ENFJ Characters We Can’t Help But Love

Ever wondered if there were any fictional characters with your ENFJ personality type? Today we’re going to take a look at twelve of the most significant ENFJ characters in television or movie history!

Of course, as with all fictional typings, it’s hard to be 100% certain on personality types. I couldn’t sit down with Mufasa, for example, and ask him in-depth questions or administer the MBTI®. That said, there are some pretty good indicators about the types for each of these characters and I hope you’ll take some time to watch the movies or shows they’re in so you can understand the ENFJ type better!

Discover 12 of the most memorable fictional ENFJs of all time. #ENFJ #MBTI #Personality

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12 Amazing Fictional ENFJ Characters

Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games

“Our lives aren’t measured in years. They’re measured in the lives of people we touch around us.” – Peeta Mellark

Conscientious and forward-thinking, Peeta is always one step ahead of Katniss when it comes to influencing the crowd. He has a unique intuitive ability to grasp which words, gestures, and actions will sway the Capitol one way or another. He has no problem pretending and getting along with his enemies if he’s sure it’s for the greater good in the long run. When he’s being his authentic self he focuses on unifying people and putting out useless squabbles that are getting in the way of everyone’s long-term best interests.

Mufasa from The Lion King

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.” – Mufasa

Visionary and insightful, Mufasa keeps his eyes on the big picture and tailors his actions around his long-term goals. He has a great deal of influence and power, taking his responsibilities to others very seriously. As a father he’s loving and protective, doing whatever it takes to ensure the well-being and survival of his family and his pride. Mufasa often thinks of others before himself and is a gentle guide who focuses on bringing out the best in others.

Neil Perry in Dead Poets Society

“You’re in the club! Being in the club means being stirred up by things! You look about as stirred up as a cesspool!” – Neil Perry

Popular and idealistic, Neil has the power to inspire others and make them listen and grow. He’s a dreamer, longing for the freedom to be his authentic self and pursue acting. However, he’s also deeply responsible to his family, in particular his father’s wishes for him. When he realizes that his family will not support him, the results are devastating. In typical ENFJ fashion, he has a clear vision of what he wants in his life and believes that following this one path is the most authentic and meaningful thing he can do.

Queenie Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

“People are easiest to read when they’re hurting.” – Queenie Goldstein

Queenie is full of heart and empathy for nearly everyone she meets. She wants to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. She can easily pick up on and read other people’s emotions and moods and tailor the atmosphere accordingly. We can see this in her interaction with people throughout the movie; she often softens the mood when things seem tense or awkward. She doesn’t like disharmony, and tries to make Jacob Kowalski feel comfortable, even when she’s read his mind and probably some of his more private and embarrassing thoughts. You can find out more about my typing of Queenie in my article about the types of the Fantastic Beasts characters

Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender


“Sometimes, the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else.” – Iroh

Generous, comforting, and wise, Uncle Iroh represents many of the best qualities of mature ENFJs. Iroh’s strategic nature shows his proficient use of Introverted Intuition, and his people-oriented, family-first perspective shows us just how powerful Extraverted Feeling can be. Iroh knows how to read people very well, even going so far as to flirt with various women during his travels! His wisdom and unique understanding of human motivations and needs make him an effective mentor throughout the series. Discover more ENFJ anime characters here.

Emma Woodhouse from Emma

“When there is a wish to please, one ought to overlook, and one does overlook a great deal.” – Emma Woodhouse

A more unhealthy ENFJ, Emma Woodhouse believes she knows what’s in the best interests of everyone around her – especially when it comes to marriage. She plays matchmaker to her friends and tries to bring together individuals whose prospects seem aligned, even if their deeper motivations don’t match up.  It’s crucial to Emma to make other people happy – more than it is for her to please her own self. This is a struggle that many ENFJs grapple with. The desire to be happy, but only finding it in the happinesses of others. As an intuitive, Emma isn’t quite content with things the way they are. She constantly wants to improve everything and everyone. She likes the strategic nature of matchmaking and knows how to take advantage of ideal opportunities. Overall, Emma is an excellent depiction of a more average to unhealthy ENFJ.

Lily Evans from Harry Potter

“My heart is all I can give you; it is all that I own. Therefore I give you my all. I give you everything that I have.” – Lily Evans/Potter

Kind and compassionate, Lily believes in improving the world for everyone – the bullied and the privileged. As an ENFJ, she believes in giving people second chances; even James whom she initially despises due to his maltreatment of Snape. That said, she foresaw Snape’s turn to darkness and refused to have anything to do with him after she developed that premonition. Her intuition is powerful, enabling her to grasp what will likely unfold and sense good or evil in others.

Donna Paulsen from Suits

“I’m sorry I don’t have a photographic memory, but my brain is too busy being awesome.” – Donna Paulsen

Insightful and organized, Donna Paulsen captures the interpersonal genius that many ENFJs have in spades. She immediately knows what people need, what to say, and how to keep things flowing smoothly in an office that seems rife with tensions, drama, and potential misunderstandings. Her emotional awareness and ability to use emotions to get what she needs is fascinating and entertaining to watch and one of the things that makes Suits stand out.

Charles Xavier/Professor X from X-Men

“Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.” – Charles Xavier

Visionary and kind, Charles Xavier has insights into people’s motivations that allow him to decipher who can be trusted and who can’t. He quickly notices patterns in people’s interactions and can calculate strategies for guaranteeing the future of mutant-kind. With this in mind, he tailors his whole life towards one goal: creating a community where mutant children can thrive and be inspired and feel safe. He teaches them acceptance and encourages them to understand other points of view. His vision and understanding nature are both things that make healthy ENFJs stand out in the world.

Diana Prince from Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ENFJ

“I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light and learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. A choice each must make for themselves. Something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know, that only love can truly save the world. So I stay, I fight, and I give, for the world I know can be. This is my mission now. Forever.– Diana Prince

Driven by a desire to help people, Diana Prince, a.k.a. “Wonder Woman” lives with the conviction and determination characteristic of healthy ENFJs. Her empathetic, connecting nature makes her a superhero that people can believe in. “Only love can save the world” is her motto, and she lives this out by putting herself on the front lines in order to protect others.

Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer

“The strong should aid and protect the weak. Then, the weak will become strong and they, in turn, will aid and protect those weaker than them. That is the law of nature.” – Tanjiro Kamado

Selfless and driven, Tanjiro will stop at nothing to defend his sister against those who would harm her. He knows the future looks bleak and every obstacle will be in his path, but he won’t let that impede him from his vision. He believes that the “impossible” can happen; that he will be able to find a cure that will change his sister from a demon into a human again. Tanjiro’s certainty, empathy, and patience with people (and demons) make his Extraverted Feeling side evident. Every decision he makes concerns the greater good and the needs of others. His ability to see past roadblocks and fight for his vision is evidence of his powerful intuition. He’s even able to understand that demons used to be human and show respect and sorrow for even the most villainous creatures he has slain.

Troy Fairbanks from Dear White People

“I want what we always talked about. Maybe have my own firm someday? Run for office. Make a difference. Wife. Kids. I want all that. I really, really do.” – Troy Fairbanks

Concerned about how others will see him, Troy Fairbanks aligns himself with the student body and the president of his university, knowing that by doing so he will gain influence and prestige. Troy easily senses the interpersonal dynamics of the people around him and knows what it takes to climb the social ladder. At the same time, he struggles to find peace with himself and to find his own authentic purpose in life. Troy is fairly intuitive about how to get what he wants, but he worries that he’ll lose the respect of others in the long run and struggles with doubts about his self-worth and insecurity.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones
Anna Karenina
All Might from My Hero Academia
Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri On Ice
Morpheus from The Matrix
Emily Spier from Love, Simon
Kipo from Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts (I haven’t seen this one, this is based on a recommendation)
Raymond Reddington from Blacklist
Judy Hopps from Zootopia
Tadashi from Big Hero 6
All-Might from My Hero Academia
Inarra Serra from Firefly
Zaheer from Legend of Korra
Katara from Legend of Korra
Rafael Solano from Jane the Virgin.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are you inspired by these ENFJ characters? Do you have any alternate suggestions or ideas? Share your thoughts with other readers in the comments!

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Discover 12 of the most memorable fictional ENFJs of all time. #ENFJ #MBTI #Personality

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  1. All Might is the best ENFJ to me, with Adora at the second. Chad superhero ENFJs are great. All Might is best dad, best hero, best everything.

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