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The Top 7 Gift Ideas for INTPs

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INTPs have extremely eclectic taste when it comes to gifts. They aren’t as easy to pin down as some types are, but it also makes for a more exciting experience trying to track down just the right thing! For the most part INTPs enjoy the holidays as long as they aren’t expected to attend every party and make small talk with every extended family member. They enjoy the food, spending time with their dearest friends, and the extra time off work to relax and catch up on some of their favorite activities.

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The INTPs Relationship with Gifts

INTPs tend to be relatively easy-going about receiving gifts. They appreciate the thought that goes into the gift and about 80% of the INTPs I spoke with said that they usually enjoyed their presents and figured they were easy to buy for. The other 20% of the INTPs I spoke with (I spoke with roughly 70 INTPs) said that they were difficult to buy for because they just purchase what they want when they want it and have a hard time thinking of something they want that they don’t already have (besides cash).

Many INTPs are apprehensive about public gift-giving. They can feel self-conscious opening presents around other people who are anticipating a response. They can worry about whether they seem surprised or happy enough, and can also worry about the “contracts” of gift-giving. They want to feel free to give to whom they wish and to not have to shop for people they don’t know very well yet. If you’re buying an INTP a gift, but don’t know them very well, make sure to make it clear that you’re just doing this for fun but you don’t want something in return.

Check their wish lists!

Many INTPs create their own wish lists on Amazon to keep track of items they want. Ask them if they have a wish list you can look at if you want the most risk-free gift option.

When it comes to giving gifts, INTPs tend to be thoughtful and considerate, but they usually aren’t interested in buying things for large groups of extended family and people at the office. They enjoy buying gifts for very loyal and close friends and family members.

The Top 7 Gift Ideas for INTPs

#1 – Video Games

By far, video games were mentioned the most by the INTPs I spoke with (and I spoke with a variety of ages and genders). If there’s a new game the INTP in your life has been vying for, try to pre-order it for them or get it as a surprise (but make sure to get it before they do, or enclose a gift receipt!).

#2 – Technological Gadgets

Is there an unusual new tech gadget out? Is there a gadget that goes with the INTPs hobby? Whether it’s a new camera, a new phone, or a Sphero R2-D2 Droid Action Figure, INTPs love technology and getting their hands on the newest, most innovative devices out there.

#3 – An Experience

Want to really surprise the INTP in your life? Give them the opportunity to experience something new. Whether it’s a winery tour, a massage (if they don’t seem shy or body conscious), or a chance to attend a mystery dinner theater, many INTPs enjoy experiences more than material things. Just be sure to gauge what their interests are and find an experience that matches up to that. Some INTPs may prefer zip lining across the mountains and other INTPs might want something more low-key.

#4 – Collectibles/Memorabilia

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Is the INTP in your life a “Stranger Things” fan? Do they love Star Wars or AC/DC? Whatever the case, many INTPs mentioned enjoying items that correlated with their obsessions and media interests. If you’re having a hard time finding good options, check out Think Geek, they have a TON of novelty items for a huge variety of interests.

#5 – A Book

Most INTPs love to read, but they specifically said to ask them what books they’re looking for. While some types enjoy a surprise, most of the INTPs I spoke with said they’d prefer to get exact books that they already know for sure they want.

#6 – Favorite Treats

Does the INTP in your life have a thing for Godiva chocolates? What about a particular kind of breakfast cereal? INTPs mentioned food a lot, but not the kinds you’d always expect.

“I’d rather get several bags of Doritos or a Taco Bell gift card over fancy holiday chocolates. I like getting food gifts, but I’d rather get a non-fancy favorite than something luxurious that I’m not sure whether I’ll like.”
– Gregg, an INTP

#7 –  Something Practical

INTPs enjoy high-quality practical tools that they can use right away. Things like pocket knives, high-quality razors, power strips, or appliances can all be useful. Just check with them to see if they have any specific brands they prefer!

All About INTPs

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do you have any suggestions to add? Let me know in the comments!

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Get a look at the kinds of gifts #INTPs really want! #INTP #MBTI #Personality

#INTP Gift Ideas! #MBTI

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  1. Books, books, and more books! Especially reference books, or an encyclopaedia on a subject they are (I am) interested in!

  2. I agree with the 20% that buy their own gifts most of the time. I know for certain that I am hard to shop for and I feel guilty when someone buys me something I don’t want or will never use. Practical tools are a safe bet, but I would rather receive one really nice screwdriver than a whole set that is just okay. Money is a safe bet, but i feel like most people don’t like giving that because it seems thoughtless.
    When I tell people I dont need anything, I mean it!

  3. This is super helpful and makes total sense! My best friend is an INTP, and theses things perfectly describe their interest. I remember how happy they got way back in middle school when gifted a pocket knife from there parents, and wanted to bring it everywhere to find a practical purpose for it. It was quite adorable. My friend also has a soft spot for plants and they all have very thoughtful names!:) (ENFJ)

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