ENFJ Stress Infographic

How ENFJs React to Stress Infographic

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I’ve talked a lot about stress on this blog and how each personality type reacts, but sometimes words aren’t enough! I decided to put together infographics to show what really happens internally when we experience stress. This infographic is for the ENFJs, but I will be posting infographics for each of the personality types over the coming weeks. Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten the fear posts. Those take quite a while to research and compile answers for, so these are something you can enjoy while those are in process. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Want to find more information about how ENFJs respond to stress? Check out this blog post: How Each Myers-Briggs® Type Responds to Stress (And How to Help!)

ENFJ Stress

The ENFJ and Stress

ENFJ Stress Infographic

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  1. So according to this model of how people react to stress, they first start by becoming more and more extreme and stereotypical in their 1st function and when stress increases beyond that, the 1st function collapses and the 4th function juts out in response? Very interesting…

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