12 Awkward Moments INFJs Absolutely Hate

As an INFJ, do you ever feel plagued by awkward moments? Today we’re exploring twelve encounters that make INFJs feel like running into their rooms and never coming out again!

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Discover the twelve awkward encounters that horrify #INFJs. #INFJ #MBTI #Personality

Awkward Moments INFJs Absolutely Hate

  1. Calling something out prematurely

You’re sitting around with a group of friends and someone’s sharing a story that will inevitably lead to a shocking conclusion. Your intuition is in high-gear and you suddenly blurt out the conclusion before he or she has had a chance to explain it. Everyone turns to stare at you and you realize you spoiled the ending. You look down at your phone and pretend to be distracted while you take a sip of soda. Your friend blurts out, “How did you KNOW that?!”

  1. Inferior sensing moments

As an INFJ you live in your head more than the concrete world around you. Extraverted Sensation (Se) is your inferior function, and guess what Se is good at? Paying attention to details, reacting quickly, and being in tune with physical surroundings. Because of this, SP types tend to be good at physical skills and reacting to sudden changes. As an INFJ, you might imagine that you are skilled at Se-type tasks, only to have a harsh wake-up call. This wake-up call could be walking into a wall while you’re staring seductively at your crush, wearing flip-flops on a torrentially rainy day, or trying to dance only to trip over your own feet.

  1. Being everyone’s confidante

One of your friends has confided in you about a problem they’re having with a friend. Unbeknownst to them, that friend has also confided in you about their issues with the first friend. You somehow wind up in an encounter with both friends and you realize that you’ve discovered another circle of Dante’s hell.

  1. Being the most underwhelming partier

You’re watching a football game or you’re at some other celebration and moods are high. People are high-fiving, cheering, and otherwise overdoing it emotionally. As an INFJ you tend to feel out-of-your-element in these situations. You might attempt to cheer only to be taken aback by the awkward tension and self-consciousness in your voice.

  1. Pulling a door that says “push” and vice-versa

Yet another low-sensing moment. Just pretend nobody saw that, okay?

  1. Facebook stalking someone and accidentally liking their picture from seven years ago

Your Extraverted Feeling (Fe) side just can’t handle this. You know exactly how this will look and you’re not prepared for the social awkwardness – especially if you have to see that person on a regular basis.

  1. Crying during an emotional movie only to look around and see dry eyes

It’s movie night with your friends and they put on “Little Women.” You know, the movie where someone you love dies in a very heart-wrenching, sentimental moment. Tears are streaming down your face and you realize you don’t have any tissues. Your friend hands you a box of tissues and as you blubber out a “thank you” you realize that everyone else in the room is dry-eyed and looking at you quizzically.

  1. Attempting to parallel park in front of an outdoor restaurant with lots of people watching

Parallel parking is a hard-learned skill for Se-inferior types. But even if you’ve mastered the skill, doing it in front of a bunch of onlookers makes your stomach church. This will inevitably be the time where you screw up massively.

  1. Meeting an ex you hate, only to find yourself “playing nice”

You meet someone you despise at a public place and even though you’ve vowed to “loathe them for all eternity” (props to Elizabeth Bennett) you find yourself smiling, asking them how they’ve been, and wishing them the best. Your Fe took the wheel in that situation and prioritized ease over authenticity. You walk away shaking your head and cursing your social awareness and empathy.

  1. When someone says they’re going to a funeral or something else somber, and you reflexively blurt out “have fun!”

Your Fe is going to kill you for this. You will recycle this moment in your mind for decades to come. Sleep will be fitful, palms will be sweaty, and you’ll have nightmares where you re-live this moment in slow-motion.

  1. Replying to someone you think is talking to you, but actually they’re on Bluetooth

I think this is awkward for everyone really.

  1. Getting lost in your imagination when someone’s telling you something important

Your intuition and imagination beckon to you during conversations that revolve around mundane, day-to-day subjects. That said, you might find yourself deeply invested in an imaginative storyline only to realize the subject matter has shifted and someone’s looking at you with an expectant face waiting for a response.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you have any awkward moments you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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Discover the twelve situations that make INFJs cringe so hard. #INFJ #MBTI #Personality

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  1. Great piece Susan. The older I get, and I’m an almost 65 male INFJ, the more I try exercise my Se function. Not easy, but it can help certain situations along.

  2. Thank you for this article. I needed a good laugh and this was absolutely hilarious and so relatable. It was so spot on that I could relate to and recall a situation from my life for each. Only another INFJ would know the curse of the Sensing and Feeling functions.

    1. It can really happen? x)

      The only thing similar I’ve lived was asking the daughter of my landlord “you look so pretty, where are you going?” (she was 17) and she said “my best friend’s funeral”.

      ….. Answer something to that. ^^’

  3. If ENPs have an inferior Si, not even Se, then they should finish their day on a hospital bed if your statement is correct.

  4. I can remember dutifulfully going to a funeral of an old neighbor I hardly knew. The family was “holding up” well, while I sobbed uncontrollably at the back of the room. The worst part was that I really didn’t even like this man. That was the last funeral I’ve ever gone to or ever intend to go to.

  5. #1 I respond “I know everything” Completely straight faced. Then I laugh hysterically #2 not walking into things but clumsy #3 oh yeah this happens…. almost always…… its cool #4 urgh sports. But I’m a weird INFJ because I developed Fe. I like going places. as long as its all deep and meaningful I just need downtime to recharge after #5 this happens more than I like to admit. All Ni or Fe if I’m with a friend, Se is background. Damn door! #6 Not so much #7 The feels be intense, gonna try control it though. Worst if you are a guy. One or two drip away but inside its hysterics. #8. Haha challenge accepted! No power steering, No ABS and heavy duty clutch. Don’t care, its parked without breaking a sweat! #9 Yup exactly. Except I felt “whatever” instead of cursing. #10 Not quite but moments of social faux pa haunt like nothing else – unless its the infamous INFJ rage #11 or on the phone F*ck! Embarrassment! #12 I’ll active listen as best I can. However if its a surface level conversation wow I can see he’s nodding his head, his level of participation within the conversation is 20%, 15% oh he yawned, stretched – 5% – he’s looking around want to exit, an excuse – toilet or food, bet its toilet Oh what do I win! (Ni taking over).

  6. I have done all of these, & I HATE even gng to one of my brothers for lunch as my SIL ALWAYS makes me feel stupid or my 2 married nephews, I have to go as my Mum who is 83 wants to go & cant drive, I have got quick acting antianxiety drugs I have now for these awkward situations, thankful for a gr8 dr
    If I know I am gng it wrecks my whole day.
    Funny though as I bumped into an old coworker @ the shops& we talked for ages & I felt calm as which is unlike me, felt more happy talking to him than I do with family.
    I work in a family business which I HATE, IM better with people who don’t know me

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