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Here’s Which Lord of the Rings Character You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

I’ve always enjoyed trying to figure out the personality type’s of the characters in my favorite movies, particularly The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. These movies (and especially the books) have been favorites of mine since childhood, and I love how each character has their own unique way of fighting for their cause, be it good or bad. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find a character with each personality type. Some personality types only had villains representing them! So now it’s your turn to find out…are you a middle-earth good guy, bad guy, or a little of both?

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Here’s Which Lord of the Rings Character You Are, Based On Your Personality Type

ISTJ – Thorin Oakenshield

Reserved, determined, and practical, Thorin Oakenshield is an ISTJ with both good and negative qualities. He is intensely pragmatic and singularly-focused on restoring his home to its former glory. His belief and reverence for the past, his no-nonsense, direct manner of speaking, and sense of duty are all classic ISTJ qualities. You can find out more about his type here.

ISFJ – Samwise Gamgee

Loyalty and faithfulness are hallmarks of the ISFJ personality type, and Samwise Gamgee embodies these traits well. While he loves the Shire and enjoys the routine he has there, he’s willing to risk it all to stand by his friend and keep his word. ISFJs are firm believers in following through on what they say, and he shows this so plainly as he tromps through the water after Frodo, insisting “I made a promise, Mr. Frodo, a promise. Don’t you leave him, Samwise Gamgee. And I don’t mean to. I don’t mean to.” Find out more about the ISFJ personality type here.

ESTJ – Boromir

Boromir embodies the strong ESTJ with his natural leadership capabilities, his no-nonsense outlook, and his respect for traditions. He yearns for leadership, seeing the choices of the fellowship as too impractical and needlessly inefficient. He values empirical evidence, and has no problem speaking his mind when he feels that the facts are being misrepresented. While he’s occasionally able to speculate about new ideas and foresee meanings (for example, when he predicted that the snow on the mountains was Sauron’s doing) he is more focused on his past experience and his duty than following after theories and the ideas of wizards.

ESFJ – Bilbo Baggins

Friendly, sentimental, and practical, Bilbo Baggins is one of the best examples of a male ESFJ hero there is. In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, no matter how much he may dislike a crowd of dwarves invading his home, Bilbo tries as hard as possible to remain polite and hospitable. He fills his home with heirlooms and nostalgic details and loves the familiar life of his hobbit hole in the Shire. While initially he might be afraid of change, after some thought and persuasion he can’t resist the pull of a journey to somewhere new. Because ESFJs have tertiary extraverted intuition, they often feel these longings in mid-life as that function develops.  Bilbo solves problems using common sense and insight into the motivations of others.

ISTP – Aragorn

Aragorn captures the mysterious, clever, analytical nature of the ISTP perfectly. Like all ISTPs, Aragon is always inwardly processing things, analyzing the next move, figuring out what makes the most sense. He’s independent and unafraid to go it alone, and he’s intensely observant of his surroundings. He’s able to adapt to ever-changing situations and notice even the most minor changes in detail to foresee coming threats. Find out more about the ISTP personality type here.

ISFP – Legolas

While in the movie Legolas is probably more suited to the ISTP personality type, in the books he is most certainly an ISFP. He is driven by his convictions, has a nearly spiritual connection with nature, and reacts to things based on how they impact him rather than merely what is rational. He is quick-on-his-feet and able to react quickly and effectively to his surroundings. His practical, spontaneous, empathetic nature is a perfect example of the ISFPs strengths.

ESTP – Gimli

Active and adventurous, Gimli captures the humor, cleverness and bravado of the ESTP perfectly. Despite his smaller size, he’s able to hold his own in battle by reacting quickly to ever-changing situations. He is excited by danger, stimulated by a challenge, and isn’t afraid to state his opinion or enjoy some humorous banter with Legolas while slaying orcs.

ESFP – Pippin

Pippin captures the enthusiasm, humor, and liveliness of the ESFP in an unforgettable way. He is driven by curiosity and a sense of adventure. He is highly empathetic to the plight of Faramir and others he meets along his journey, and he believes in telling the truth even if it might be dangerous for him. His kind-hearted, spontaneous, playful personality is what makes him and other ESFPs so lovable.

INTJ – Thranduil

Perceptive, strategic, and rational, Thranduil embodies the INTJs strengths (and some weaknesses) perfectly. He has an unusual ability to catch onto the larger meanings and implications of what is happening around him. He spends most of his time in his own mind and while he is able to take offense for his own sake, he is slow to take an interest in other people’s feelings. His decisions are nearly all based on his vision and desire for the future and how to rationally achieve it. Find out more about the INTJ personality type here.

INFJ – Gandalf

Gandalf has a far-reaching vision, as well as an insight into human nature that epitomizes the INFJ personality type. He is always looking ahead, strategizing, attempting to see the likely implications of current events. He is good at decoding symbols and seeing the hidden intents of others. He knows how to find unlikely people to carry out specific missions because he can see their potential in a way that many others can’t. Other types might have chosen more obvious leaders to destroy the ring, but Gandalf is able to see deeper into the motivations and desires of people and knows that only one person has the purity of heart to truly accomplish this task.

ENTJ – Saruman

Fiercely powerful and intensely strategic, Saruman has the intellect and far-reaching vision typical of ENTJ personality types. Unfortunately he demonstrates this in unhealthy or corrupted ways, but we can still appreciate his strengths nonetheless. He is knowledgeable, rational, and extremely perceptive of how events will likely play out in the future. He has strong leadership capabilities and knows how to place people (and orcs) to achieve his goals.

ENFJ – Faramir

Faramir is willing to do whatever it takes for the good of his people, even if it conflicts with what he believes internally makes sense. He is a good example of how ENFJs value both logic and feeling, but will choose following their values and the needs of others over what they know is the most sensible plan sometimes. He is highly empathetic with others and clearly moved by his values and the feelings of those around him. He is deeply wounded by his father’s rejection of him, but rises to the occasion anyway because he is so personally moved by his father’s desires.  He would make a strong leader, capable of bringing many different people together, but his father prefers his brother’s more headstrong way of handling things. Find out more about the ENFJ personality type here.

INTP – Smaug

Curious, clever, and wildly independent, Smaug is the perfect example of an INTP villain. Unlike a TJ villain, he doesn’t wish to control or have power over others. He craves a solitary life, and the only people who interest him are the ones who challenge his intellectual capabilities and make him think and toy with ideas.

INFP – Frodo

Willing to give up everything for the cause he believes in, Frodo embodies the most valiant of INFPs. His open-minded, gentle demeanor hides a fiery passion for the fate of the Shire and the world at large. Frodo can’t live unless he adheres to his convictions and values, and this is evident in every decision he makes. His compassion for Gollum, his willingness to turn his whole life upside down the moment he is needed, and his integrity are all qualities that reveal his mature INFP nature. Find out more about the INFP personality type here.

ENTP – Merry

Merry (or Meriadoc) is known as being intellectual, clever, and the most perceptive of the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings books. He is far more strategic in the books than in the movies; realizing even before the Quest of the Rings what is about to happen and how to prepare. He is stimulated by change and capable of switching gears as the situation changes, finding ingenious solutions in the midst of turmoil.

ENFP – Arwen

I had a terribly difficult time finding an ENFP character in Lord of the Rings. Eventually, I settled on Arwen, but I think there’s a chance she could be an INFP instead (it’s hard to tell). She has the open-minded nature of an ENFP, willing to bend hundreds of years of tradition and the expectations of the elves to follow her own desires to love Aragorn. She has to adhere to her values and her calling in life regardless of what is considered normal. She has a playful, passionate side and eventually becomes a loving and wise queen. If you are reading this and you can think of a more fitting ENFP character, let me know! I’ve racked my brains and can’t seem to pinpoint one.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Agree with these typings? Disagree? Let us know what you think! We are always open-minded if you have a good argument for a different type for any of the characters 🙂

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Discover which #LOTR character has YOUR #personality type! #MBTI #personalitytype #myersbriggs #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP #fictionalmbti #ENTP #ENFP #ENFJ #ISTJ #ISFJ

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  1. It’s true, Tom Bombadil is an ENFP! Wait… if ENFPs are a more dynamic version of Arwen, I just REALLY hope that Luthien Tinuviel from the Silmarillion <3 is one of them!

  2. I read the description under Thranduil as an INTJ, but I am curious as to how you arrived at that conclusion. Can you elaborate further on what evidence you found to paint him as an INTJ? I would think typing one would be difficult, especially as INTJs live in their head so much and in every scene you see Thranduil in, he’s talking to someone. Not to mention, INTJs tend to have trouble with social situations, and maybe it’s the multiple millennia that has given him the ability to connect to his inferior functions and adapt to sociability I don’t know. But as a king, and from what we see, he doesn’t seem to have too much issue with social skills (just a huge problem listening to reason from Bard due to his desire for those jewels).

    So I am curious as to what scenes/words/observations of him led you to your conclusion, and in more detail please 🙂

    Thank you!

    INFP writer trying to do justice to characters in my fan fictions (also original author, which is why MBTI fascinates me because it can help me write my various characters more effectively).

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