10 Signs That You Might Be an Extraverted Intuitive

Have you ever struggled with knowing whether you’re an NJ or an NP personality type? Because so many personality tests rely on the dichotomies (I/E, N/S, T/F, J/P) instead of the cognitive functions there are a lot of people who are mistyped as NJs when they’re really NPs and vice versa. That’s why this week I’ve been trying to clarify how it feels to have each of the cognitive functions. Yesterday we talked about introverted intuition, the dominant or auxiliary function of NJ types. Today we’re going to talk about extraverted intuition, the dominant or auxiliary function of NP types.

What Is Extraverted Intuition?

10 signs that you use extraverted intuition! #ENFP #ENTP #INFP #INTP #MBTI

Extraverted intuition is a perceiving (information gathering) function. NPs use extraverted intuition (or Ne for short) to see theoretical possibilities and abstract connections in the world around them. Ne focuses on the objective, external world to find relationships and patterns between people, things, and events. NPs use the information they gather to generate possibilities and discover new meaning and potential in the universe.

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10 Signs That You Might Be An Extraverted Intuitive


#1 – I Am Driven by Possibility

I see the world around me and constantly ask myself “what possibility does this hold?”, “what new things could I do with this?”, “how does this bit of information connect with something else?”. I am always focused on what could be, on evolution, and transformation.

#2 – I Like Change and Challenges

Routine and structure bores me. I get a thrill from taking risks, making mistakes, learning new things, and daring new possibilities to come forth and be realized.

#3 – I Get So Caught Up in the Future That I Can Forget the Present

My mind is always so focused on potential possibilities and theoretical outcomes that I can lose sight of what’s happening right now. This means that sometimes I can forget to eat or sleep or take care of my daily needs.

#4 – In My Mind, Everything is Connected

Like an elaborate spiderweb I see connections and links all around me. I feel as if I’m “zoomed out” of the current moment analyzing everything from a precipice in space and seeing how it all fits together. When one piece shifts the whole web or picture changes and I see thousands of new connections.

#5 – Brainstorming with People Invigorates Me

Being with others and generating new possibilities and ideas makes me feel so connected and inspired! I love being able to excite and challenge other people with all the possibilities and new, innovative ideas that we can develop.

#6 – The Conventional Approach Holds No Interest to Me

Tried-and-true methods and “dependable” rules bug me. I am more interested in a new, innovative, and novel solution that could be better than what’s been done before.

#7 – I Am Drawn to the Theoretical More Than the Tangible

I am more focused on generating abstract or theoretical possibilities than I am on engaging with the sensory, physical world. My mind is a veritable playground of ideas and theories and I can get so lost in my thoughts that if I’m an extrovert (ENP type) sometimes I come across as more introverted.

#8 – Narrowing Down My Possibilities Can Be Stressful

I like generating ideas and possibilities more than settling on one. It’s hard for me to leave out other possibilities and options that have potential or seem inspiring and interesting. This can make me seem indecisive at times.

#9 – When I Look Around Me I See Potential Everywhere

If I see a tree I imagine a treehouse being built in it, or my children or grandchildren climbing it. I imagine the tree being cut down and what that would mean for the environment. I start thinking about the environment and the rainforest and the impact it has on all our lives, and then I start thinking of ways to protect the rainforest and I wonder whether I should plant a tree in my yard. Then I wonder what kind of tree I should plant…and the thoughts and ideas keep coming.

#10 – I Am Open-Minded

Because I see so many angles and different perspectives to any conclusion I can easily understand why other people have varying opinions and beliefs. I try not to push my own ideas and opinions onto other people, but it does bother me when other types are stubborn and jump to conclusions too quickly.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you relate to these signs of extraverted intuition? Do you have any of your own experiences to add? Let me know in the comments!

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10 signs that you might use extraverted intuition! #ENFP #ENTP #INFP #INTP #MBTI

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