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“Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone, and let your hand give in proportion to your purse.”

George Washington – ISTJ


are known for their quiet integrity, their resolve, and their keen eye for detail. They are often called The Duty Fulfillers, and they live up to this name by following through on their words and keeping their responsibilities. ISTJs may not say a lot, but internally they collect numerous facts from the world around them and store these facts carefully in their memory. Their masterful Introverted Sensing (Si) gives them a vivid memory for all the nuances and details they collect in the world around them. While an Intuitive may see a broad landscape, the ISTJ will see the facets of every leaf, tree, plant, and crevice. The ISTJ combines their Introverted Sensing with a strong use of Extraverted Thinking (Te). This makes them quiet but organized leaders who can arrange and delegate to get any job done. They are quick to implement logical solutions to problems, and they try to remain as objective and fair as possible when making decisions. The ISTJ believes in helping his or her community and family, living honestly, and working hard to accomplish goals. While the ISTJ may sound extremely serious from these descriptions, they balance out their quiet thoughtfulness with an offbeat sense of humor that draws others in.

You’ll find a wide variety of ISTJs in numerous career fields; Investor Warren Buffett, Philosopher Thomas Hobbes, Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, and even Queen Elizabeth II are all ISTJs.

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