What You Roll Your Eyes At, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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The ENFP – People Who Can’t See Beyond the Past

You despise it when people hold your past mistakes against you (or the past mistakes of others against them). You know that life is always evolving and that people are constantly changing; the past is one drop in an ocean of other experiences and growth points. You cringe when people constantly bring up the past as a way of boxing people in.

Find out what makes each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types really cringe. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

The ENTP – Attendance Policies and Bureaucracy

You’re in college and there’s a class you have to attend. You could easily just watch the class on your computer later in the day, but you won’t get any credit unless you’re actually there. Or you show up five minutes late to work and you’re given a warning – three more warnings and you’re up for review. Extraneous rules drive you nuts. You like to know what you have to do and do it in your own way rather than add on a bunch of details that don’t affect the quality of what you can accomplish.

The INFP – Giving to Get

You don’t understand people who make people-pleasing decisions simply to stack up debts that eventually have to be “repaid.” We’re thinking of the friend who offers to help you with something but later holds it over your head or guilts you with it when they need a favor. You hate it when relationships are used as a way of “keeping score” or become too transactional.

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The INTP – Impatience

You’re not immune to impatience, but you shake your head when people frantically rush into decisions without taking the time to assess the pros and cons. You need plenty of time to toss an idea around in  your head and look for inconsistencies or flaws in logic. You know a good decision is better than a fast one nearly every time. Therefore, when people ignore thorough analysis in the favor of quick results you know it’s only a matter of time before they’ll see the adverse effects of their impulsivity.

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The ENFJ – The Silent Treatment

You hate it when people sulk and mull over their problems instead of talking about them or trying to fix them. You believe that most issues can be dealt with properly when there is communication and feedback. Passive-aggressiveness, the silent treatment, or moodiness irritate you intensely because the person giving the treatment may be using warped understanding to fuel their anger.

The ENTJ – Whining

It’s a dog eat dog world and nobody knows this better than you. Life is for the people who can pull themselves up by the bootstraps and do the hard work needed to survive and thrive. People who wine, moan, and complain about their lives make you irritable and annoyed at the human race. You know if they put as much energy into changing their situation as they did into complaining they’d be better off in the end.

The INFJ – Narrow Thinking

You hate it when people are unwilling to look outside of their own experiences to understand something (for example, the people who think racism isn’t real yet aren’t minorities themselves). You know there’s a hundred different ways of experiencing something and it bothers you when people refuse to use empathy and nuanced understanding in their interactions with others.

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The INTJ – Flattery

Compliments that matter to you are specific and direct.  People who overwhelm you with superfluous praise make you skeptical and hesitant.  Being the object of someone’s praise can make you uncomfortable, and you often find yourself wondering what that person’s true motives are. Usually you can find something manipulative or self-serving beneath flattery.

The ESFP – Pretentious Language

You’re someone who aims to be down-to-earth and accepting. When someone’s embarrassed, for example, you’ll make a joke or do something silly to put them at ease. People who use big, fancy words or feigned accents simply to appear more intellectual or superior make you unimpressed and annoyed.

The ESTP – Armchair Experts

Energetic and gregarious, you approach life with a hunger to be in the middle of the action. Life wasn’t meant to be viewed from the sidelines, it was meant to be actively participated in. People who sit around theorizing, hypothesizing, and forming viewpoints they have no real-life experience with get on your nerves.

The ISFP – Faultfinding

Gentle and observant, you believe that everyone has a dark and a light side to their personality. You know that the most faultfinding individuals on the planet are avoiding looking at their own flaws by seeking out other people’s deficiencies. These kinds of people make you cringe.

The ISTP – Victim Mindset

People who collect victim labels throughout their lives as a badge of honor disgust you. To be clear, you have the utmost sympathy for people who have actually been victimized. But when people constantly concoct stories where everyone else is a bully and they are always faultless, you can’t help but shake your head.

The ESFJ – When People Dismiss the Details

Some people focus a lot on grand gestures to show others that they care. But you realize that genuine caring shows up in a million small, everyday gestures. Holding the door for someone, picking up your partner’s favorite coffee in the morning, or even just replacing a toilet paper roll instead of leaving the holder bare. You focus on the details that matter to people, no matter how small. When others ignore the little details and comforts of others, you can’t help but get annoyed.

The ESTJ – Excuses

When people are consistently late or doing sloppy work only to come up with justifications and excuses you get exasperated. Laziness and poor attention to detail are bad enough without adding phony justifications on top of it.

The ISFJ – Forced Spontaneity

You approach life with cautious thoughtfulness and hate being rushed into anything unexpectedly. People who put you on the spot or pressure you to act without having time to mentally prepare make you shudder. You even get second-hand stress from watching this happen to other people (even in movies!)

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The ISTJ – Pyramid Scheme Pushers

We’ve all been there. You open up a Facebook message from someone you haven’t seen in years. You wait in suspense to see what this long-lost friend is reaching out to you for! And then it happens. They’re selling essential oils/cleaning products/books/leggings and only feigning interest to get your money or sign you up to be a “successful” rep like them. This isn’t just annoying, but it’s an ineffective way to make money and so it’s an immediate turn-off to you.

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Find out what makes each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types really cringe. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

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  1. INFJ…yes…I loathe narrow minded thinking…for example, believing the only victims of racism are minorities.

    1. Props. It stinks how they tried to sneak that in there. Disappointed in you, Psychologiejunkie (not that they care. Clicks are paramount)

      1. I do think racism can happen among any race, but it’s something minorities have to deal with more frequently in most cases. I do care, just for the record.

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