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New ENTJ Infographic!

    ENTJs don’t just come up with great ideas, they get them done. These innovative thought leaders are excellent at coming up with plans, business concepts, and ideas that they see through to the end with their hard work and dedication. ENTJs are passionate, ambitious, and tireless in their efforts to achieve their dreams….

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New ENFP Infographic!

It has been incredible to learn more about the ENFP personality type. They truly are some of the most creative, fun-loving people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I hope this infographic does a decent job of explaining these complex idea people! Want to see more MBTI infographics? Click here!

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New INFP Infographic!

Just finished this today! I hope it does a good job of explaining the strengths of the INFP. INFPs are some of the most creative, original people out there and so I hope I’ve captured that well in this infographic. Let me know if you have any thoughts or see anything that needs correcting! Thanks!…