Here’s What You Might Be Forgetting, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Each of us has blind spots and areas in our lives that we tend to forget to take care of. Whether it’s self-care, rest, asking for help, or believing in our capabilities! This article will shed some light on something that each type needs to remember to succeed more fully in the life they have chosen!

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Find out what each personality type tends to forget. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ #INFP


You may be forgetting to think through every impulsive decision you want to pursue. If you want to pack up your things and move to Italy, or take on yet another creative project, you must ask yourself — is this something I can really see myself committing to and not regretting? Filling your free time with project ideation is great, but sometimes you may also want to logically think through how much you can handle before you set forth. Your body can only do so much!

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Don’t fear letting yourself be sad about things sometimes. You’re human too. If people are rude to you, if you didn’t get the job you wanted, if someone cut you off in traffic and made you late, let yourself wallow on occasion and be sad instead of angry. Because sometimes life isn’t fair. And you’re allowed to notice and cry about it.


On occasion, make sure to check in and set healthy physical boundaries for yourself. You are a thrill-seeker, but sometimes you shouldn’t try to push the limits of your own body or the limits of others around you. Rest is very important for a person who can be very high energy, and you can certainly reach those levels. So be sure to not exhaust yourself to the point of a breakdown and take the time to heal and recenter.


Remember to take time to relax and spend quality time conversing about deep topics with your loved ones. You need to remember there is life outside of the work you devote yourself to. Take a second to enjoy the finer things in life, and the intimacy that comes from talking about it with those who you care about you deeply and vice versa. You’re a huge softy who deserves to be seen for that.


You may forget to fill your own cup when you try and take care of others so much! Worrying about them shouldn’t take the focus off you. Prioritize some self-reflection once in a while by writing in a journal about what’s really going on with your emotions. You have values and desires that are non-negotiable; don’t sell yourself short!


You may be forgetting to be a little more strict with yourself about pushing yourself out of your everyday life. Try to challenge yourself more by doing something outside what you normally would, like joining a philosophy club. You can make a routine out of keeping life exciting — exciting mentally, not just physically. Your version of doing ‘new’ things should be a little more academically challenging at times!


Sometimes, you should speak up if you have a critique of an idea. You’re good at integrating reality into your perception of a solution during problem-solving. So consider that maybe people want to hear your feedback because you see something they don’t! You have a lot more going on in your head that may be better received than you think. You are just as capable of getting creative as the next person, and the simple things you say might just have more merit than you even could realize!


You’re way more capable of quick and resourceful creativity than you give yourself credit for. You can naturally be a compassionate person with strong emotions, and you’re actually very good at summarizing the most practical way of caring for people because you’re such a good listener. You may not look around and realize how different other people are from you, but appreciate that. Then go out and create a better world with the strong emotions you have for the world!


Sometimes, you need to realize your dreams can be real way faster than you expect. You have to seize the opportunities coming your way, usually in the form of people who want to invest in you. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be unstoppable. For every crazy idea you have, make sure you also come up with a plan (that you can abide by!) to make it as real as possible. You’re a lot better at making plans than you realize!

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Your critiques of the world around you can be very profound, but make sure to not turn them on yourself. You can be overly hard on yourself when you can only do so much. Don’t expect to meet every need you realize, and don’t join in every fight someone challenges you to. Set a standard for yourself to always check in that you’re trying to show yourself some love in words of affirmation and in other ways, and that that brilliant mind of yours isn’t going to chomp away at your self-esteem as well!


Visionary and stubborn, you may be forgetting to explore other perspectives before you push yourself full-steam-ahead into your vision. Being curious about seeing the profound in others’ perspectives will flesh out your ideas and plans. You do get that everyone’s humanity is valid — but sometimes the way they view life is as well. Remember to keep your mind open for alternatives, perspectives, and creative propositions that come from the world outside you!

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You may be forgetting not to let your own paranoia rob you of the knowledge that you can handle whatever life throws at you. You’re hyper-aware that there are some aspects of life that we cannot control, and it’s scary when you encounter that. So sometimes, it’s okay for someone else to reassure you of negative things not happening — and for you to actually believe them!


Remember to look for things in life that excite you. You need to experience passion every so often to remember how worth living life is, and not everything does that for you! Channel your excitement and curiosity into a creative pursuit if you want, and don’t worry about making the art public to others. You have more ideas than you may realize, and these ideas may be just what you should dwell on once in a while to take it easy and take a break from the mundane day to day grind.


You may forget to verbally affirm the people around you that matter to you. Sometimes you can get so lost in your own thoughts that you don’t tend to the emotional needs of those around you. People who care about you deeply may need some validation that you haven’t forgotten about them! Definitely always take the time to check in with your friends if you haven’t in a while.


You may want to re-evaluate what it is that you’re really passionate about and capable of committing to. You may do things because they’re good for society and your greater community at large, and you can carry an entire village on your shoulders. But what about what you really care about? It’s not everything, come on. You may say, “Wow, that’s amazing!” and not always feel it. Be careful about the promises you make, because you can only keep so many of them! Make sure to validate the ones that count, so you can count on yourself too.


You may be forgetting to be vulnerable with your loved ones about when you need their support. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You’re allowed to fall apart sometimes and have other people do things for you, too! Asking for help and support can remind the people you care about that you value them — and that you value yourself. Remember to fill your cup when you’ve been tired from fighting the battles at work and putting out the fires you need to. You deserve rest as well!

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Find out what each personality type needs to remember to better succeed at life! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ #INFP

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  1. Crystal, thanks for an insightful piece – strong, useful content.
    It made me wonder what your Myers-Briggs profile is… I’m coming from an INFJ perspective, and I have a small request.
    When you write the INFJ piece, could you omit the exclamation marks? In our house they are known as ‘shriek’ marks. They actually make me flinch.
    It’s not a big drama, and I do wonder if other INFJs experience it as I do. Just feedback.
    Thanks again for the insights about over-hasty dismissal of other models of the world. You are spot on wrt me, for sure.
    Thanks & love

  2. With the ENTJ filtering the ‘intake & output’ fired-up during the dominant & auxiliary phase of my life I then became been, early on blessed, as rearing occurred as a being a military brat that has learned to appreciate the family & travels acquired on this third rock from the Sun. (from my beginnings) It has forever been the hunt & not the kill that has been so worthy of this celebration of life in this body. Even now as a 72-year-old Crusty Ol Goat. Being genuinely motivated by the nature of the task at hand has been the “Jet Fuel 24/7/365” with this motivational seeking personality meeds in the workplace. It’s always been: Just Point Me & Stand aside. Its always been the hunt that fed vision, drive & desire to engage human resources toward the Mission Ops & Primary & Secondary Objectives. This endeavor is most satisfying as I use the experiences of some 45 +years in labor. All as I come walking as a Stranger from the East, with a leather apron in hand applying the craft at hand. VIRTUS JUNXIT MORS NON-SEPERABIT

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