with her I have to admit I was not expecting much. Watching a bunch of anime high school boys play volleyball sounded painfully dull. I don’t like sports movies (much to my ESTP husband’s chagrin) and I’m 36-years-old. What could I possibly find to enjoy in…
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Confessions of an Unhealthy ISFJ

It’s fair to say that I am coming out of (and thus am still in) an unhealthy ISFJ state, which provides me the perfect opportunity to exploit myself in order to articulate from that space. I cannot say how long I’ve been in the depths of it. Years, potentially. I have lived alarmingly unaware years,…
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Find out why typology is crucial and beneficial in 2021. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

7 Reasons Typology Can Improve Your Life in 2021

It’s no secret that personality quizzes are fun. Whether you’re taking a Buzzfeed “Which Marvel Character Are You?” test or buckling down for a psychological Jungian-style test, we all want to know who we are. Sharpening our sense of identity can help us to navigate the world with a clearer sense of purpose. Or it…
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Get an in-depth look at the strengths and struggles of the Enneagram Six child. #Enneagram #Personality

The Enneagram Six Child

Labeled “The Loyalists,” Enneagram 6s are recognized for their intensity, skepticism, and sense of responsibility. These children have busy minds and see things from many different angles. No matter what you say, they can always see the other side of the coin. No matter how good things happen to be, they can always sense how…
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Get an in-depth look at the signs that an INTJ is unhealthy or under extreme stress. #MBTI #INTJ #Personality

10 Signs of an Unhealthy INTJ

INTJs are well-regarded in the typology community for their vision, insight, and strategic prowess. Many times the word INTJ feels synonymous with the words “intelligent”, “prodigious”, and “intellectual”. But what happens when you meet an INTJ who doesn’t seem to possess many of the qualities that INTJs are praised for? Or what happens when you’re…
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Get a visual look at the heroic or dominant energy of every Myers-Briggs personality type. #MBTI #Personality

The Heroic Energy of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type (in Pictures!)

Do you want to figure out what unique perspectives and gifts you bring to the table based on your personality type? Today we’re going to explore the “Hero” functions of each type through visuals and statements. These visuals can help you get a clearer understanding of your own and others’ types. In the future I’ll…
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Get an in-depth look at the strengths and struggles of the Enneagram Seven child. #Enneagram #Personality

The Enneagram Seven Child

Labeled “The Enthusiast,” Enneagram 7 children are recognized by their restlessness, excitability, and creativity. These are the children who always seem to have an eye out for opportunities and fun new games. They may struggle to sit still, but their liveliness and enthusiasm draw other children to them for fun times and memorable experiences. But…
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Find out the biggest problem with typology systems like the MBTI®. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ

The One Thing I Hate About Typology

As an MBTI® practitioner, it often feels like I live, eat, and breathe typology. Between coaching people about their type, writing about type, and making videos about type, a lot of my time involves dealing with people and their perceptions of type. But there are times when I feel like throwing in the towel and…
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Find out how each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types has an extroverted side!

The Extroverted Side of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Carl Jung once said, “There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.” As the founder of psychological type, the fact that he said this is very significant. And it’s true, as well. Everyone has an introverted side, and everyone has an extroverted side….
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Enneagram Eight Child

The Enneagram Eight Child

Labeled “The Challenger,” Enneatype 8 children are often recognized for their fiery tempers, impulsive behaviors, or defiance towards control and authority. But is that really all there is to an 8 child? Is bluster and fury the sum of all their parts? While there’s more to any individual than their Enneagram type, today we’re going…
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Enneagram Nine Child and their strengths and struggles

The Enneagram Nine Child

Often called “The Peacemaker,” the Nine Enneatype is a complex one. While people often write them off as “the easy going” types, there’s more to their calm demeanor than meets the eye. Underneath their good-natured, warm presence is a deeply imaginative, insightful soul. Not sure what your Enneagram type is? Find out in our questionnaire!…
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The Decision-Making Style of Every Enneagram Type

Have you ever tried to come to a decision with a friend, spouse, or sibling, only to wind up shaking your head and walking away? Maybe they took too long to decide, or maybe they were too pushy about the option they thought was best. Each of us has a unique way of making decisions,…
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An in-depth look at how INFJs process the emotions and feelings of the people around them and themselves. #INFJ #Personality

How INFJs Process Emotions

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller As an INFJ, you experience emotions in a complex and beautiful way. Today I want to explore your unique way of experiencing feelings, sorting them out, and understanding them. Diving…
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Find out which classic song will be most relatable to you, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type

The Classic Song That Best Fits Your Personality Type

Last week while I was working I was listening to an Oldies playlist that always tends to put me in a good mood. The song You Don’t Own Me came on, and as I was enjoying it, I suddenly realized that the song would be an ideal anthem for the EFP or IFP personality types!…
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Discover the compliments that mean the most to each #Enneagram type! #Personality

The Acknowledgment You Crave, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Enneagram One – Acknowledgment of Integrity Because your core desire is to have integrity, compliments that acknowledge that mean the world to you. Being recognized for your dependability, fairness, responsibility, or honesty will affirm the moral code that you work daily to live by. But Remember: Nobody is perfect. You grow and flourish when you…
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Get an in-depth look at the unique mental wiring of the #ESFP personality type. #MBTI

ESFP Cognitive Function Guide

As an ESFP, you have a unique set of cognitive functions that filter the way you see the world and influence the way you make decisions. When you first take a Myers-Briggs style test, you might think that those four letters; E-S-F-P, are as far as the type journey goes. But would you like to…
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Get an in-depth look at the 8th cognitive function of every Myers-Briggs personality type and how it shows up in projections, stress, and more. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

The Demon of Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Want to deep-dive into the source of some of your worst weaknesses? Today we’re going to explore the “Demon” function of each personality type in the Myers-Briggs® system. The Demon is the last function in your cognitive function stack and a background player in many of your biggest mistakes. However, on the flip-side, the demon…
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Discover 12 memorable #ISTJ characters from movies and books! #MBTI #Personality

12 Amazing Fictional ISTJ Characters

Want to understand what an ISTJ would look like in multiple different scenarios and roles? Reading literature or watching movies or television shows with fictional ISTJ characters can help to add depth or nuance to your views of the type (as long as you can view a wide variety of characters!). Not sure what your…
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Get an in-depth look at the pros and cons of an #ENFP #ISFJ romantic relationship. #MBTI #personality

Your Guide to the ENFP and ISFJ Romantic Relationship

I’ve spent quite a while pouring over different compatibility theories. Many have good reason as to why certain personality types would naturally attract other types. However, when it comes to romantic pairings, humans don’t necessarily play by any dedicated structure. You feel what you feel for someone, regardless of how their brain is wired. Certainly,…
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Delve into the shadow functions of Myers-Briggs type in this article that explores the Trickster side of your personality. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

The Trickster of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

“Although he is not really evil, the Trickster does the most atrocious things from sheer unconsciousness and unrelatedness.” – Carl Jung Have you ever wondered why certain people bother you more than others? Perhaps you have an organized, no-nonsense friend who naturally takes to leadership. Other friends of yours admire this person, but for some…
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Wondering why you seem like a different person under stress? Find out why that happens in this article about your #Enneagram type. #Personality #stress

Signs That You’re Disintegrating, Based On Your Enneagram Type

People often ask me if someone’s Enneagram type can change. The answer is more complicated than yes or no. The truth is, when you’re relaxed and moving towards growth, you take on some of the traits of another Enneagram type. When you’re under intense pressure or stress you “disintegrate.” The Enneagram Institute states that, “There…
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Discover worry-management techniques specific to your #INFJ or #INFP personality type. #MBTI #Personality

For the INFJs and INFPs Who are Drowning in Worry

Dear INFJs and INFPs, I’ve heard from you in so many emails as of late, and this post is directed at those of you who are dealing with an overwhelming amount of worry and uncertainty. This year, more than most years has been shrouded in a haze of uncertainty and confusion. Now more than ever…
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Want to deep dive into the nuances of your personality type? Explore the critical parent that hides inside each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

The Critical Parent of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Today we’re continuing our deep-dive series into each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types. If you’re a newbie to type, this may be a little intense for you. If you’re looking for something that can explain the basics of Myers-Briggs typology, you can get a beginner’s look in our article, A Brief Guide to the…
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Discover how you become oppositional or stubborn, as well as clashes you might have with other types, in this in-depth article. #Personality #MBTI #INFP #INFJ

The Opposing Role of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Do you really want to dig deep into your personality type and how it works? If you’re tired of worn-out, lite-quality data then you’re in the right place. We’re learning about each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types in-depth by breaking down their cognitive function stacks and seeing 8 unique ways that they experience the…
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Explore a diverse array of fictional #ENTP characters from your favorite movies, books, or television shows! #MBTI #Personality

12 Amazing Fictional ENTP Characters

Want to be inspired by some movie or literary ENTPs? Today we’re going to explore some of the most iconic and memorable ENTPs in movie or television history. Some of these ENTPs are mature and exemplary, while others emulate ENTPs at their worst! It can be quite an educational experience going through these films or…
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Get an in-depth look at the various pros and cons of an ISFJ ESTP relationship. #ISFJ #ESTP #MBTI #Personality

Your Guide to the ISFJ and ESTP Relationship

I’ve spent quite a while pouring over different compatibility theories. Many have good reason as to why certain mental processes would “fulfill” or entice one brain wiring or another. However, when it comes to romantic pairings, humans don’t necessarily play by any dedicated structure. You feel what you feel for someone, regardless of how they…
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Get an in-depth look at your inferior function and how it might be tripping you up or hurting your relationships. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

The Inferior Function of Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Is there a certain part of your life that feels nearly impossible to master? Do you feel like the same experiences trip you up again and again? Your Myers-Briggs® personality type might have something to do with that! Each of us is wired to perform well in certain areas but at the expense of other…
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Discover the self-care practice that will powerfully improve your life, based on your #Enneagram type. #Personality #Enneatype

The Self Care You Avoid (But Need) Based On Your Enneagram Type

Most of us strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. But in our efforts to do that, we tend to fixate on only one direction of growth. Usually the direction we take leads us towards our core desire. Ones will try harder to be more perfect people. Two’s will…
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Find out what each of the 16 personality types finds extremely rude. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

Here’s What You Find Rude, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

Do you ever find yourself thinking that someone is being super rude, but then realize no one else really seems all that bothered? If so, perhaps you’ve discovered something that your personality type considers rude but that other types tend to overlook, or at least judge less harshly. Of course, there are some behaviors that…
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Looking for a new hobby to explore? Check out this list of tried-and-true #ISTJ hobbies. #MBTI #Personality

21 Hobbies That ISTJs Love

As an ISTJ, you probably spend a lot of time doing things that need to be done or should be done. You might enjoy those activities, but it’s often nice to make time for things you want to do as well as the things that you need to do. Since our Myers-Briggs® personality types describe…
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Get an in-depth, easy-to-understand look at the major differences between INFPs and ISFJs. #INFP #ISFJ #MBTI #Personality

ISFJ vs INFP – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered if you’re an ISFJ or an INFP? Or are you an ISFJ or an INFP trying to figure out how to get along with this other type? It’s that age-old question. The one everyone asks and few have the means to answer. How do we differentiate two cuties? ISFJ vs INFP…
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Get an in-depth look at the auxiliary function of each Myers-Briggs® personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

The Auxiliary Function of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Last week we explored how each personality type experiences their dominant function. Today we’re going to explore the auxiliary function. The auxiliary function acts as a support to your dominant function. You can think of the dominant as the “commander in chief” of your personality and the auxiliary as the “second in command.” Your auxiliary…
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Find out which famous movie and television characters have the #ISTP personality type. #MBTI #Personality

12 Amazing Fictional ISTPs

Fictional ISTPs are some of the most intriguing and mysterious characters in film or literature. You may see glimpses of yourself in these cool, analytical types. Today we’re going to explore twelve of the most powerful ISTPs in cinema. I hope you enjoy this! Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire here….
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Discover the social situations that make #INFJs really cringe inside. #INFJ #Personality #MBTI

10 Social Situations INFJs Absolutely Hate

Have you ever been stuck in a social situation that’s just absolute agony? Yeah, me too. We INFJs tend to be fairly social for introverts, but there are some social situations that we just don’t like. “Hate” is not too strong a word for how we feel about certain things that can happen when you…
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Get an in-depth look at the dominant cognitive function of each Myers-Briggs personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

The Dominant Function of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Do you ever wonder why you see the world in such a vastly different way from other personality types? A lot of this has to do with your cognitive functions. Each of us live and breathe and absorb the details of life in completely different ways. One cognitive function has the highest priority in your…
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Discover twelve incredible #INTJ fictional characters. #MBTI #Personality

12 Amazing Fictional INTJ Characters

When it comes to fictional INTJs, many people focus primarily on villains and masterminds. While there are definitely some fascinating INTJ villains in the movie world, there are also quite a few INTJ heroes and helpers as well. Today we’re going to explore twelve of the most compelling INTJ characters in film or literature. Be…
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Discover 12 INFJ characters that can give you a deeper understanding of this rare personality type. #MBTI #INFJ #Personality

12 Amazing INFJ Fictional Characters

There’s something so inspiring about seeing your personality type exemplified in a movie or book form. Seeing other characters with your type can spark ideas in your own mind of ways you could use your type wiring more effectively. With that in mind, let’s take a look at twelve of the most memorable and stand-out…
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Discover some new relatable songs, based on your personality type! #INFP #MBTI #Personality

12 Songs That INFPs Will Relate To

After writing a post about songs that INFJs relate to, I decided to start talking to some other personality types about their most relatable songs. I joined an INFP group and asked for their input, and I also went through Quara threads where INFPs listed songs they think embody what it’s like to be an…
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Get a look at the unique and sometimes strange abilities of every Myers-Briggs type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ

The Unusual Abilities of Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

You know that thing you’re really good at but you’re also pretty sure is kinda strange? Like how my brother can memorize random facts and pull them out at exactly the right moment to make himself look like an eccentric genius? Or how one of my friends from church can make you feel like you…
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Discover ten outstanding anime characters that all embody the #INFJ personality type. #MBTI #Personality

10 Amazing INFJ Anime Characters

Want to be inspired by some of the most iconic INFJ anime characters of all time? As an INFJ, I love the drama, artistic merit, and excitement of anime. Some of the characters listed here will give you a better look at what an INFJ hero (or maybe even a villain) would look like! They…
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Discover 12 incredible #ENFPs in the movie and book world! #ENFP #MBTI #Personality

12 Amazing Fictional ENFP Characters

Want to be inspired by an ENFP on the big screen? Fictional ENFPs can seem larger-than-life with their unique ability to inspire, explore, and test the boundaries. Simply watching a movie with an ENFP in it can make you see the world in a different way – things that were once gray are now shining…
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Find out how each Myers-Briggs® type expresses condescension. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type and Condescension

Do you ever feel like the people around you keep talking down to you rather than respecting your perspective? Sometimes people are condescending intentionally. Other times, people get condescending without even realizing they are doing so. This is especially true when it comes to contrasting personality types. Understanding how we might be inadvertently condescending to…
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Want to discover some anime characters with the #ENFJ personality type? Find them here! #MBTI #Personality #anime

10 Amazing ENFJ Anime Characters

Have you ever wondered which anime characters have the ENFJ personality type? Known as “The Mentor,” ENFJs often take on the role of inspirer and guide in the world of fiction. Today I want to explore twelve ENFJ characters that you can get to know in some of the most popular anime shows out there….
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Looking for an inspirational new playlist to listen to? Check out these songs that most INFJs will relate to! #MBTI #INFJ #Personality

12 Songs That INFJs Will Relate To

Have you ever wondered if your music taste might have something to do with your personality type? One thing I’ve noticed while researching the hobby series I’m writing for Psychology Junkie is that every personality type lists music as one of their favorite hobbies. Even with that commonality, though, music taste can vary considerably between…
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Find out which animal has your Enneagram type! #Enneagram #Enneatype #Personality

Here’s the Animal You’d Be, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Ever wondered which creature from the animal kingdom has your Enneagram type? Today we’ll be exploring a wide variety of animals and how they symbolize various strengths or weaknesses of each Enneagram type. Unlike my Myers-Briggs® and animal post, this article will focus primarily on animal symbolism rather than actual animal habits. I’m doing this…
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Want to discover 10 stand-out #INFP characters? Explore both healthy and unhealthy INFP characters in this article. #MBTI #Personality

10 Amazing INFP Anime Characters

Are you an INFP who loves anime? Over the last two months, I’ve gotten dozens of requests for an article about INFP characters in anime. It seems to me that anime characters have a special place in the hearts of INFPs, and it’s not hard to see why. Anime is filled with characters who fight…
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Want to be an exceptional friend to someone? Find out what they deeply crave in companionship in this in-depth article! #Enneagram #Personality #friendship

Here’s What You Need in a Friendship, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Finding friends seems like it should be easy. After all, we’re bombarded with social media apps that invite us to follow people, get in touch with old acquaintances, and say “Happy Birthday!” to people we haven’t met in decades. But even with all these advances in the world of technological relationships, many of us feel…
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Get an in-depth look at twelve of the most iconic #INTP fictional characters. #MBTI #Personality

12 Fictional Characters You’ll Relate to if You’re an INTP

Curious, analytical, and independent – INTPs are often pegged as the “mad scientists” in the world of fiction. However, there’s so much more to these ingenious introverts than the stereotypes you might see on the big screen! That said, here are twelve fictional characters who exemplify some of the greatest strengths and potential weaknesses of…
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