7 Ways That ESFPs Make an Impact

Often referred to as “The Entertainers,” ESFPs are praised for their charisma, enthusiasm, and resourcefulness. But what other unique gifts do these types have to bring to the world? Do we as a community focus so much on the “entertainer” stereotype that we miss seeing some of this type’s other strengths? Today we’re going to take a look at some of the more varied ways that ESFPs change and transform the world around them. Let’s get started!

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7 Ways That ESFPs Make an Impact

#1 – Improvisation

Being called on at the spur of the moment can cause many other types a lot of stress, but rarely the ESFP! These individuals are gifted at seeing what’s around them and responding in the immediate moment with clever, creative solutions and ideas. They enjoy being flexible, spontaneous, and open to new opportunities and possibilities. They enjoy learning new things, taking action, and making life more exciting for everyone around them.

#2 – Boldness

ESFPs crave adventure and tend to feel restless in routine, predictable situations. They enjoy venturing into the unknown, trying new things, and accepting risks and challenges. Because of their bold nature, ESFPs can face uncertainty with bravery and level-headedness that many other types envy.

#3 – Making Things Happen

ESFPs have a dominant mental process called Extraverted Sensing, or “Se” for short. Because of this, they like moving to action and have a certain contagious energy. They enjoy executing, producing, creating and persuading. They often have a gift for entrepreneurship and they have a knack for getting around in situations that require tactical prowess.

#4 – Observational Skills

ESFPs have powerful observational awareness. They are almost always aware of what’s happening around them and are typically the first to react to a surprise incoming event. Because of this, they are quick to notice details and clues that bypass other individuals. Their ability to “read” a situation and see an opportunity or solution can make them excellent troubleshooters.

#5 – Adaptability

ESFPs have a unique ability to sense the needs, expectations, and “style” of the atmosphere they are in. They can blend into almost any environment and are quickly able to get a gist of what the overall mood is. This chameleon-like ability can give them advantages in working with people, entertaining, or even in espionage!

#6 – Ethical Focus

ESFPs who have developed their auxiliary function, Introverted Feeling, are deeply in touch with their values.  They work to safeguard the ethics and beliefs of others and will stand up against corruption or those who try to dominate the will of others.  When they make decisions their goal is to live compassionately while staying true to their values and purpose in life. They want their life to have meaning beyond money, prestige, and pleasure. When they have a strong sense of right and wrong they are often outspoken supporters of a cause they believe in.

#7 – Insight into Human Motivations

Not everyone can sense the underlying motives of other people, but ESFPs typically have a gift in this area. They are usually quick to pick up on “angles” or manipulations. They believe that everyone is looking for an opportunity, and they quickly notice when people are being used or coerced. Their belief in individual freedoms compels them to step up and protect people who are being misled or tricked.

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Explore seven ways that ESFPs make a huge difference in our world! #ESFP #MBTI #Personality

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