Here’s What You Do at a Party, Based on Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Are you the life of the party or do you find any imaginable reason to bow out? Today we’re going to take a (tongue-in-cheek) look at how each type shows up in a party atmosphere. Keep in mind, this is more humorous than serious. We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on the party life in the comments!

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A humorous look at how each personality type would show up at a party. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP

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Here’s What You Do at a Party, Based on Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type


Gathers all the misfits and iconoclasts together to take down the popular, oppressive leaders in the group. Also gives lots of hugs and rescues anyone being bullied.


Gets in a debate with the ESTJ about politics, religion, and the organization of the snack table. Doesn’t care at all about how the snack table is actually organized.  Later, joins in with the ENFP group because the brainstorming session is way too enticing.


Remains snuggled up in the corner with whatever furry creature happens to be around, along with a worn-out copy of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” Feels like a prisoner at this party (but enjoys the furry friend they made).


Tries to avoid making small talk by taking his Playstation to a private room where he can play “Elder Scrolls” in peace. Gets an unpleasant surprise when his best friend stumbles in later with his secret crush.


Becomes part chef, part fortune-teller. Makes cookies for everyone while rallying them together to be their best selves. Listens to everyone’s life stories and is the last person to leave the party. A stranger gives them a tearful hug before saying goodbye.


Hates small talk and meaningless banter so he connects an earpiece to his Bluetooth to discuss work projects, to-do lists, and the meaning of life with his closest friends. Confuses a lot of people in the process who think he’s talking to them.


Feels slightly awkward initially, but gradually looks for outliers to connect with. Winds up counseling them on their relationship issues, childhood traumas, and existential crises. Leaves feeling productive but totally drained.


Inwardly berates themselves for arriving early, and makes awkward small talk with the host for a while. Eventually finds a comfortable spot in a quieter corner of the room and listens to a podcast while analyzing the body-language of the various guests.  By the end of the party, he’s figured out everyone’s motives and insecurities and has lost respect for the human race.


Sings karaoke, break dances, and somehow convinces a large group of people to blow their savings on a last-minute trip to Buenos Aires. Winks at the INTJ as they say goodbye.


Somehow manages to win beer pong and a game of Risk while inebriated. Rescues a cat stuck in a tree in an attempt to win the ISFJ over.


Paints a portrait of the INFP and the puppy while jamming to her favorite tunes on her headphones. Looks for anyone unique and quirky and takes stunning Instagram-worthy photos of them on her phone. Is admired by everyone but hardly notices.


Comes in second place to the ESTP at beer-pong, but then triumphs over everyone else at pool. Tries to avoid all the people who are doing a bad job of hiding their infatuation with him.


Makes sure everyone has a drink, a snack, and a warm hug. Finds themselves mentoring a group of younger people about various relationship issues.


Decides this party isn’t being run efficiently and proceeds to re-organize the kitchen, living area, and bar while cracking quirky, offbeat jokes.


After helping out in the kitchen, finds themselves circulating through the crowd with outward signs of ease but inward feelings of exhaustion. Escapes outside to feed a stray cat that looks hungry.


Was dragged to the party by somebody else and would really rather be home. Spends a great deal of time alphabetizing the host’s DVDs and books, then heads up to the roof to look at the stars and listen to a playlist of their favorite songs.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are you a party lover or a party pooper? Let us know your thoughts and funny experiences in the comments!

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A humorous look at how each personality type would appear at a party. #MBTI #Personality #ENFP #ENTP #INFJ #INTJ

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  1. Wow, this was great. ENTJ description was spot on for my husband! And the ESTJ was totally me in my 20’s! I’d wash the dishes, “help” the host with everything, and even change the TP in the bathroom to face the right direction, lol!! I still like to help out at parties, but I’ve also learned to just be a part of the crowd.

  2. So funny and relatable. Small talk, in my personal opinion, is always awkward and among the most inefficient ways to avoid saying anything of substance.
    I (INTJ) personally would switch from small talk to really deep or intellectual conversation with the host as soon as I can find a way to do that, with maybe a few “Hey, did you know that, except when the sun or moon is hidden, sunlight always reaches the Earth because the moon reflects sunlight?” types of statements or questions thrown in there and a blunt explanation about my utter distain for small talk (with or without a brief overview of Introverted Intuition). Then I hope to goodness that the host is still listening while I begin speaking about how long yet short life is, sharing thoughts that I have mulled over and refined for the past several weeks, with examples from The Lord of the Rings, fascinated by the subject. Once I notice that the host is bored or going back to small talk, I excuse myself to daydream or see what I can accomplish from my to-do list while at the party. I might end up alphabetizing the food after ensuring that my seat is far from loudspeakers, near an exit, and close to food.
    Disclaimer: I represent my own experiences and perspective. I do NOT attempt to represent all INTJs or even all female INTJs who are in my particular stage of life.

  3. Wow as an ISTP I never thought that we are that ‘cool kid’ who ppl infatuated with, but nice perspective

  4. INTJ:
    1) Not attending the party;
    2) If attending, drinking a lot since alcohol is a great “social lube” and helps INTJ to lower ourselves to other´s level and make them a just little more bearables.

  5. I (INTJ) would definitely be away from the centre of attention. Maybe talk to the ENTJ or ENTP if I hear them say something interesting, or the INTP about whether Elder Scrolls Skyrim or The Witcher 3 is the greatest RPG. Alternatively, I hatch 3178 plans to steal the dog and cat away from the INFP and ISFJ all for myself, try to implement plan #1 and fail to because their bond is too pure and I cannot bring myself to harm it. Dog or cat notices and gets me to talk to them anyway.

  6. Oh my. I was laughing throughout the whole thing.
    Though I would probably be helping the host the whole time and then escape to some nature place outside, get my earphones out and listen to my favourite songs while pondering over the life of a tree and how much it goes through.

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