What to Get Your Dad for Father’s Day, Based On His Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

The ENFP Father

The ENFP dad wants to know you on a sincere level. Write a hand-written letter, make a piece of art (they won’t care if it’s “perfect”), make a mix tape of songs that remind you of him. Random gifts are also exciting for this dad! Show up in the middle of the night with a dozen doughnuts, fill the first floor of his house with balloons in his favorite colors, or create a slideshow of pictures of the two of you with overly-dramatic cheesy music in the background.

Want to just BUY something? Think of something that will make him laugh, but will also be heartfelt, like this Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book . You could also recognize their adventurous spirit by giving them this 50 States Travel Journal and encouraging him to explore somewhere new!

Find out what would REALLY make your dad smile this father's day, based on his Myers-Briggs® personality type. #MBTI #INFJ #INFP #Personality

The ENTP Father

When it comes to fatherhood, ENTPs really do appreciate knowing how much their children really care. While they may seem intellectual and detached to strangers, with their own children ENTPs are usually major softies. They want to know what YOU, their child, think about life. They want to explore ideas and talk about your thoughts, even if they are unconventional (especially if they are unconventional). On Father’s Day, these dads will usually enjoy a good discussion over a fancy gift. Challenge them to a strategy game and discuss your life in between turns. Take them out to their favorite restaurant and ask them if they’ve had any unusual ideas or thoughts lately.

But if you’re looking for something to buy them, here are a couple of options. A Smartphone controlled paper airplane is likely to spark their curiosity. If you’re looking for something more practical, an ENTP would also love this Grip Strip that can hold their smartphone, keys, sunglasses, or more in any situation (while driving, in the shower, etc.) Other than that, a good strategy game will pique their interest, or Audible credits so they can listen to one of their favorite books!

The INFP Father

The last thing an INFP father wants is acknowledgment stemming from a sense of duty. They only want a gift or recognition if it’s authentically felt. So the first thing to do is to consider where your motivation is coming from. If you’re trying to get him something because you “have to” it will show. Look back on your lifetime. What things has your father done that significantly impacted your life in a positive way? Write them down. What small moments made you feel comforted? Write them down. At what points did your dad help you to feel confident in your own skin? Write those down. THIS would be a much better present for him than a gift card or an obligatory phone call.

That said, if you want to buy your INFP dad something, here are a couple of ideas that will probably make him smile:

This 100 Books Scratch-Off Poster will fill him with inspiration and excitement. INFPs notoriously love to read and will enjoy having the challenge and excitement of this scratch-off chart. This Shakesperean Insults chart will also bring a smile to your dad’s face.

This tune-out musical sleep mask can help your dad wind down after a long day while listening to his favorite tunes.

Lastly, books. Audiobooks, antique books, eBooks, bookmarks…anything to do with books the INFP will typically love. Just try to get a good sense of what he likes first!

The INTP Father

While these types might seem distant and reserved from the outside, they are often quite warm and caring on the inside. This is especially true in their relationship with their children. INTPs desperately care for their children, but they don’t always know how to show it through verbal affirmation. On Father’s Day getting some acknowledgment that that inner heart was seen by their children is what matters to them. Can you think of a time that your INTP dad made you feel loved? Can you think of a sacrifice he made for you? Can you think of a time where he helped you with something difficult? Write these things down. Give this list to your dad and let him enjoy reading it in private. One thing that’s important to remember with INTPs is that they often feel “stage fright” when they’re opening a present on the spot. This may not always be the case in a family relationship, but it often is according to many INTPs I’ve spoken with.

If you’re looking for something you can purchase, INTPs enjoy things that will excite their mind and get them thinking and problem-solving. They also enjoy memorabilia and gadgets related to their favorite hobbies and interests. You could get him one of these Constantin Brain Teasers or a Master Theorem Book of Puzzles. You could also look for memorabilia related to one of his favorite movies, books, or games.

The ENFJ Father

If your dad is an ENFJ, chances are he wants to get some quality time with you more than anything else. Having a conversation at a favorite restaurant, sharing meaningful ideas, or even just watching a favorite movie together would be deeply satisfying. Hand-written letters or mix tapes are also agreed-upon favorites. This dad wants to feel connected with you, he wants to help you in meaningful ways, and he wants to know you’re doing something you enjoy, not just making an obligatory phone call.

If you’re looking for a gift idea that you can buy, I would definitely recommend this Self-Care bucket list. ENFJs notoriously forget to take care of themselves because they are so preoccupied with taking care of other people and managing things. You could also get them one of these Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massagers to make that self-care part extra easy. You could attach a note that says, “You’ve taken care of me for X number of years. Here’s something you can use to take care of yourself!”

The ENTJ Father

Commanding and capable, the ENTJ dad is likely to tell you he doesn’t need anything for Father’s Day. These types tend to scoff at traditional holidays, and they don’t especially like others’ feeling obliged to reach out because it’s a particular date on the calendar. With that in mind, it’s better to do something genuine or nothing at all. Take on a chore that he usually hates doing – mowing the lawn, repairing something around the house, or washing his car. You could also stimulate his philosophical side by giving him a book that asks (and answers) profound questions. Books like Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life appeal to the growth-oriented ENTJ. The 48 Laws of Power is also a highly-recommended ENTJ favorite.

The INFJ Father

The INFJ father is likely to enjoy heartfelt gifts that he can enjoy in his alone time. Mix tapes, hand-written letters, or decorative items that appeal to his tastes and experiences will always be hits. Is there a movie he likes? Get him a piece of memorabilia or a framed poster for that movie. Does he enjoy birdwatching? Get him a bird feeder he can view from his kitchen window. But more important than the gift is letting him know you genuinely care. INFJ dads love connecting with their children one-on-one so a morning walk, a trip to a coffee shop, or a walk around the local bookshop can all be meaningful outings for you and your dad.

Want some other gift ideas? These majestic forest bookends will likely appeal to the INFJ bookworm (I’ve yet to meet an INFJ who isn’t a bookworm). This Dad’s Journal full of writing prompts is not only a gift for your dad but something you can cherish in the future.

The INTJ Father

Intellectual and loyal, the INTJ dad would enjoy some quiet one-on-one time with you in a peaceful setting. Go hiking together, peruse a local library and share ideas about your favorite books, or go fishing at a quiet lake. While this father may seem reserved and mysterious to many children, he’s also deeply devoted and supportive.  He wants to know your plans for your life, your ambitions, your dreams, and your questions. This father enjoys teaching experiences and appreciates being asked for advice. Wandering a museum or working on a project together can all be opportunities for him to connect with you and learn new things.

Want some other gift ideas? This literary insults chart is sure to appeal to his intelligent, dry sense of humor. As someone who welcomes a mental challenge, this brain buster crate is also likely to be a hit.

The ESFP Father

Adventurous and fun-loving, the ESFP dad wants to have a memorable experience with you for Father’s Day. Whether that means hitting an amusement park, grilling in the backyard, or making a variety of different fondues to try, this dad wants to share the joy of life with you. Trying new foods, drinks, and adventures will make this day a hit for him. If you’re long-distance, you could also watch a movie and eat a meal over FaceTime, bake some cookies and mail them, or play a game together online!

Want some other gift ideas? This karaoke microphone speaker will likely be a hit for the ESFP who loves to entertain (or solo sing). And you know how ESFPs are good at multi-tasking? Well, take advantage of that with this ball and ice cream maker in one!

The ESTP Father

Energetic and good-humored, the ESTP dad is all about having an exciting experience with you on Father’s Day. He’d rather go bowling with you than get a gift card. He’d rather go four-wheeling than eat a fancy meal (most of the time). This dad wants to bond with you through doing something exciting and challenging. Take a camping trip, go rock climbing, or attend a concert! These are all fun ways to spend time with your dad and embrace his love of sensory experiences.

Want a gift you can actually wrap up? Try this 100 Things to Do Scratch-Off Poster. He might also enjoy shocking the neighbors with these Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Sets! You can also usually be safe by buying electronic gadgets or video games for this dad.

The ISFP Father

Gentle and creative, the ISFP dad wants a gift that carries a personal meaning. Symbolic gifts, heartfelt gifts (like hand-written letters), or gifts that appeal to his aesthetic taste are all enjoyed. These dads are also appreciative of “acts of service” style gifts. Is your dad struggling to maintain the yard? Go ahead and mow it and weed it for him. Does he live off of microwave meals? Load up his crock pot with a delicious, healthy dinner (and leave the recipe!) Spend one-on-one time with him to show you care, but do it in a low-key setting. This dad might enjoy fishing with you, making something new (like soap or candles), or watching a favorite movie while enjoying some favorite snacks!

Want a gift you can actually buy? Try this 100 movies scratch-off poster to inspire him the next time he feels bored. He’d also probably love this portable campfire that he can take just about anywhere or these teas from around the world.

The ISTP Father

No-nonsense and pragmatic, ISTP fathers enjoy gifts that appeal to their sense of fun or their sense of utility. Whether you’re getting them a household tool they’ve been craving or taking them on a camping trip, these dads will appreciate the chance to connect with you while being able to build something new or experience the wild outdoors. While heartfelt gifts are also enjoyed, they tend to appreciate them privately. In public, ISTPs tend to worry that their reactions are disappointing. A lot of the warmth and tenderness of the ISTP is felt inside rather than overtly displayed. Giving them a gift discretely instead of in the presence of a crowd of people is usually preferable.

Want some other ideas? Try this Desktop Skee Ball to keep him occupied when he’s bored at the office. You can also test his quick wits and cleverness with this Escape Artist Puzzle Box. Video games and recreational experiences also tend to be hits.

The ESFJ Father

Generous and gregarious, the ESFJ father enjoys shared experiences more than gifts most of the time. Being able to get to know you and get an update on your life will probably appeal to him more than a gift card or a new necktie. Go golfing together, cook dinner together, or work on creating a family tree over a weekend! These kinds of shared experiences help to enrich the bond you both have and that’s the kind of gift that matters most to the ESFJ dad.

Want to buy something for your ESFJ dad? This ticket stub diary is a great way for your dad to remember all of his favorite experiences and events.  This guided journal for fathers is a heartfelt way for him to connect with you and share his life experiences with you in a meaningful way.

The ESTJ Father

Responsible and organized, this dad wants to know how you’re doing in life more than anything else. He wants an update on your life and a sense of where you’re going and what your goals are. Taking him out to dinner and discussing life events and goals will appeal to him. He also enjoys connecting over projects and experiences. Perhaps you could go fishing with him or help him organize his garage! Find out what projects he is working on and see if you can lend a hand!

Want a gift that you can wrap up in pretty paper? With ESTJ fathers, usefulness is key. They like gifts that they can use to make their life easier or more productive. This travel cord roll is just the kind of functional gift that ESTJs tend to enjoy. This water proof notepad will help him to jot down those random ideas that pop into his head in the shower. You can also prolong the life of his laptop with this Kootec Laptop Cooling Pad

The ISFJ Father

Warm-hearted and reflective, the ISFJ father enjoys connecting with you one-on-one during Father’s Day. A hand-written letter or something you’ve crafted yourself is likely to mean the most to him. Something simple like ordering a pizza and re-watching a favorite movie is bound to be a hit with him. “Acts of service” style gifts also mean a lot to this dad. Surprise him by showing up and washing his car, mowing his lawn, or fixing something around the house.

For wrappable gifts, choose something that has personal meaning. This dad’s journal is a meaningful way for him to share his life story with you. These “Dozen Reasons I Love You Dad” messages are hand-crafted and customizable based on your own experiences with your dad. This rememory game invites your dad to revisit the most meaningful moments in his life with you, and learn more about you in the process!

The ISTJ Father

The ISTJ father appreciates a day where he can connect with you in a quiet way. Big parties and spontaneous surprises are usually more stressful for him than enjoyable. Going on a quiet walk together or playing a board game are more enjoyable for him. These dads like quiet, peaceful moments of good conversation and good snacks or drinks. Sitting around a bonfire and swapping stories or working on a project together are great ways for him to get to know you better.

If you’re looking for a gift you can hand him, just keep in mind that these dads like usable, functional things like this carbon smartphone cleaner. They also like games that challenge their knowledge storehouse. This personalized puzzle book is a great way to commemorate his life while giving him something enjoyable to do. These types also tend to enjoy any gifts that revolve around their current hobbies, so be sure to ask some questions to get the gist of what he’s currently obsessing over!

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Find out what your dad REALLY wants for father's day, based on his Myers-Briggs® personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

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