12 Myers-Briggs® YouTubers You Should Be Following

Would you like to discover more about your personality type in a visual way? I tend to learn best through reading, but some people learn best through audio or visual means. That’s why today I want to shine the light on some YouTube typology experts who make Myers-Briggs® engaging, fun, or even comical. Let’s get started!

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Discover twelve YouTubers who do an excellent job of explaining and entertaining with the Myers-Briggs tool of typology. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

The Best Myers-Briggs® YouTube Accounts

(These are not ranked in order from best to worst. I couldn’t possibly rank them that way. They are all too good.)

#1 – Frank James

INFJ comedian Frank James brings the hilarity to typology in videos that explore both Myers-Briggs® and Enneagram types. Ever wondered how each of the personality types approaches a game of Monopoly? Wonder no longer with his video take on the subject. I guarantee even the most type-averse person in the world will have their interest piqued after watching one of Frank James’s videos.

#2 – Michael Pierce

Known for his soothing voice and in-depth type profiles, Pierce makes a typology lecture something akin to an ASMR session. You’ll find yourself absorbing information about the types while simultaneously feeling relaxed and sleepy. Just don’t pass out on him; his content is so good you’ll want to stay invested as much as possible.

#3 – Erik Thor

I’m a friend of Erik’s and I am constantly amazed by the enthusiasm and energy he puts into his work. One of the things I love about Thor is he is constantly refining his information and finding new ways to make it clear, accessible, and engaging. You’ll find hilarious takes on the types and their reactions to everyday situations. You’ll also find information on how the enneagram can affect the Myers-Briggs® personality types, and so much more. Thor has also created his own quizzes and eBooks which you can find on his site erikthor.com

#4 – Personality Hacker

If you’ve ventured very far into the type community, chances are, you’ve fallen in love with Joel Mark-Witt and Antonia Dodge from the Personality Hacker podcast. These two ENxPs make insightful, funny, engaging videos exploring type in-depth. If you’ve ever heard of the “Car Model” then you have Personality Hacker to thank. Their revolutionary work has made typology an easily applicable tool for personal growth.

#5 – Dave SuperPowers/Objective Personality

Dave and Shan from Objective Personality bring the NTJ intellect (and snark) to YouTube. This pair is keen on dispelling myths about various MBTI® types, and they’ll roast any site, even their own, in the process. You won’t get a bunch of far-fetched, emotional-laden mumbo jumbo from these two. Their theory and their process is highly credible and you can tell they’ve put a lot of work into their research. They’ve created a fascinating system of typology that utilizes the scientific method to track personality on a spectrum of 512 types. If you feel like deep-diving into typology and getting a more objective, logical approach to the system than I would highly recommend them.

#6 – Damon Grey/True Generations

If you want clearly defined, straightforward examples of the cognitive functions, look no further than Damon Grey. He explores the Enneagram, Socionics, and Myers-Briggs with equal adeptness. While many other types can get very long-winded and esoteric describing complex personality theories, Grey breaks them down in a very clear, digestible way.

#7 – Joyce Meng/Type Talks

INFJ YouTuber Joyce Meng interviews the Myers-Briggs® personality types and asks in-depth, eye-opening questions. As an MBTI® practitioner, Meng brings credibility and insight to each of her videos. I love that she interviews more than just one individual for her “Type Talks” sessions. Because she chooses to interview a variety of people from the same type, it really clarifies what each type has in common versus what is an individual, unique preference.

#8 – Denzel Mensah

ENFJ YouTuber Denzel Mensah brings passion and integrity to each of his videos. As a certified life coach, Mensah cares about using type as a tool for personal growth and renewal. He also explores the Enneagram system of typology as well as religion, philosophy, race, romance, and more. Mensah is not only an entertaining and informative YouTuber, he’s a personal friend and I believe in his strengths as a life coach and type practitioner. So be sure to reach out to him if you need help clarifying your type!

#9 – Cognitive Personality Theory

If you want an INFJ to gently guide you through an in-depth understanding of the cognitive functions, mistypes, and complex subjects such as type and trauma, look no further than Cognitive Personality Theory. Harry from CPT brings a lot of wisdom and clarity to the world of typology while working hard to debunk a lot of the stereotypes that abound on the internet.

#10 – Meghan LeVota

ENFJ YouTuber Meghan LeVota puts a lot of effort into making type accessible and easy-to-understand. She also answers questions that a lot of people wonder about, like “Why do ENFJs give unsolicited advice?” “What’s the difference between Fi and Ti?” or “Is Introverted Intuition Psychic?” Meghan also has a Facebook community where a lot of great discussion takes place. She’s worked especially hard to make sure her community is a bully-free/stereotype-free zone, so if you’re looking for a safe place to ask questions be sure to check it out!

#11 – Emily Barnes/Pucokie

INFJ YouTuber Emily Barnes is known for her hilarious TikTok videos about type. But before TIkTok, Emily  created a YouTube channel clarifying the differences between types, interviewing people of each personality type, and even poking fun at her own type (as evidenced in The INFJ Stare *the life changing gaze*)

#12 – Type Cast Heroes

Jessie and Amanda from Type Cast Heroes do an excellent job of explaining the types as well as the cognitive functions. They use lots of concrete examples to clarify how the functions show up in real life, and they make sure to clarify that “anyone can do anything!” I love this because they guide people through the motivations of each type as well as each cognitive function instead of focusing solely on behaviors. I was introduced to this channel after creating this post, and am revising the post now to add this channel because I was so deeply impressed by it.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are there any other typology  YouTubers that you know and love? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Discover twelve YouTubers who do an excellent job of explaining and entertaining with the Myers-Briggs tool of typology. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

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    1. Would have loved it had Personality Hacker couple, with their advanced thoughtfulness and experience together, and with others, were themselves INFPs. Unfortunately, neither is, and too many of their suppositions seem too much off the mark. Eric Thor, and Meghan Lavota, INFJs, are both closer to understanding us, but the longer they go on, some misunderstandings do eventually show up.

  1. Check out Celebok. He is ISTP and mostly talks about that. His wife is ISTJ, so he sometimes compares their ways. He also talks sometimes about his Enneagram (9).

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