5 Ways to Annoy an ISTP

5 Ways To Annoy An ISTP

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Today I’m excited to talk about one of my very favorite personality types: the ISTP. ISTPs are quick-thinking, tactically intelligent, adventurous, and creative. They are the best types to have around in a crisis, because they don’t tend to panic like many of us would. They’re the ones who think quickly, find a solution, and keep a calm, steady outlook on the situation. ISTPs have a cool, aloof, devil-may-care persona that many of us find intriguing. Chances are, you have a favorite ISTP celebrity; Clint Eastwood, Scarlett Johansson, Bruce Lee, and even Bill Murray are all ISTPs!

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I talked to a lot of ISTPs about their pet peeves, and afterwards, I was surprised by one thing. ISTPs are the only types I’ve talked to that mentioned “bad drivers” repeatedly as one of their pet peeves. I was expecting this particular annoyance to come up more often, but it didn’t. So while all of us may find some of these things annoying, ISTPs mentioned these particular pet peeves more than most other types did:

5 Ways to Annoy an ISTP

Bad Drivers

It’s not hard to see why ISTPs would mention driving skills as a major pet peeve. ISTPs are extremely aware of their current physical environment, due to their auxiliary Extraverted Sensing (Se). They are quick to react, skilled with handling a vehicle, and can’t abide people who absent-mindedly forget to use their turn signals, cut them off, park badly, or don’t take other drivers into consideration. That said, I made more driving mistakes the night of my wedding than I have in my entire life – and the entire time my ISTP husband sat next to me and didn’t say anything to judge me. He’s just made fun of me for it for the four-and-a-half years that followed 😉


ISTPs don’t see the point in complaining or moping. To the efficiency-minded ISTP, everything has to have a reason or a solution. Listening to someone complain for no particular purpose is irritating for an ISTP to deal with. They don’t mind listening to someone who legitimately wants a solution or help, but they’re not interested in listening to someone re-hash the same problems over and over again.

Inefficiency and Incompetence

ISTPs like to find the most efficient and thorough way of accomplishing a goal. They prefer to ditch procedure and manuals in favor of finding their own creative route to bypassing unnecessary steps. This can look to other types like the ISTP is taking shortcuts, but they put a lot of thought into accomplishing things, and their shortcuts are usually brilliant if you take the time to understand them. ISTPs also can’t stand working with people who are sloppy, ignore logical steps, or who are in a position of leadership and pass down unnecessary rules and agendas.


“Whatever you want to do – just do it! Don’t talk about it, get on with it.”
– Christian Bale, ISTP

ISTPs can enjoy long conversations with their close friends, but they tend to be on the quiet side around people they don’t know. When they do talk, they prefer to talk about things that are relevant to their daily lives, or else they like to tell jokes or swap interesting stories. Having to sit and listen to a string of trivial details will drive the ISTP crazy (even if they may not show it on their face).

Emotional Overreactions

ISTPs keep their emotions on a tight leash, and are surprised when others don’t do the same. While they can appreciate that other types are more emotionally-minded than they are, they don’t like it when people have outbursts that seem disproportionate to the problem. Crying over a cracked nail, yelling and screaming about a sarcastic jab, or otherwise overreacting will cause the ISTP to seriously question their respect for you.

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What Do You Think?

Do you agree with these pet peeves? Would you like to share your own? Let me know in the comments!

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5 Ways to Annoy an ISTP

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  1. Very accurate representations of my personality. Driving definitely brings out my bad side. Being around people who do not pay attention to everything around them while driving is hard for me to comprehend let alone deal with.

  2. I accept the bad drivers exist and they are part of the system so they don’t anger me. I expect the other driving might be stupid so I learnt defensive driving.

  3. I definitely hate inconsiderate drivers, when people don’t know how to park their car and ignorant drivers. The ignorant ones I can forgive, but the other two piss me off!

  4. Royal pet peeves of mine include being fussed over (I did well, I know it, why are you holding me hostage listening to you—I am a classical musician and I get this most of the time when I play) and being asked if something is wrong. ISTP female and I guess I look PO ‘d most of the time. Most of the time I’m chilled out watching and listening.

  5. It’s funny, before I read the article, I thought of some of my own pet peeves. (ISTP, female) #1. People who drive with their parking lights on. #2. Vaguebooking. (Posting a passive-aggressive rant or a vague cry for help, and when some dupe in the comments asks for details, they suddenly don’t want to talk about it.) #3. Grinding the pace of an anecdote to a halt with stupid details that have no importance to the story. (“So, the cashier, I think his name was Bob, but it could have Jim, but I’m pretty sure it was Bob because my cousin’s name is Bob and that’s why I noticed his name. Anyway, so the cashier hands me…” Grrrr…)

    As far as I can tell, this list was spot on!

    1. This is so interesting to me, I’m also an ISTP female. I literally thought of the same things as you and actually physically cringed at your vaguebooking comment as it really REALLY bothers me haha. I agree with everything you said.

  6. I’m an ISTP female *shout out to the few others* and certainly identify with these, especially how frustrated I get with inconsiderate people (like drivers who don’t use their blinkers…). I think some of them depend on how well developed your Extroverted Feeling trait is, and knowing my own tendency to go on an emotional roller-coaster when I’m stressed, it helps tone down how annoying some things like complaining and emotional outbursts are. I also agree with others who point out that you can’t control other drivers, that thought often saves me from a long mental rant.

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