The holidays are here at last, and with it the rush to get the perfect gifts for our loved ones! This can be a joyful time for many of us, or a stressful time. Picking out gifts can be tricky and puzzling, and it seems especially so when shopping for ESTJs. ESTJs are the types of people who will buy something if they really need it, and they don’t usually spend a lot of time talking about things they want. Many people are unsure when shopping for an ESTJ because if they want something they’re likely to buy it before the giver has a chance!

I decided to talk to as many ESTJs as I could find about gifts and what they prefer. It was informative and helpful for me, and I hope it will be for you too!

The ESTJs Relationship with Gifts

When it comes to gifts, ESTJs are all about practical! They want something that can help them accomplish their goals in the most efficient way possible. Trinkets, collectibles, and knick-knacks were major no-no’s among the ESTJs I spoke with. They appreciate it when people pay attention to what they enjoy and talk about so that the gifts have a personal touch. They also said to check their Amazon wish lists! Some ESTJs accumulate a list of things they need on a wish list so they can go back and purchase them later.

The Gifts That ESTJs Enjoy the Most

  1. Money

I know this gift isn’t very “romantic”, but it was definitely mentioned more than any other gift by ESTJs. Most said to skip the gift cards, because with cash they could pick out exactly what they wanted and not be limited to a certain store. Money gives them the freedom to get what they want or need without restrictions or having to pretend they like something they don’t need.

  1. Household Appliances

Is there a particular household tool the ESTJ has been talking about or needing? ESTJs love anything they can be used around the home. It’s important to remember that ESTJs care about quality, good reviews, and dependability when it comes to their household tools. ESTJs I spoke with mentioned high-quality vacuum cleaners, food processors, furniture, and cookware.

  1. Technological Gadgets

ESTJs love the way that technology can aid in making life more efficient. iPads, smartphones, a smartpen, or home security systems were all mentioned. I found this list of 10 really smart gadgets to increase productivity and thought lots of these would appeal to the ESTJs I’d spoken with.

  1. A Service

Make a coupon book for your ESTJ with services you are ready to provide! Ideas they mentioned when speaking to me included snow shoveling, yardwork, massages, washing the car, or painting a room in their house. Think of your skills and how you could use them to help out the ESTJ in some hands-on, practical way.

  1. Hand-Made Gifts

ESTJs, while practical, have a soft spot for gifts made with love and care. If you have a creative ability or a gift with cooking or baking, try using that to make the ESTJ something by hand. The personal nature of these kinds of gifts can mean a lot to them.

  1. Organizational Tools/Supplies

Having an organized outer world is extremely important to SJ personality types. The ESTJs I spoke with mentioned wanting beautiful book cases, plastic divided organizers for craft supplies, custom closets, and decorative storage bins.

  1. An Experience

While not mentioned nearly as much as the other gift ideas, experiences were brought up enough to make this list! Quite a few ESTJ said they appreciated the opportunity to go to a play, out to dinner, or even a festival. These types of gifts give them great memories to treasure for years to come, something that personality types with introverted sensing always enjoy.

What Do You Think?

Do you like these gift ideas? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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