Discover what your real personality type is with our new questionnaire #MBTI #Myersbriggs #Personality #INFJ #INFP

Discover Your True Personality Type (Free Test Included!)

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Have you ever wondered whether you were an extrovert or an introvert? Do you ever feel like you’re a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? Today I want to introduce you to our new personality questionnaire. This questionnaire is the result of two years of research, coaching, and surveying people from all walks of life.

If you want to skip past the other information you can take the questionnaire here. But I would encourage you to read on so that you can make sure you’re getting the best results.

What Is This Personality Questionnaire Based On?

Our questionnaire is based on a combination of Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs-Myers theories on psychological type. As an MBTI® practitioner I’ve seen how many people get inaccurate results from online tests. And while I think the best possible way to type yourself is through getting a certified consultation with an MBTI® practitioner, this is an alternative free option to get you pointed in the right direction.

To make this questionnaire as accurate as I could I combined questions about the dichotomies (I/E, S/N, T/F, J/P) with questions related to Carl Jung’s cognitive functions (Te/Fe, Ti/Fi, Se/Si, Ne/Ni).

Is This Questionnaire 100% Accurate?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect questionnaire. If you answer a questionnaire while you’re feeling social and happy you might get a different result than if you answer when you’re feeling worn out and reclusive. That’s why it’s very important to answer the questions based on how you are in your average, most stable state of mind.

Tips for Getting the Most Accurate Result:

  • Remember that you might modify your personality at work or as a parent. If you answer based only on those versions of yourself your answers might not match your true personality. Try to answer based on your most natural state of mind.
  • Don’t answer based on how you want to be – answer based on your most natural tendencies.
  • Don’t take the test when you’re highly stressed. The results might be skewed because your personality can be altered during states of stress.
  • Remember to scroll down on each question to be sure you’re not missing any options.
  • Try to take the test alone or with one person who knows you very well. Being around a lot of people can alter your focus and give you mixed opinions on which selection is more “You.”
  • Remember that you can’t fail this test. There are no wrong answers!

Press Here to Take the Personality Questionnaire In a New Screen

Why You Might Get a Different Result Than You’re Expecting:

Don’t worry! There are a lot of really inaccurate online tests out there. As an MBTI® practitioner I’ve noticed an uptick in mistyped people since the emergence of many of the more popular free online tests.

Below are the most frequent mistypes I’ve seen for each personality type:

– ISFPs often mistype as INFJs, INFPs, or even INTJs
– ISFJs often mistype as INFPs or INFJs
– ISTPs often mistype as INTJs, INTPs, or ISTJs
– ISTJs often mistype as INTJs
– ESFPs often mistype as ENFPs
– ESTPs often mistype as ENTJs or ISTPs
– ESFJs often mistype as ENFJs
– ESTJs often mistype as ENTJs or INTJs
– INFPs often mistype as INFJs
– INTPs often mistype as INTJs
– INFJs often mistype as INFPs or INTPs
– INTJs often mistype as INTPs or ENTJs
– ENFPs often mistype as INFPs
– ENTPs often mistype as ENTJs or INTPs
– ENFJs often mistype as INFJs
– ENTJs often mistype as ESTJs

So if you get a result that doesn’t resonate you, check back with this list to see if there’s a possible alternative that would suit you better.

Ready to Begin?

Take the Personality Test


Discover your personality type with this easy test!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Did you enjoy this questionnaire? Did you like your results? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments!

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Find out what your personality type is in our new free questionnaire! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ

Discover what your real personality type is with our new questionnaire #MBTI #Myersbriggs #Personality #INFJ #INFP

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  1. Hi there! I thought you’d like to know that when listing the common mistypes, INTJ is listed as a mistype of itself.
    Have a good day 🙂

  2. I took an online test three times. I got a different result each time and read the explanations till I knew right away that I am a typical INFP. The other results were in the same group of personalities though.
    Now I took your new test and tested as an INTP. I do not reckognize myself in that type at all, though I know that as an INFP I have done a study and have a job where the skills of the INTP are asked for all the time. I experience a strong feeling of being two persons: one at work and another one at home. Therefore it was difficult to answer the questions. I work long hours every day in that mode. So who am I? I still recognize myself in every INFP explanation and will stick to that! I also had difficulty choosing the image that was the most relevant to me, because of these two strong sides in me. Just wanting to let you know that.

  3. I had the same results with Susan Storm’s test : INFP !
    This is reassuring really, i wouldn’t like to be another type as i found myself into this one
    I remember when i first took the test : i’ve discovered that i was not alone in this ????
    And it is so much me !

  4. Thank You Susan! Oh well, I still came out INFJ. Your test was different than most tests. I think you have designed it to shake people from giving their typical, stereotype answers. I have never completed a test, even the tests with just colour or images, without returning INFJ. I fully expected to return a different result this time as some of your questions had several answers which I related strongly to. I had to take the one which was most like me. I also know several of my answers, including the aforementioned, were not answered as your typical INFJ would. This is because I definitely lean toward being more like an INTJ, with strong logical thought and also INFP, with my own strong internal values. Most tests seem to have questions that if you answered as an ST, then your the bad guy. Yours did not. The biggest mistake I see every time, is people answering as they would like to be and not how they are. There is no test that will totally remove this factor, unless you were to interview one of these types, together with a few close friends and family.

  5. Although I don’t find this with the MBTI® , there were many of the questions where I had a strong reaction of, ‘I don’t do/feel/think either (or any) of these things. There were quite a number of questions where I felt I was making a forced choice between two unlikely or even unpalatable alternatives.

  6. Love the new test. I would advise folks to do it slowly and thoughtfully – I initially came up with a type that I know for sure was inaccurate, but that was because I was distracted and rushed: when I did it again, I got my true result (I had even mis-read some of the questions!). Thanks so much Susan, this INFJ has really got lots of blessing from your hard work!

  7. Hi Susan, took your new test and once again came out INFJ. For me, that settles it. I know I am a turbulent. It is hard to be so different from the norm. I am constantly misunderstood and my suggestions are precieved as pronouncements. I don’t mean them that way at all. I get so tired , at age 67, of folks shutting me down because they don’t see the situation many steps ahead as I do. I can see ahead far enough to make a difference in the situation but folks don’t listen because they are still trying to figure out a solution. The moral dread of impending death has been with me twice when I tried to counsel to avoid mortal danger. Both times I was ignored and the person died. God consoled my heart with the comfort I had tried and it was not my fault. I am so different. So different..

  8. Maybe too dichotomous for me, I get several times INTJ. Responding a little differently I got INTP. Damned, some of your questions were cruel… For example, multitasking can easily be confused with fatigue or weariness. So the mind tries to escape … Yet I hate multitasking. I do not plan my days unless it’s necessary. And
    request a choice between facts and symbolism to an INTJ, that’s just scandalous haha . I like complex enigma, puzzle as make original conceptual planning. I am not convinced of the total duality between deduction and induction.

    (I must also admit that I m emotional if the movie is good)

  9. Well, I have previously typed as an ISFJ, INFJ, and an ISFP. This quiz typed me as an INFP. Apparently, I am at least an introverted feeler. Beyond that…. it’s anyone’s guess?

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