Discover the seven ways that #INFPs change the world! #INFP #MBTI #Personality

7 Ways That INFPs Make an Impact

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INFPs are the quintessential “Idealists” of the Myers-Briggs® type community. Imaginative, individualistic, and creative, these types have a gift for understanding human nature and inspiring others with possibilities. INFPs strive towards success, but their version of success may look a little different for them than for other types. They care less about material gain or social dominance and care more about finding meaning, significance, and purpose in life. They crave an independent, harmonious existence where they can improve the world for small groups of individuals who are often overlooked. Sometimes their idea of success is bringing an inner image out into the world through a story, song, picture, or another creative channel. Sometimes their idea of success involves having a family and living off-grid. For others, it might mean making the world a safer place for endangered species. INFPs help us to look for more in life; more authenticity, more passion, more creativity, and more open-mindedness. Because of their unique mental wiring, INFPs have seven unique gifts that they use to transform the world around them. Let’s take a look at what those seven gifts are!

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7 Ways That INFPs Make an Impact

#1 – Advocacy for Others

INFPs have a gift for helping others clarify their needs, values, and ethics. They respect people’s individuality and identity and detest structures and institutions that railroad over people’s morals or perspectives. INFPs look out for the underdogs of the world and enjoy speaking up for people who have been ignored or repressed. When they find a cause that matches up with their value system they are nearly unstoppable in fighting for it.

#2 – Flexibility

According to the California Psychological Inventory™, INFPs score especially high on Flexibility compared to the other 15 personality types in the Myers-Briggs® system. This means that they are open to change and can adapt quickly. Flexibility also implies creativity, spontaneity, and a sense of innovation. People who score high on flexibility can find options and alternatives in situations that others might find dire or hopeless.

#3 – Independence

INFPs score exceptionally high on “Achievement through Independence” on the California Psychological Inventory™ questionnaire. They are able to venture out on their own and pursue career paths or goals that are outside the norm, even if there isn’t a “team” to back them up. This may be why many INFPs are drawn to entrepreneurship or freelance work. They are able to take creative risks and enjoy testing themselves and venturing off the beaten path.

#4 – Integrative Thinking

INFPs have a talent for seeing similarities and connections across disparate categories. This can make them powerful mediators because they can see where two sides agree, even when those two sides aren’t able to see it themselves. They look for cohesion and unity, but without treading on anyone’s unique values, desires, or personal needs. They persistently stand up for the individual, but can find unique ways to integrate varied individuals into a whole.

#5 – Insight into Motivations

As introverted feeling dominant personality types, INFPs are constantly scanning the authenticity levels of others. They admire people who stay true to their ethics, who stand up for their values, and who don’t go along with the crowd. They are usually insightful into human nature and have an antenna for authenticity or lack thereof. This helps them to avoid or warn others of manipulators or people with negative underlying motives.

#6 – Imagination

INFPs don’t have to be surrounded by action or opportunity to imagine new pathways in life. They are gifted with an active imagination and the ability to envision future possibilities, scenarios, and eventualities. They enjoy exploring theories, extrapolating connections, and asking those fascinating “What if?” questions. INFPs are able to come up with original plans, ideas, and stories that make the world a whole lot more interesting!

#7 – Counseling

INFPs seem to know what to say to help others help themselves. They are often sought after for their counsel, especially when it comes to personal problems. They enjoy helping people discover their true desires, and they are often able to encourage individuals to stand up for themselves and their needs.

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Discover the seven ways that #INFPs make a big difference in the world around them! #INFP #MBTI #Personality

Discover the seven ways that #INFPs change the world! #INFP #MBTI #Personality

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  1. You always hit the nail right on the head. I know I have these talents even if they aren’t always visible to myself or others.

  2. Loved this…As an INFP I constantly question my gifts and my purpose in the world…this reminds me that whilst I have many struggles there are lots I can bring to the party! Thank you 🙂

  3. I completely agree! I am an INFP, and all these things are true of me. Unfortunately (in my life, anyway) these traits don’t seem to be valued much by others. But reading articles like this DOES warm my heart and encourage me. Thank you. ????

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