MBTI and Mental Illness

Myers Briggs and Mental Illness Part 3 - The Artisans

Is there a link between certain Myers Briggs types and mental illness? This question gets asked a lot, and I wanted to find some answers. While it’s hard to find a lot of empirical evidence one way or the other, I’ve found a lot of information that may give us some possible connections. We’ve…

MBTI Pet Peeves

How to Annoy Any Myers Briggs® Type

We all have those little things that irritate us to no end, no matter how minor they may seem. Does type have any part to play in this? With a little research and some lurking through forums, I was able to come up with this list. Technically, I think a lot of these things would annoy just about…

What Type of Sensor Are You? The Difference Between Extraverted and Introverted Sensing

How do you take in the world around you? Do you notice brilliant colors and sounds and smells? Do you regard the past with reverie and wonder? The world of sensing is a beautiful and captivating thing. If you're a sensor, you have a heightened awareness of the concrete world around you. Concrete…

The Childhood Struggles of Every Myers Briggs® Type

Did you ever feel misunderstood as a kid? Like once, or maybe constantly, people just didn't "get you"? Unless you're raised in a family of people who are very similar to you (and even that can create some issues) you're likely to be misunderstood at one point or another, or often. Everyone feels…

MBTI Quotes

Memorable Quotes from 16 Myers Briggs Types

When you figure out your MBTI type, it's amazing to know that there are other people out there who think the same way you do! These quotes can be a fun way to see how you relate to other famous people with your type. Let me know what you think! Albert Einstein, an INTPClint Eastwood, an ISTP