Get a look at the #ESTJ cognitive functions!

Understand the Cognitive Functions of the ESTJ

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Are you an ESTJ or is there an ESTJ in your life? Get a better understanding of how they think (and feel!) with this new cognitive functions infographic. For more ESTJ articles, check out Understanding ESTJ Thinking, The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ESTJs, or 5 Ways to Annoy an ESTJ!

I hope you enjoy the infographic! Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions!


The #ESTJ Cognitive Functions



Get a look at the #ESTJ's cognitive functions!

Get a look at the #ESTJ cognitive functions!

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  1. Lack of empathy, F(i) inferior and impatience. Contrary to what I have read ISTP male and ESTJ female dont ‘t work very well in love. (My parents)They probably work in the professional area. But ES_J is very attractive for ISTP…

    The couple can last a long time, but lacks of fludity.

    ISTP male needs F for his female partner imao…

  2. ESTJ women only with ESTJ or ENTJ men imo. It’s a hard type, really…

    The best match for ISTP men are in order: ISTP, INFJ, ISFJ or ENFJ women imo.

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