The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ISFPs

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Are you unsure what to give an ISFP in your life this holiday season? It was a thrill for me to be able to talk with over 90 ISFPs in forums, groups, and in real life to determine what they love most in a gift. I hope my research will make your job a little easier when it comes to Christmas, Valentine’s, or Birthday shopping!

The ISFPs Relationship with Gifts

ISFPs combine an intense passion for adventure and inner depth of emotion and feeling that comes across in their gift desires. They are very attentive to the needs and wants of the people they care about, and so they put a lot of thought into picking out very specific, personal gifts for others. When it comes to receiving gifts, they prefer the same. Personal, heartfelt gifts that show the person they care about has been paying attention to their likes and dislikes, wants and needs mean the most to them. The dollar amount is not very important to the ISFP, but the thought means a great deal.

ISFPs have auxiliary Extraverted Sensing (Se) in their function stack. This also showed in their gift preferences. Textures, experiences, sights, and smells were all mentioned frequently! Types with Se love to immerse themselves in sensory details; it helps them to feel like they are embracing life and cherishing all the little delights that nature has to offer. ISFPs are extremely aware of the details around them; they love lush colors, delectable fragrances, and cozy comforts (especially during the December holiday season!).

The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ISFPs

  1. Time

This isn’t a gift you can wrap in pretty paper, but this was by far mentioned the most among the ISFPs I spoke with. Take the time to really be there for the ISFP, listen to them, take them out for coffee, or just invite them over for a home-cooked meal! Your generosity with your time is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give.

  1. An Adventure

ISFPs love to experience the thrills, sights, and sounds of the world around them! While they may seem quiet and private to some, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a daring side! Many ISFPs mentioned wanting to try out new adventures like white-water rafting, mountain climbing, or skiing! Others mentioned going on a cross-country road trip, visiting a renaissance faire, or going to a concert by one of their favorite musical artists. Experiences were almost always ranked as more preferable to a material gift.

  1. Soft, Cozy Comforts

I lost track of how many times the ISFPs I spoke with mentioned fuzzy socks, warm sweaters, or cozy blankets and pillows as preferred gifts! These personality types are very aware of physical sensations and love being comfortable, especially during the cold winter season.

  1. Acts of Service

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Is there a particular project or chore that your ISFP is tired of doing or isn’t sure how to do? Perhaps they’re weary of cooking all the meals, shoveling the snow, or maybe they need a break from watching the kids! What can mean the most isn’t often something you can buy at the store. You could put together a coupon book with services the ISFP can redeem at any time; suggestions include massages, household chores, fixing something around the house, or helping babysit kids for tired ISFP mom’s and dad’s.

My favourite “gift” is when my family does some cleaning around the house, or surprises me with a meal…because it’s one less meal that I have to cook or one less room that I have to clean. I sometimes enjoy cooking, but when it’s me doing it 7 days a week it loses its appeal at times.”
– Kerri, an ISFP

As a Mom, I’d LOVE a good cleaning, dishes, or meal that I don’t have to prepare myself.”
– Michelle, an ISFP

  1. Artwork and Artistic Supplies

ISFPs are very inspired and affected by beauty. They often have artistic abilities and are drawn to crafts, painting, sewing, or even graphic arts.  Paints, photo equipment, Adobe Cloud memberships, and sewing machines were all mentioned.

  1. Fun Electronic Gadgets

ISFPs can be big kids at heart, and they love to take the time to “play”! XBoxes, Playstations, showerheads that play music, and vinyl record players were all mentioned.

  1. Smell-iscious Treasures

Tap into your ISFPs Extraverted Sensing side with gifts that smell amazing! They frequently mentioned enjoying perfumes, essential oils, candles, and scented bath products.

What Do You Think?

Do you love these gift ideas? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. i have an isfp male friend. i think they also like unique dresses, clothes. but since he is the only one i know, i am not sure how general it is.

    1. Another ISFP here. I think that that depends on who is giving this “gift of time.” ISFPs value alone time and hate feeling pressured (we’re talking about the people who rarely respond to text messages/phone calls) so if it’s someone that we don’t feel completely comfortable with/haven’t opened up to yet, then we’ll likely feel pressured. Also, I think that it’s important to note that if an ISFP is already busy, someone trying to give the “gift of time” will just come off as overwhelming/intruding on their already limited alone time.

      The idea is solid; there are just some contingencies that should be considered.

  2. It was certainly a well thought out article. Good job 😉
    I’m an INTJ mom with 6 sons (bio and adopted)… ENFP, ESFP, ISTP, ENTP, and 2 ISFPs…..
    Parenting the ISFPs is definitely the hardest job for me as an INTJ. Thank you for helping me to know better how to connect with them. 🙂

  3. I am an ISFP, and I love all of the gift ideas here! I really and honestly don’t mind if people don’t give me material gifts. If I’m having a party, and someone forgets to bring a gift, I consider them just being there a gift! If I was to pick a favorite material gift, it would be: yummy, smelly things, and soft, warm or cute things! Also, if the gift is homemade, even if it is terrible, I will still love it because most likely the someone giving it to me worked hard on it and I really apprieciate the time and effort it took to make it! 😀

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