The Board Game You Will Dominate Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Type

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Ahhh board games. I don’t care how advanced or interactive gaming systems have become, no competitive experience can match a good old-fashioned board game duel. I’ve been thinking for a while that certain games must appeal to different personality types. For example, I love strategy games but my ESTJ mother-in-law prefers word games. My ENTJ dad pretty much hates playing games (what a waste of time!) but when he was a teenager he won the World Record for playing Monopoly the longest (yep, that’s his picture below). Of course, his record was beaten several day later, but he enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame.

My dad’s the one on the left…winning 😉

You could say that board-gaming is in my blood 😉 So I decided to take my gaming nerdiness to a new level and write an article about which game each personality type would be AWESOME at! Ready to find out? Let’s get started!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. If you purchase one of the board games from Amazon, then I will get a small percentage of the profit to keep my site running.

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ENTJ – Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia

entj game

Okay, ENTJs, I’ve got the perfect game to get your high-powered, strategic minds working in overdrive. What’s the premise? The world as you know it has been obliterated and a new world order is needed to prevent another apocalypse. In Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia you and your fellow players are middle-level managers who must seize power over the four factions and gain control over this dystopian world. Your path to victory is paved by the sweat of your workers. All knowledge of the past is gone. All that matters now is the future you will create. You’ll have to use logic and keen strategic insight in order to dominate this game. If anyone’s up for the job, it’s you!
Find out more about this game: Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia Board Game

INTJ – Risk

intj game

I was really tempted to choose Chess for you INTJs. Sooo many books make comparisons between the INTJ way of thinking and the way a game of chess is played. Plus Bobby Fischer was an INTJ. But after speaking with a number of INTJs, I realized that many of you had pretty mixed feelings about the game itself. None of you had mixed feelings about Risk, however. This strategy game is the perfect vehicle for your long-term planning skills and focused, visionary way of thinking. Risk is a global domination game that puts your mastermind abilities to their best use. Your job is to take over the world by creating a clever military strategy, making alliances, and forming surprise attacks. If you haven’t played this yet, you haven’t lived, plain and simple.
Find out more about this game: Risk 

ENTP – Fief: France 1429

entp game

Want to use that massive amount of strategic thinking you have stored away in your brain? Look no further than Fief: France 1429. Take on the role of a noble in 15th century France and fight to become the most powerful ruling force in the kingdom. This game will take advantage of your amazing intuitive abilities, your logical deductive skills, and your charm. You’ll have to work to make deals, negotiate, form secret pacts, and more. The complexity and intrigue of this game have been known to break friendships, but I believe you’re up for this ruthless yet entertaining job!
Find out more here: Fief: France 1429 Board Game

INTP – Stratego

intp game

Stratego requires a knack for strategy and complex analytical thinking (Ti). I know several INTPS who are hooked on this game, and now you can be one of them…although, if you’re anything like the INTPs I know you’ve probably been playing this game since childhood! The game board is your battlefield, and you have an army and six bombs at your disposal. You must protect your flag and capture your opponent’s flag. This will require clever deception, skillful strategizing, and a taste for variety. Sounds like the perfect Ti/Ne combo to me! No two games are alike, which means you can never. get. bored.
Find out more here: Stratego

ENFJ – Pandemic

Join a team of medical specialists as you fight to save humanity from a scourge of virulent diseases in Pandemic. Work with your team to treat disease hotspots while finding cures for each of the four plagues before things get out of control. This suspenseful game will use all your abilities to inspire and bring out the best in your teammates. Pandemic is a great game for ENFJs because you don’t have to worry about making enemies of your friends. Cooperation and teamwork are key, plus your intuitive mind will make strategizing a breeze. This game allows you and every other player to showcase their unique abilities. A perfect game for your ever-friendly Fe-dominant, Ni-auxiliary mind!
Find out more here: Pandemic Board Game

INFJ – Mysterium

infj game

Feel like putting your oft-described “mystical” abilities to work? Look no further! Mysterium will use all your insightful, deductive abilities as you take on the role of a paranormal expert. Mysterium places you in a mansion after a horrible murder has been committed. The owner of the mansion was falsely accused and sentenced to prison where he died alone. He has now returned to the walls of his old home and needs you, plus a team of other experts, to put his soul to rest. Each night, you will receive a dream card featuring abstract, imaginative artwork. You must decipher the dream card and pay attention to symbolism, hidden meanings, and more. If this doesn’t sound like a game that is uniquely built for the INFJ, I don’t know what does!
Find out more here: Mysterium

INFP – Balderdash

infp game

Okay INFPs, we know you are all masters of language and creativity, right? I mean, come on. You’ve got authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, A.A. Milne, and Edgar Allan Poe in your group. I’m not jealous, noooo….well, maybe a little bit. Balderdash will harness your creative writing and imagination and, if my experience is any indicator, you’ll clobber all the other players…very sweetly, of course. Balderdash contains a box full of obscure words that hardly anyone has ever heard of. After one of the words is read out loud, each player tries to write their own made-up definitions of the word. Only one person will write the actual description of the word. You’ll gain points for guessing the right word and gain points when other players guess your word as the definition. This gives you the chance to flex your creative muscles as you write the most creative and unique definitions and trick your opponents with your writing mastery.
Find out more here: Balderdash

ENFP – Dixit

enfp game

Join your friends in a group storytelling adventure with Dixit. Your imaginative Extraverted Intuition will come to life as you spontaneously come up with an expression, word, or gesture that represents the picture in your hand. Your opponents will select cards from their hands that they feel closely resemble the word or expression or sound you made. Now each player must guess which card is yours. You’ll take turns being the storyteller and the ‘guesser’. This game features dreamlike images that will delight the Ne-dominant mind. Your creative ability will come into play as you spontaneously act on the cards in your hand with off-the-cuff storytelling abilities. Sounds like the perfect adventure for your inspiring, engaging personality!
Find out more about this game here: Dixit

ESTP – The Resistance

estp game

Become a Resistance Operative or an Imperial Spy in this dystopian social deduction game. The Resistance will call on your masterful deductive logic and your smooth charm (thank you, tertiary Fe) to shatter imperial strength OR infiltrate the resistance ranks and sabotage their success. There’s lots of deception involved in this game, so if you don’t like looking at your friend and outright lying to his face this isn’t the game for you. But c’mon ESTPs, we know have more than enough charm and wit to pull this off without a hitch. Plus your deductive Ti abilities will help you to figure out a pathway to freedom or to your friends’ ultimate destruction.
Find out more about this game here: The Resistance (The Dystopian Universe)

ISTP – Stronghold

istp game

There has been a siege of the castle and it’s your job to either attack or defend! Stronghold will utilize all your tactical thinking and sensing abilities as you quickly have to discern how to build war machines, equip soldiers, build cannons, and do whatever you can to either hold or destroy the castle for as long as possible. Lots of other types would get stressed during this suspenseful, violent game, but with your ability to think swiftly in a crisis you are built for this job. Your personality type contains some of the swiftest, fiercest warriors of all time. As David Keirsey says, ISTPs “are fearless in their play, risking themselves again and again.” Good luck finding an opponent who is worthy of your quick-thinking tactical abilities!
Find out more about this game here: Stronghold

ESFP – We Didn’t Playtest This At All

esfp game

Don’t be fooled by this game’s modest, simple packaging. We Didn’t Playtest This at All  packs gigantic amounts of silliness and fun into short time intervals. You’ll have to be quick on your feet as you combat opponents in rock, paper, scissor battles, escape random dragons or sidestep ominous black holes. Maybe you’ll be lucky and be saved by a kitten ambush! The hazards are plenty and so are the laughs in this fast-paced party game. We Didn’t Playtest This is perfect for your entertaining social abilities. You’ll be able to crack jokes, spark laughter, and spontaneously react to some of the most absurd attacks you’ve ever heard of!
Find out more about the game here: We Didn’t Playtest This at All – With Chaos Pack

ISFP – Scribblish

isfp game

ISFPs, it’s your turn to take the spotlight in Scribblish. Don’t worry, you don’t have to perform in front of a crowd! You just have to show us all your incredibly creative artsy abilities. ISFPs are often called “The Artists” or “The Composers” and it’s not hard to see why with people like David Bowie, Paul Gauguin, and Mozart in your ranks. In Scribblish you will grab your pencil and take turns drawing pictures and captions that will make your friends laugh or admire your skills, one or the other! If you’re tired of Charades and performance games that put you on edge, this game gives you a chance to show your skills while creating from your quiet corner of the table.
Find out more about the game here: Scribblish

ESTJ – Pay Day

estj game

As one of the highest-earning personality types, you can showcase your financial planning skills in Pay Day. You’ve got 31 days to handle various bills and expenses while making deals on properties to earn money. At the end of the game, the player with the most money wins, and since you and ENTJs are neck-in-neck the highest earners of all, this game should be yours to dominate (unless, of course, you’re playing with an ENTJ..which I would like to watch). This game will showcase your practical economic skills and will give you a chance to socialize with your friends and family. We know you’ve got this!
Find out more about the game here: Pay Day Board Game

ISTJ – Trivial Pursuit

istj game

Okay ISTJs, it’s time to showcase your advanced memory recall! Trivial Pursuit will call on all your mental reserves as you try to answer questions that relate to geography, history, entertainment, arts & literature, science & nature, or sports & leisure. We know your path to victory is easier than most with your attention to detail and facts. In fact, don’t be surprised if after the game is over your friends accuse you of having a photographic memory! Games that involve trivia and remembering details are the veritable playground for the Si-dominant mind.
Find out more about the game here: Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

ISFJ – Scrabble

isfj game

We all know you ISFJs have a knack for vocabulary knowledge and correct spelling. I mean, after all, you are the second most common type among education majors and one of your major pet peeves is misspelled words. Plus with your Si-dominant mind, you’ll remember those obscure two or three-letter words involving X and Q like nobody else! Showcase your skills and cast aside your sweet-natured temperament to dominate your opponents in Scrabble.
Find out more about the game here: Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game

ESFJ – The Game of Life

esfj game

Use your responsibility and planning skills to dominate this game of career choices, marriage, parenting, and more. We know you’ve got the practical mindset to wind up in the lead in The Game of Life! After all, ESFJs are the third highest-earning personality type out there! Plus this board game will give you the chance to own that modern victorian home you always dreamed of or have that daughter you can plan out endless coffee dates with! Let your imagination and practical mindset lead the way while you enjoy a great time with your friends and family.

Find out more about the game here: Hasbro The Game of Life Game

What do you think?

Do you like these games? Do you have any other recommendations? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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This post does contain affiliate links.

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  1. Oh so you’re an INFJ who loves board games. I get the feeling that you’re going to love Board James series. May want to watch it 😛

  2. I am an INTJ and I find “Risk” to be far too boring. The game is way too simple. While it is a strategic game, due to its lack of complexity it doesn’t really allow an INTJ to adapt the game to their own personal playing style. As such, I would say that “Magic: The Gathering” is the quintessential INTJ game. MtG is all about strategy with little luck involved (a must for an INTJ to stay interested in a game). It’s a card game that lets you build your own deck from the cards you choose to buy (which means the only real down side is that the game can get expensive rather quickly, but definitely worth it in my book) that are based around five possible colors that you can combine any way you like, and each color has a theme/strategy it generally caters to. Furthermore, there is a structure to each turn and lots of rules, but what makes it incredibly enjoyable to an INTJ is that every card has the potential to make an exception to any of the rules, which means you can do really fun, broken things with the right combination of cards. Lastly, the refinement process of building solid decks that have very few if any weaknesses is done mostly through trial and error and making incremental changes over time, with immediate and noticeable rewards almost every time you play the improved deck, which is very rewarding to an INTJ. It requires patience and the sheer will to continue improving, two things that INTJs in particular excel at.

    1. Bloody hell! I agree with your reasoning, but I can guarantee you less than 10% of people that have seen your response have actually read the whole thing…..

  3. My INTJ & ISTP-ish teen sons have taken to Warhammer 40k the last few months. I test as INTP and generally prefer the faster, smaller strategy games so Stratego sounds right. I like shorter iterations so I can learn and improve in each go. I push my kids to play smaller, faster rather than slow complicated rules. MTG, Risk, Monopoly, chess take too long and I lose patience.

  4. I’m an INTJ and find Risk to be way too long and boring. But, that’s just ME. I feel the same way about Monopoly. Chess is okay but, if you’re playing with someone who takes forever to make a move, it can also be too long and boring.

    Being as how we love reading and learning about just about everything, and delve into what we learn, making us the Jack’s and Jane’s of all trades, I’ve personally always loved and ruled at any kind of Trivia game. But, I also love Backgammon, and any other game that requires strategy, more than luck.

    I had never played dominoes, nor was ever interested in what to me appeared to be a game that old people play, until my ex and I began playing with his dad and wife, after we were married. Who’d have known that dominoes is a game of strategy? Turned out that it was actually quite a lot of fun.

    I was always paired up with his dad, and I would quickly figure out who had which dominoes. Then, I would save the one best domino I had to play, when it was either of our turns, for winning the game every single time. But, because they weren’t accustomed to my kind of strategy, and were all trying to figure out who had that one domino, including my ex father in law, they used to get so frustrated with me, especially his dad. LOL.

  5. Life is pretty bland for any board gamer. I disagree with the INTJ, too, but Magic: The Gathering is no better; though I know it’s a personal preference of the one commenting. I know an INTJ who hates card games, including that one. The closest he got to liking one was Evolution. Yes, he loves military strategy, but there are a wealth of strategy board games that are far more in depth and engaging than Risk. It’s kind of like expecting someone to love Settlers of Catan just because they are a board gamer.

    I was excited to see this unique article title in my email, as it is a pretty rare topic. I was surprised to see, though, that there weren’t more “hardcore” games used on here that you would see at board gaming groups, but I understand not everyone who enjoys board games are a heavy enough gamer to know them. I just found most of these very old and board games have evolved considerably since then. It’s not that people can’t enjoy these older games, but since the newer ones are much more diverse and in depth, they would give a far better window of personality preference for those who enjoy board gaming.
    Some popular games that would have been cool to see would have been Eclipse, Suburbia (or Castles of Mad King Ludwig), Agricola (or Caverna), Archipelago, Roborally, Nuns on The Run, Dimension, Superfight, Shogun, Blueprints, Carcassonne, Timeline, Bananagrams, 8 Minute Empire, Hive, or Codenames, to name just a few. I guess you want to make it relatable for those who don’t know board games well. No offence is meant. The game geek in me was just hoping to get a deeper look into personalities of those with game preferences or help find better games for those whose personalities I already know. 😉

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