The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the Game of Thrones Characters

Have you ever been watching “Game of Thrones” and wondered which hero (or villain) of Westeros you would be? Today we’re going to explore the Myers-Briggs® personality types of some of the more notable characters in this series. I hope you enjoy this!

Here’s the Game of Thrones Character You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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Danaerys Targaryen – ISFP

Danaerys Targaryen has the cool, intense, persistent nature of the ISFP. Rarely effusive or transparent, she keeps her eyes focused on her personal mission (if you’re into cognitive functions, this would be her Fi and Ni working together). She seeks out people with strong thinking abilities to balance out her more subjective, value-laden approach to decisions. But her values are very distinctly internalized and personal to her, rather than being something she seeks approval of from the people around her. She must stay true to her vision and has no problem changing her plans at the spur-of-the-moment when she’s following her gut. A lot of people have typed Danaerys as INFJ, but she’s far more in tune with her subjective values and plan than the emotional nuances of the people around her. She also has a plan to “rule,” but her strategy doesn’t go much deeper than that. Her intuition is in service to her subjective ethics and the opportunities of the moment (Fi/Se) rather than the other way around, as would be more akin to the INFJ. Find out what it means to be an ISFP personality type here.

Jamie Lannister – ESTP

Adventurous, tactically proficient, and charming, Jamie Lannister embodies the rather unhealthy male ESTP. He’s able to think on his feet, adapt quickly, give people the impression he cares for them even when he doesn’t (hello, tertiary Fe). He frequently prioritizes the thrill of the moment and the pros and cons of his individual situation over ethics and values. He’s not as loyal to a subjective code (like Cersei his sister) and more willing to “bend” his loyalties, or at least question them. His hunger for excitement, recognition, and action on the battlefield exemplifies the action-oriented nature of the ESTP. Find out what it means to be an ESTP personality type here.

Jon Snow – ISFP

I know, I know. Another character I wish was an INFJ, but can’t justify. Snow is a more grounded, friendly ISFP than Danaerys by far. But he’s still driven by his individual values over the often grey moral ambiguity of the people around him. He knows what he believes and he doesn’t mind bending the rules to stick with his inner moral compass (dominant Fi to the max). He’s also quick on the battlefield, responding rapidly to threats and adapting to the tactics of his enemies. An INFJ with inferior Extraverted Sensing (Se) would struggle much more in this regard. INFJs are more likely to be strategists than tactical geniuses like Snow. Snow has a grounded, down-to-earth demeanor that is more in line with a sensing preference as well. You can find a deeper analysis of Snow’s personality type here. Find out what it means to be an ISFP personality type here.

Arya Stark – ISTP

Cool, clever, and rebellious, Arya Stark embodies the oft-misunderstood ISTP female. She responds to changes quickly and doesn’t let her emotions and values hold her back from a fight. She observes the world around her and times just the right moment to act. She lacks the feeling sensibilities of her sister, Sansa, and is driven towards Se-skills like sword fighting, exploration, and high-stakes experiences. Find out more about the ISTP personality type here.

Lady Melisandre – INFJ

Melisandre always has a vision, however abstract, of what is going to happen. A long-term strategist, she keeps her vision at the forefront of every decision she makes. While she’d probably prefer to get her goal in less morally destructive ways than she does, she’s willing to bend her values in service of her vision (something that unhealthy INFJs are apt to do). She also knows how to utilize her Extraverted Feeling side to win people over, persuade them, and negotiate with them to get them on her side. Discover more fictional INFJ characters here.

Varys – ENFJ

Varys knows how to understand people’s motivations and underlying desires (Fe). He uses this ability to serve his long-term vision of attaining a wise and compassionate ruler for the seven kingdoms. Varys is an excellent example of the ENFJ strategist. With Ni in the auxiliary position, Varys has a long-term vision and a complex strategy to gain what he desires. His feeling side aids his vision by allowing him to gather people’s secrets, negotiate with them, and line them up with his strategy. Get a look inside the ENFJ mind here.

Cersei Lannister – ESTJ

Cersei gives us an example of the most unhealthy form of ESTJ. She hungers for power and control in her life. As a woman, she has always been devalued by her family. Many female ESTJs can probably understand her repressed fury at having to stick to conventional female roles when she’d really prefer to lead. She is ruthless in pursuit of her goals and refuses to sugarcoat the facts for anyone else’s pleasure unless absolutely forced. Her pragmatic side and tendency to stick with what she knows (following her father’s plans, loyalty to Jamie above anyone else) are indicative of her Si auxiliary function. Keep in mind, Cersei is an unhealthy ESTJ and certainly doesn’t emulate healthy ESTJs. Find out more about the ESTJ personality type here.

Tyrion Lannister – ENTP

In typical ENTP fashion, Tyrion Lannister has no desire to stick to convention and uphold traditions. He frequently shocks his family with his unconventional ways. He enjoys the strategic aspect of being the king’s hand, and gets a thrill from planning out complex battles and attacks. His humor and charm are on-par with the ENTP personality type. ENTPs tend to find a certain thrill in mocking the things that other people take seriously and have a friendly troll-ish nature that often veils over their ingenious, strategic thought processes. Find out more about the ENTP personality type here.

Asha Greyjoy – ESTP

Commanding, clever, and sharp-witted, Asha Greyjoy can hold her own against the fiercest warriors.  Tomboyish and adventurous, the stable life doesn’t appeal to her. She’s headstrong and wild, but also fiercely loyal to the men she leads into battle. Find out what it means to be an ESTP personality type here.

Margaery Tyrell – ENFJ

Charming, persuasive, and gentle, Margaery Tyrell is the perfect example of a smart ENFJ visionary. She is cunning, and has a knack with people. She knows which buttons to press and which smiles and coy glances to put forth to influence people towards her vision. She demonstrates a formidable skill in using charity work to win over the commoners of King’s Landing, and is even able to make her sadistic fiancé Joffrey, believe she is fascinated by his darker impulses. She’s tactful, polite, and knows how to maneuver her way through court politics. Even though she has to use her feeling and intuitive sides to manipulate people, she genuinely has compassion for people. Her long-term goals included helping the people of King’s Landing, but she had to manipulate and coerce because of the lack of opportunities for women in that time period. Get a look inside the ENFJ mind here.

Renly Baratheon – ENFP

Charismatic, unconventional, and good-humored, Renly Baratheon embodies the spirited ENFP male. In typical ENFP fashion, he eschews modern tradition by hiring Brienne of Tarth as his female knight. Renly follows his heart and begrudgingly attends to the rules of his station, but he’s not afraid to think-outside-the-box and defy societal rules when needed. He wins people’s loyalty through his charm, good-humor, and enthusiasm. Find out more about the ENFP personality type here.

Stannis Baratheon – ISTJ

Diligent, focused, and methodical, Stannis Baratheon focuses on his responsibility to his people and upholding the tradition of his forefathers. He’s driven by facts, logic, and a sense of duty – except for when Melisandre (the INFJ) is influencing him with her magic. Stannis is an example of an unhealthy ISTJ. He forgoes his personal values and the needs of his people to focus on his one mission and the steps he needs to take to attain it. Find out more about the ISTJ personality type here: 5 Strengths of the ISTJ Personality Type.

Peter ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish – INTJ

Strategic, clever, and calculating, Peter Baelish always has a long-term plan for everything he does. His far-reaching vision influences him in every decision he makes. His insight and detached, analytical mind make him the perfect INTJ villain. Find out more about the INTJ personality type here.

Sansa Stark – ESFJ

Kind, tactful, and considerate of her community, Sansa Stark does what she can to lead her people to greatness and safety. Even when life seems unbearable, she remembers her responsibilities and will go above and beyond to protect the people she loves. She’s also fond of the traditions she’s been raised with and has a natural sense of propriety. Find out more about the ESFJ personality type here.

Samwell Tarly – INFP

Kind, generous, and imaginative, Samwell Tarly shows the integrity and gentleness that INFPs are famous for. His friendly countenance puts people at ease, and his loyalty to Jon, even when others are turning away from him, is commendable. Like most INFPs, Samwell longs for a quiet life where he can spend his time reading and exploring ideas. He’s also deeply devoted to his family and friends, and will bravely protect them against all odds. Samwell follows his inner moral compass over the traditions and expectations of others – going so far as to romantically pair up with a wildling (which was quite taboo and unconventional to most). Find out more about the INFP personality type here.

Oberyn Martell – ESFP

Tenacious, clever, and passionate, Oberyn Martell captures the charisma and quick-wits of the ESFP. Keenly aware of his surroundings, he makes a formidable foe on the battlefield and in the ring. He’s also someone who follows his heart, passionately defending his family and the underdogs who win over his heart. His reckless, impulsive side may get him in trouble, but it can also make him quick to see opportunities. Find out more about the ESFP personality type here.

Davos Seaworth – ISTJ

Down to earth, focused, and loyal, Davos Seaworth is the perfect picture of a healthy ISTJ (in contrast to Stannis Baratheon’s unhealthy ISTJ). Davos will go above and beyond to protect the people he’s sworn allegiance to, even when they let him down. He also has a strong sense of integrity and purpose, willing to sacrifice his comfort and safety for the people he believes in. His offbeat sense of humor is also something that ISTJs are famous for.

Theon Greyjoy – ESFP

Impulsive and reckless, Theon Greyjoy sees opportunities and pounces on them – often without thinking very carefully about the implications. Unfortunately, this comes back to haunt him later in life. However, his redemption is well-earned and he quickly tunes into his conscience and fights valiantly for what he believes is right.

Brienne of Tarth – ISTJ

Driven by a strong sense of purpose and integrity, Brienne gives us an excellent example of the healthy ISTJ female. Deeply loyal, hard-working, and observant, Brienne will stop at nothing to stick to her commitments and hold up her responsibility. ISTJs with tertiary introverted feeling hold very staunchly to their values, and are deeply loyal to people who have their backs. Brienne exemplifies this in her steadfast commitment to the Stark family.

Olenna Tyrell – ESTJ

Frank and decisive, Olenna Tyrell captures the intelligence and leadership capabilities of the ESTJ. She observes what’s going on around her very keenly, and comes up with tentative solutions and contingency plans based on the facts she sees. When she speaks, she is matter-of-fact and has no problem being direct and commanding if necessary.

Eddard “Ned” Stark – ISTJ

Hard-working and capable, Eddard Stark will stop at nothing to protect the throne and its rightful heir. His reserved nature (especially in the books) was often misunderstood for coldness. However, he cared deeply for his family. In fact, his wife, Catelyn, stated that he had a “good sweet heart beneath his solemn face.” Eddard’s ability to be meticulous, thorough, and responsible in all of his actions are some of the traits that healthy ISTJs are famous for.

Robert Baratheon – ESFP

Impulsive, fearless, and a lover of life, Robert Baratheon exemplifies some of the healthy and unhealthy traits of an ESFP. He was formidable and passionate in battle, but also rather generous, showing mercy towards some of his defeated enemies and inspiring loyalty and friendship in his warriors and the people he spares. Unfortunately, later in life Robert becomes quite hedonistic and careless.

Catelyn Stark – ISFJ

Catelyn Stark is a caring, brave, and fiercely devoted mother and wife. She is highly aware of the traditions and needs of her people and the people of the surrounding kingdoms. She also has insight into people’s motivations and uses that to track down the true reason why her son fell and became paralyzed. Her protective and meticulous nature is a hallmark of ISFJ types.

Robb Stark – ESTJ

Robb Stark is a diligent, commanding leader with a strong sense of loyalty to his people. His sense of honor and justice guides him in every decision he makes, however, he often expects people to behave similarly to how he does, and doesn’t read into his enemies’ strategies very well (lack of Ni & Fe). However, logistically and tactically, he is clever and knows how to lead his men boldly into battle.

Bran Stark – INFJ

Keenly insightful and visionary (literally), Bran Stark is the most INFJ character I’ve ever seen. His introspective, perceptive nature helps him to guide people and understand their deeper motivations. He finds meaning and purpose through solitary exploration and can find symbolic resonance in nature and details that others might find insignificant.

Jorah Mormont – ISFJ

Dependable and loyal, Jorah Mormont is driven by his personal values and his deep loyalty to Danaerys Targaryen. He’s willing to work hard to protect her, and can often negotiate and fight on her behalf. He’s also a bit of a romantic, and follows his heart passionately, even if it means he might die.

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane – ISTP

Fiercely independent and tactically proficient, “The Hound” and Arya Stark make the perfect ISTP pair. Sandor Clegane can react quickly to incoming crises’ and knows how to solve problems by weighing the various components and understanding the best logical solution (even if it isn’t the kindest). He has some characteristics of an unhealthy ISTP (only looking out for himself, being detached from his moral compass) but he redeems himself throughout the series and eventually becomes a rather likable character.

Tywin Lannister – ENTJ

Commanding, bold, and strategic, Tywin Lannister always has a plan and can devise complex schemes nearly instantly. He’s determined to be powerful and to protect the family name, using ruthless and often cruel tactics to keep people in servitude to him. Tywin is an unhealthy ENTJ, more focused on winning and gaining power than adhering to any kind of moral code. He frequently ignores his children, talks down to them, or fails to appreciate their needs – which inevitably leads to his doom.

Ygritte – ESTP

Impulsive, courageous, and humorous, Ygritte captures many of the lovable traits of ESTPs. Although she is ruthless in battle, she has a soft side, which she rarely shows. Like most ESTPs, Ygritte can catch on to other people’s feelings and knows how to use that to her advantage – flirting with Jon and enjoying the resulting awkwardness he feels. Her quickness in battle, skill in handling crisis situations, and her witty comebacks are all things that exemplify the ESTP type.

Daario Naharis – ESFP

Bold and impulsive, Daario Naharis captures the wild, passionate side of the ESFP personality type. He knows how to enjoy life, looking bravely on confrontations and battles because they give him the opportunity to be actionable and tactically proficient. He also has a playful, open sense of humor and enjoys banter, intimacy, and getting to know Danaerys better. He follows his heart and his yearning for action, sometimes at the expense of his long-term desires.

Qyburn – INTP

Deeply analytical, curious, and resourceful, Qyburn models some of the best and worst traits of INTPs. Granted, he is an unhealthy INTP so his worst traits shouldn’t be ascribed to the personality in general. At best, he’s able to create ingenious experiments and creations. At worst, he’s so driven by his quest for knowledge that he’s willing to harm innocent people.

Grey Worm – ISTJ

Reserved, diligent, and faithful, Grey Worm embodies some of the best qualities of ISTJs. He’s deeply loyal to his loved ones and willing to fight and die for the people he believes in. He’s also careful, prepared, and skilled in the logistics of battle.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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  1. I disagree with Jaime Lannister typing. He would appear to be an estp, based on external persona, more of a defense mechanism, which he likes to project. But if you know the character in depth, especially the character from the books, you understand his Fe is way above Ti (as it would be in estp), he is however still an extravert, which points to nothing else but living-through-trauma enfj, in the Fe-Se mode of acting (act before think, feel before act), with unhealthy post-traumatic dose of Ni making him hide the empathetic side, as in the world in which he exists it brings nothing but failure.

  2. Varys is definitely an INTP. He says to Tyrion that when he sees what desires/passions make people do, he is quite content that he has none of his own. He is also VERY sceptical and even condescending towards the priestess of R’hllor, calling her out on religious demagoguery. He is also himself a “backstage” kind of guy, not wanting to assume any mantel of leadership. He’s quite emotionless as well and is willing to let others (Ned) suffer, if needs be, if it will serve a larger, concrete cause, such as “the Realm”.

    1. I definitely would like to make a list of INTJ heroes sometime 🙂 I think Doctor Strange could have been an INTJ! I just need to watch more movies, lol 🙂

    2. Alas, yes! INTJs are too often portrayed as villains. INTJs then get stereotyped as evil masterminds. I have some ideas, for INTJ hero(in)es.

      Popular opinion calls Clarice Starling, the protagonist of Silence of the Lambs (1991), an INTJ. I’d check her out; she’s brainy and cool! Many also call Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the film’s antagonist, an INTJ. Imagine that! A mind-bending duel ensues.

      Michael Corleone, the protagonist of The Godfather film trilogy, often gets typed as an INTJ. I don’t know enough about the films to tell you whether he’s a hero or villain, but he’s nonetheless the protagonist – an underrated role for the INTJ.

      I may watch few movies, but hopefully, this gives you some neat thoughts.

      ~ Arielle (INFJ)

    3. I think it’s bc the INTJ archetype is powerful and calculated. Heros tend to fit more into the underdog stratum of society. You tend to see more INTJ antiheros–who are more interesting than heros in my opinion bc they’re more authentic.

      You’d see more INTJ heros in older stories–before the underdog hero motif became dominant. Odysseus for example.

  3. Daenerys is a unhealthy ENFJ. Besides, references to Hitler are numerous at the end. She is very confortable with power, she is a natural leader. A kind of extraverted avocat of oppressed people. She has a long term vision, she is extremely tenacious. J J and J. Absolutly no doubt about this. She is not decontracted but extremely rigid.

    Tywin Lannister is rather introverted imo, because he is the marionist. He is not obsessed with direct power. But ENTJ also works.

    1. This makes more sense than ISFP in my opinion. It’s weird how females who (gasp) show emotion are so often typecast as Fi dom/aux. The Feeling function isn’t about emotion.

  4. I’ve studied Jung and I know that Ni works directly with Se and not with Fi. Adapting your plans is just intelligence, even the MBTI say that INTJ can sudently move in other direction. And then according to the theory of functions, ENFJ have no (Te) therefore it’s rather strategies than well-defined plans.

  5. Marionnettiste: puppetmaster

    I’ve studied Jung and I know that Ni works directly with Se or an extraverted function, but not with Fi. Adapting your plans is just intelligence, even the MBTI say that INTJ can sudently move in other direction. And then according to the theory of functions, ENFJ have no (Te) therefore it’s rather strategies than well-defined plans. Her vision is rigid.

    I don’t see her as subjective. She wants to be loved by making people happy. She clearly meets the needs of slaves to be freed, then she wants to become the queen of the world … It is typically ENFJ.

  6. I think this is another great list and I agree with nearly all the typings. I especially agree with Danaerys and Jon Snow being ISFPs, as well as Margaery being an almost quintessential ENFJ.

    The only ones I would probably debate are Varys, Davos and Brandon, but I can definitely see how they would be those types. Varys I’d probably type as an INTP, because I can see strong Ti in the way that he detaches himself from the emotional ploys of others with ease, which I find an Fe user (like myself) would struggle more with. Despite this, I can understand how he could still be an ENFJ. Davos I can definitely see as an ISTJ with his good use of Si, but I am more inclined to go with an INFP. I definitely see strong Fi and I can kind of see Ne with the sort of adventurous wander lust he has. Then Brandon I can once again see INFJ, but I find him to have more Fi than Fe. Maybe INTJ?

    Despite this though, I still can see why these characters would be the types you have chosen and that the typings are all very good.

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