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21 Hobbies That INTJs Love

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Since our Myers-Briggs® personality types describe the ways our minds work it makes sense that people with the same type might have similar interests. We’re each unique individuals with our own preferences for how we spend our down-time. Even so, you’ll often notice that people of the same type enjoy similar hobbies. Today, we’re talking about 21 hobbies that INTJs love.

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Hobbies That INTJs Love:

1. Art

Painting, sketching, graphic design, photography, and other creative artistic pursuits are a favorite hobby of many INTJs. Even the INTJs who don’t make art themselves may make a hobby of art appreciation and enjoy visiting museums, galleries, and art fairs.

2. Collecting

Many INTJs enjoy collecting things. What those things are can vary widely, from Funko Pop!, to model trains, to artwork, to stamps.

3. Computers

Several INTJs talk about enjoying hobbies related to computers and the digital world. Coding, programming, and game development are all hobbies that many INTJs enjoy.

4. Crafting

I wasn’t quite sure what to call this point, because most of the “crafts” that I’ve seen INTJs talk about aren’t what people normally think of when someone says crafts. For INTJs, this category includes things like making chainmail, blacksmithing, and crafting historically accurate 16th- to 8th-century fashion. Of course, INTJs also do more typical crafting hobbies like jewelry making.

5. Electronics

Several INTJs I’ve spoken to talk about enjoying hobbies related to electronics. Often, these are computer-related activities, but other times they involve HAM radio, watches, remote-controlled airplanes, and other electronics as well.

6. Food Creation

I almost just listed “cooking,” but INTJs who talk about this don’t always limit their hobby to cooking. Many also enjoy baking, brewing, and other forms of edible creations.

7. Gaming

INTJs often find that they enjoy playing video games. They may also enjoy getting together with small groups of friends to play games of strategy, skill, logic, or imagination. One INTJ I know, for example, plays a variety of video games from Sims to The Witcher, enjoys specialty board games like Carcassonne, and is part of a tabletop RPG group.

8. Gardening

I’ve seen several INTJs talk about enjoying gardening and/or keeping house plants. The peace of tending to growing things, cloning their plants by taking cuttings, and producing better ingredients for cooking are all aspects of gardening that can appeal to INTJs.

9. Home Organization

TJ types like to have things ordered in the outer world, and for some INTJs this means turning a love for organization into a hobby. Many enjoy cleaning and organizing their homes and weeding out things they don’t need. I even read an exchange between two INTJs talking about how throwing things away is one of their favorite hobbies.

10. Learning and Researching

INTJs love to learn new facts, and there’s a good chance they’ll sign up for classes or research on their own to increase their knowledge. What they’re researching is often eclectic and changes fairly regularly. Some talk about going through phases where they’ll thoroughly research one topic then move on to something else.

11. Logic Games

Many INTJs enjoy an intellectual challenge. Sudoku, chess, and other games that engage their logical side can be a great hobby for INTJs.

12. Martial Arts

INTJs often enjoy hobbies that challenge them both physically and mentally. Many find the discipline and physicality of martial arts (including everything from archery to historical sword-fighting to taekwondo) appealing.

13. Music

INTJs enjoy a variety of creative hobbies. Several talk about playing musical instruments, and many also enjoy music-centric cultural events like attending concerts or musical theater events.

14. People Analysis

INTJs aren’t as people-oriented as some other types, but many do enjoy trying to figure people out. They may people-watch and analyze what they see, read psychology books, or research personality types systems to understand what makes other people tick.

15. Reading

Many INTJs are bookworms, and it’s not just because they love to research and learn. They’ll read plenty of non-fiction but many also enjoy reading fiction, especially if it’s something like a good mystery or sci-fi story that can engage their curiosity and imagination.

16. Sharing Information

With all the research they do, it’s not too surprising that INTJs enjoy sharing what they’ve learned. They might edit Wikipedia, answer questions on Quora or Reddit, join a trivia group, or volunteer to teach classes in their field of expertise.

17. Solo Sports

INTJs often enjoy some kind of physical activity, usually done by themselves. They might lift weights, run marathons, swim and scuba dive, hike, or some other sporting activity that helps them stay healthy and get out of their heads for a while.

18. Spirituality

This isn’t something I thought of as a hobby before researching this article, but I’ve seen quite a large number of INTJs talking about spirituality, mysticism, and the supernatural as a favorite hobby. Many say that they enjoy researching these things even though they don’t necessarily subscribe to any particular belief.

19. Watching Movies and TV

Many INTJs love film and television. Some just enjoy the stories, some have a keen interest in the process of making films, some get into a specific type of TV such as anime, and some focus on non-fiction shows as part of their interest in continued learning.

20. Writing

INTJs often enjoy hobbies related to writing. You might find them writing poetry, journaling, creating fiction stories, or writing research papers for fun.

21. Yoga and Meditation

As they mature, INTJs often find that they enjoy activities that engage their tertiary Introverted Feeling. Yoga, mediation, or other mindfulness practices can be a great way for INTJs to slow down and get in touch with their personal values.

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Feeling bored? Get some hobby ideas naturally suited to the #INTJ personality type! #MBTI #Personality
Feeling bored? Get some hobby ideas naturally suited to the #INTJ personality type! #MBTI #Personality

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