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10 Amazing ESTJ Anime Characters

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If you’re an anime lover like I am, you might wonder which characters match your personality type! Today we’re taking a look at ten unique characters that take after the ESTJ personality type in the Myers-Briggs system. ESTJs are the go-getters of the MBTI world. They thrive on productivity, task lists, and structure. They’re also pragmatic and down-to-earth which makes them excellent in leadership positions. From this post you’ll see that there are many unique ways that ESTJs can show up in the anime world, and I hope you’ll find this content inspiring and informative!

Disclaimer: I’m an MBTI® certified practitioner, but I can’t sit down with any of these characters and conduct an assessment or interview. Some of these characters were very clear ESTJs, while others were a little more confusing. Fictional characters tend to be that way. That’s largely because writers don’t necessarily create their characters by studying an MBTI® Manual! This article gives you my best guesses as to the characters’ types, but if you have a different opinion, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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10 Amazing ESTJ Anime Characters

#1 – Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

“When life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger.” – Erza Scarlet

As an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, Erza is known for her strictness, decisiveness, and sense of justice. While she may be intimidating to many, Erza has a good heart and is willing to go the extra mile to stand up for what she believes in. She can act quickly in the moment to use her spatial magic and swordplay to defeat opponents. When it comes to her lifestyle choices, she’s pragmatic and grounded. She has little respect for needless social niceties and standards if they get in the way of efficiency. Like all ESTJs, Erza’s actions and decisions are guided by a deeply internal set of values. While she may appear rough and brusque on the surface, she shows that she has a protective and kind heart underneath.

#2 – Cornelia li Brittania, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

“Guilford, don’t treat me as though I’m another one of your women.” – Cornelia li Brittania

As Chief General of the Imperial Army, Cornelia li Brittania is strict and aggressive. This ESTJ female has no patience for dilly-dallying or stepping around other peoples’ feelings. Like most ESTJs, she’s straightforward, decisive, and skilled in the art of logistics. She can manage and direct dozens of troops at a moment’s notice without flinching. That said, Cornelia is an unhealthy ESTJ and is unwilling to grapple with change to the detriment of her family. While change can be tricky for many Sensing-Judging types, a healthier ESTJ would slow down and take time to consider their individual morals and give weight to varying perspectives. Cornelia follows orders and puts patriotism ahead of compassion and open-mindedness, which ends up making her an enemy of Zero and the Japanese people.

#3 – Izumi Curtis, Fullmetal Alchemist

“When people ask, I usually say I’m a housewife, but I’m feeling a bit sassy today. So I have decided to shed that particular disguise….I AM AN ALCHEMIST!” –  Izumi Curtis

Hard-working and pragmatic, Izumi Curtis captures the resourceful, driven nature of the ESTJ. She uses her immediate surroundings to her advantage in combat and wields weapons with remarkable proficiency. She knows how to take charge of chaotic situations, as evidenced when she shows up at Central and quickly takes charge of an overwhelming situation. Her practicality and strong leadership abilities are some of the greatest gifts ESTJs bring to the world.

#4 – Enji Todoroki “Endeavor” from My Hero Academia

Endeavor from My Hero Academia

“No matter how powerful or intense your ability is, your foundation is always built upon an honest accumulation of experiences…Our only option is to accumulate experience. Even if you’re doing the same thing repetitively, the amount of experience you can accumulate here out in the field can’t even be compared to what you get at school.” – Enji Todoroki

Ambitious and competitive, Enji a.k.a. “Endeavor” will do anything to become the #1 hero or raise a child worthy of becoming one. While he can be cold and callous, he is also extremely dependable and hard-working. He doesn’t want to cheat his way to the top, rather he wants to earn success through merit and perseverance. Todoroki is an unhealthy version of an ESTJ, but as the manga (or TV series) progresses we get to see him get in touch with his introverted feeling side and consider his actions and values more carefully.

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#5 – Kunikida Doppo, Bungou Stray Dogs

“It’s not whether I can win, it’s about whether I’m willing to fight. Prevailing against myself, that’s what I’ve always done.” – Kunikida Doppo

Trustworthy and loyal, Kunikida captures many of the strengths (and some of the flaws) of the ESTJ type. He’s pragmatic to a fault, detail-oriented, and diligent. Yet while he can seem cold and uncaring on the outside, deep down he will do anything to protect human lives. He is an excellent example of how a dominant thinking type can appear one way but be another on the inside. Compassion and kindness don’t always look like sweet smiles and warm hugs. They sometimes look like strictness, diligence, and a kick in the pants. Kunikida’s genius-level fellow agent, Ranpo Edogawa, even believes that Kunikida is the strongest and most virtuous person in the Agency (and we all know he’s not one to give compliments easily).

#6 – Nobara Kugisaki from Jujutsu Kaisen

Nobara Kugisaki ESTJ

“I don’t give a damn about “men” this and “women” that.” – Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara shows us some of the best qualities of the ESTJ personality type. She’s direct, focused, and rational. No matter what situation presents itself, she seems to have a dauntless determination to win. On top of that, her sassy sense of humor and confident battle style makes her an entertaining character to observe. It’s crucial for Nobara to be logical and objective, but it’s also crucial for her to stay true to herself and not bend for the whims of other people. Her bold, brazen energy makes her a fan favorite of this show.

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#7 – Jigoro Kuwajima from Kimetsu no Yaiba “Demon Slayer”

“It’s alright to cry or go off by yourself. Just don’t ever give up. Believe in yourself. You endured all that hellish training. You’ll be rewarded for that without question. Work to forge yourself like a tempered blade…and become the most resilient of all! Focus on what you do best!” – Jigoro Kuwajima

Harsh but devoted, Jigoro Kuwajima is the tough-love teacher that shows Zenitsu what he’s capable of when everyone else rejects him.  Like most ESTJs, Kuwajima believes that skills are learned through repetition and determination; fighting through the pain and discomfort to become masterful. Kuwajima’s tough personality yet simultaneous devotion and loyalty are often hallmarks of the ESTJ personality type. He’s practical, focused, and commanding – pushing his students hard, but caring for them deeply at the same time.

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#8 – Tanji Washijou, Haikyuu!!

“Bigger will always be stronger. That is nature’s logic.” – Tanji Washijou

Meticulous and traditional, Tanji sets aside the personal quirks and scruples of his athletes, teaching them to use their natural physical strengths. Washijou is a natural leader, unafraid to chastise his players when they’re getting emotionally distracted during games. He may be short-tempered and stubborn, but his dependability and coaching skills set him apart.

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#9 – Mary Saotome, Kakeguri

“The resolve to pick out one hopeful path from uncertain and unlimited possibilities with your own volition. That resolve is the core of gambling.” – Mary Saotome

Competitive and driven, Mary Saotome will stop at nothing to “win.” Mastered in the art of cardplay and gambling, she is driven to climb the ranks of the hierarchy of her school and attain fortune. As a scholarship student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, she has to do whatever it takes to make it, especially when competing with students from wealthy, advantageous families. Her sensing side enables her to remember very specific details about each opponent she faces, including the methods that the referees use to deal the cards. She bases her plans on details she’s accumulated from the past and remembered very specifically. She’s highly aware of the details in her surroundings, storehousing them for later use. Her ability to survive and excel in her own right without help from others makes her remarkable. While she certainly has many unhealthy qualities, her decisiveness and toughness make her stand out.

#10 – Jean Kirsten from Attack on Titan

Jean Kirstein ESTJ

You know… I wished I could’ve stayed cooped up in my room, ears shut… But… If I had… The burnt ashes of the dead would never have forgiven me…” – Jean Kirstein

Jean Kirsten is a grounded, serious, and outspoken fighter from Attack on Titan. He joined the military and performed well in hopes of maintain a peaceful life, but eventually joined the Survey Corps in a dangerous mission to destroy the titans. Responsible, loyal, and steadfast, Jean is in many ways one of the most grounded characters in Attack on Titan. He takes stock of the reality of the situation, pointing out risks and trying to choose the most effective attack rather than immediately jumping into action. He takes a logical and pragmatic approach to nearly every decision, although his feelings and loyalties are a backdrop to the life-changing decisions that guide him. Unlike Eren, Jean wants to join the Military Police because it’s the safest and most reliable option available to him. However, when he sees how others have been hurt by the titans he can’t help but take responsibility, even if it means risking his life with a role in the Survey Corps.

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