How Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Would Respond to a Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever wondered how different personality types would handle a zombie apocalypse?  How would you fare in a life-or-death survival scenario? I asked as many different personality types as I could find how they would survive. Here’s what they had  to say:

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How Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Would Respond to a Zombie Apocalypse


ENFPs seemed split between wanting to simply run away and die during an apocalypse or find creative solutions. With their ability to think outside the box, ENFPs would be a great choice for brainstorming unusual solutions. They’re also good at motivating people to stay in tune with who they really are. This gift would be highly valuable in a crisis scenario where moods and temperaments can shift dramatically.

Here’s what a few ENFPs had to say:

“I fully expect to die within the first 15 minutes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really feel like working with it, buuuut could contribute morale & thinking of abstract ways to end the whole thing or to trap zombies/escape.”Alawnya, Twitter User

“Dude I’d just die. idk. But having inferior Si may help if I got injured I could just… ignore my body and all the pain or need to eat or whatever. Hahaha.” #ShePersisted, Twitter User

“I manage to communicate and befriend a zombie who is loyal to me and protects me. While I help start forming an underground rebellion, aiming to find a cure.”Imbue, Twitter User

“I would surround myself with a bunch of STs and just convince them to protect me… other than that… I got nothing!”NeFiTeSi, Twitter User

Lol I would 0% care to live through the Zombie apocalypse. We all have to die sometime, I’d just get it over with early so I didn’t have to be stressed + use Se the rest of my life & then eventually die anyway.” – Blogger Heidi Priebe

“Hmm, well judging from all the literature on the subject, I’d provide everyone with every possible way they could survive, making sure 1) maintain sanity, 2) equipped to defend ourselves, 3) adequate source of resources and 4) seek answers”
Nate, an avid zombie-fan ENFP

“I’ll most probably get eaten trying to establish contact/reach out to the zombies in a passionate quest of trying to prove that there is still some good in them….that deep down inside they are still human ??‍♀️☺️” – Maria A., Twitter User

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ENTPs seemed a little bit more positive about the whole zombie apocalypse scenario. They figured they’d get right to work developing theories and solutions. As intuitive-dominant personality types, ENTPs would probably be good at extrapolating new ideas from existing objects. They’d also have a knack for seeing innovative possibilities and weighing the pros and cons to many different ideas at the same time.

Here’s what a few ENTPs had to say:

“I’d persuade the zombies to use me as their consultant/spy instead of just killing me or turning me to a zombie. That way I could help them dominate normal humans. Then I would obviously find a way out.” CogFun, Twitter User

“I’d probably spend most of type developing theories about Zombies and how they came about. I would probably get eaten because I wasn’t paying attention while considering my newest theory.”Micah Purvis, Twitter User

“I would probably be the leader of a group of people we come across while walking around to find a safe spot. It’ll probably get messy so I think there’ll be a quiet one who helps me hold things structured. Drama will probably happen in the group and most will get eaten. I imagine this giant hoard of zombies coming for the remaining people of the group. I’d probably sacrifice myself for the quiet leader who had been by my side the whole time.”Goddess of Chaos, Twitter User

“I really want to be a zombie though ? you don’t have to think of tactics, people are scared of and you are roaming around freely and eating whatever comes in front of you, it is soo much fun ??? Anfal.entp, Twitter User


As idealists and introverts, many INFPs responded that they’d use the apocalypse as a time to escape and find their own quiet place to hide away. Whether it meant running off to the jungles or finding an isolated cave and living off of plant life, INFPs thought pure isolation and imagination would help them cope.

Here’s what a few INFPs had to say:

“I’d probably look for some community as far away from the front line as possible, and help the mental and emotional survival of the group with 1-to-1 support, w/ occasional amazingly practical suggestions for the infrastructure.”- Christine Rigden, INFP Life Coach

“I would help the zombies find alternate nutrition so they wouldn’t have to eat humans.” INFP Princess, Twitter User

“The only thing I’m really good at (INFP) is writing poetry!? XD So I guess I could write about the experiences we’re having in the group that other people could relate to? Ooh or I could record everything that happens, so that in the event that we all die, at least we have a recorded history of what happened?”

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INTPs didn’t seem too daunted by the idea of a zombie apocalypse. These curious, logical types enjoy the challenge of finding solutions and putting them into practical use. They’re more likely to be independent or work in a small group because they dislike organizing large groups of people or having to work under dictatorships.

Here’s what a few INTPs had to say:

“Zombies have compromised immune systems, so I just have to make sure I have food, air, clean water, and working plumbing for like a week or so, and nature will take care of the rest.”Belated INTP, Twitter User

“I’d hole myself away with elaborate traps keeping everything out. I’d eventually die of lack of food or while stepping out to search for love.” Christian Rivera, Twitter User and Podcaster

“I’d upload my consciousness to a computer. Zombies don’t like silicon. Or write an airtight dissertation on nihilism. Convince them that in the end, it wouldn’t matter even if they did eat me.”Wythered Amygdala, Twitter User


ENFJs are extremely supportive, motivational individuals. Even in a zombie apocalypse they’d probably find some way to inspire the group and encourage everyone to do their best. They are skilled at building consensus and making peace, which would come in handy when the inevitable rivalries and power-struggles developed.

Here’s what a few ENFJs had to say:

“I’d rally people to fight as a team against the enemies. I’d also use my insight to figure out the best roles for people to take on to work as a unit for a good outcome.”@KatPassionate, Twitter User and Enneagram Coach

“I think I’d be really good at keeping everyone calm, together, and thinking clearly in the crisis for the sake of the tribe. Instilling the value VERY firmly that we must use each other’s individual strengths to stay alive, which also means we must get along.” Denzel Mensah, Personality YouTuber 

“I would help expand the consciousness of people to help them all get along. Lol. Honestly, if I was in charge we would all die. Whenever I have nightmares, my response to murderers is to show them love and then I always die calmly at the end.” Meghan LeVota, Myers-Briggs and Socionics YouTuber


ENTJs are natural leaders and organizers who would quickly pull together a group of survivors and make a proactive, structured community. ENTJs are good at translating possibilities into plans and attaining short-term and long-term objectives. Their strategic, visionary insight would give them confidence and a decisive, clear direction.

Here’s what a few ENTJs had to say:

“People would rely on me for pragmatic, actionable strategy and the ability to make quick but good decisions. I’d survive because other people need me so that they can survive.” – Johannes Karlsson, Socionics & Philosophy Blogger

“I’d start a new civilization, the plan has already begun taking form.”

“It would be important to gather a team and organize the hunters, gatherers, counselors, doctors, and caretakers. With that, I’d create an airtight community and create traps surrounding it so that zombies couldn’t possibly get in. Finding animals would also be important so that we could breed them and be self-sustaining.” Anonymous 


INFJs are excellent at understanding the far-reaching implications and possibilities of what’s happening in the present moment. They notice patterns and spot trends and may be able to figure out which patterns led to the apocalypse in the first place. They also tend to be highly empathetic and would use their empathy to console people who are struggling with loss, fear, or uncertainty.

Here’s what a few INFJs had to say:

“I would either (A) die immediately because I would overthink and/or panic and not react fast enough or (B) out survive everyone because my caution (read: paranoia) in stressful situations knows no bounds.”@whatsername428

“I have strong spidey senses about people and situations. I tend to run on the anxious side and feel it’s my duty to warn other people about the possible dangers I perceive. This doesn’t make me the most light-hearted person but it’s useful. In a zombie apocalypse, I’d hopefully be with a small band of people who are also trying to survive. We’d likely run into other people, and have to decide how much to trust them. Somebody in my camp or another camp may be infected but not share it. Or even if nobody’s infected, sometimes people have other bad motives and may try to cozy up to us to steal our supplies. I’d want to treat people kindly whether they’re part of my camp or not, but I’d listen to my instincts about who to really trust. When I’m not using my spidey senses to look for bad motives, I’d be using my intuition to pay attention to group morale and cheer up people who need it the most.”
– @oracleofdewphi

“I would probably be “mothering” everyone around me and counseling them through their traumas, while also lying awake at night trying to come up with a solution to the whole zombie problem. But I would get killed by a zombie who snuck up on me while I was daydreaming before I could actually do anything to solve the problem.”
INFJ Blogger Marissa Baker

“I’ve already figured out that Kombucha kills zombies. I am ramping up production of new batches, and have teams out acquiring more water guns. I also have been developing a cloud-based airborne tea/sugar/scooby waft so it will rain kombucha.”@AMelonBaby

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INTJs have a clear vision of the future and are extremely driven and organized at implementing their ideas. This personality type would come in handy during a zombie apocalypse when a logical, strategic thinker is essential. INTJs would be skilled at creating an overarching plan and structure for a group of survivors and keeping calm during emotional or stressful situations.

Here’s what a few INTJs had to say:

“I’m an INTJ, so clearly I am a doomsday prepper. The key is to surround yourself with people who have Se dom or Aux, and then to be the one directing the action. I will survive through long-range planning, and delegating the actual work to ESTPs, ESFPs, ISTPs and ISFPs.”@artemidite

“I would instinctually know where the virus/zombies were congregated/heading so I could decide the best place to go that would sustain my family long term, but I would have no clue how to get there & die on the journey from some form of klutziness.” – Plumeria Girl, Twitter User

“I’m a very strategic person and can “take charge” when necessary. Very confident also. I pride myself on my stoicism as well. I think I could be a “rock” for people to rely on and help guide through times of stress, given that I almost never stress myself.”@TraceMiller69

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ESFPs are extremely resourceful, spontaneous, and adaptable. They would have their highly-observant, realistic nature to aid them during a zombie apocalypse. They also would be good at assessing their inner value system and figuring out how to respond to the situation while still staying true to their own values and identity.

Here’s what a few ESFPs had to say:

“We don’t panic in a crisis and problem solve quickly and calmly. We think quick on our feet!” 
Pamela Winter

“You have to get basic needs taken care of first. Food, water, shelter. Every man (or family) for himself. I’d be the lady camped out comfortably in a boarded-up house using my fireplace to cook fish I’d caught. Shotgun on my hip.”
– Amina, an ESFP

“I think I’d make it. I’m athletic enough, I’m very aware of my environment, and great with tactical. I’d pair up with someone who’s great with strategic thinking, to cover all my bases, who would need me because of my awareness and common sense. Equip me with whatever, and I’ll be fine, but I’ve always had a thing for an axe. Works well on zombies, works well on firewood, and if I learn how to throw it (which should be easy and silent enough), I’ll be able to hunt squirrels and small prey. I already know which berries, plants and mushrooms are edible in my climate, and which are not. I’ve got a first-aid course on my belt, as well as some basic survival. I can build a fire without accelerants (or matches or a lighter). If anything gets in the way of my survival, it’s compassion.”
– Zdena, an ESFP


With their fast reflexes, swift troubleshooting abilities, and adaptability, ESTPs would definitely have an advantage in a zombie apocalypse. These types enjoy a challenge and are rapidly resourceful, utilizing objects in their environment to take out the enemy as quickly as possible. This type would probably make one of the most formidable opponents to the zombie hoards.

Here’s what a couple of ESTPs had to say:

I am well prepared for most disasters. I have an all-wheel drive car, a lightweight pop-up to pull behind, and backpacking supplies. Even my kids each have a bug out bag prepacked with survival tools. We (my husband is an INTJ) have timed ourselves packing the car with all the essentials including freeze-dried food, seed kits, water, and water purification, weapons, shelter, clothing, and our pets and can be out of the house in 15 to 20 minutes. 

We know where to go and who would be on our team in a long term disaster. As a family, we would be able to farm, hunt, and defend the spot. 

I think we’d do better than most.”
– Tara, an ESTP

“I think as an ESTP my first reaction would be that if you give me a machete I will go and cleanse the world of the abomination that dares to walk the place I call home. Then after successfully clearing an area, I’d realize after a month that another area would have been better.”
– Daniel Storm


ISFPs have two unique skills that they bring to the table: They can serve as the ethical backbone of any group, making sure that people aren’t straying from their true values and that compassion and integrity are maintained. ISFPs are also highly observant, resourceful, and realistic. They would be skilled at keeping an eye out for invaders or defending the camp when quick reflexes and agility are needed.

Here’s what two ISFPs had to say:

“To be honest, I’d survive in the same way that I survived dodgeball. Just stand in a corner and cloak myself in invisibility. In other words…I’m good at hiding or at least remaining unnoticed. But an ISFP artsy twist would be that if a zombie does find me I’ll have my guitar and paintbrushes on deck to stab him or knock his head off.
ISFP singer Jamila Mensah

“I would turn my art and baking supplies into weapons.”
– ISFP YouTuber Madame Kidd


ISTPs are often called the “Virtuoso’s” and that’s because they tend to have a wide variety of skills and abilities. These resourceful, independent individuals are good at troubleshooting and reacting quickly to surprise events. They are swift thinkers, logical analyzers, and skilled at keeping their cool in make-or-break situations. This would make them a strong asset to any team of survivors.

Here’s what some ISTPs had to say:

“I would more than survive. I would thrive.”
Jake Veigel

“I’m already stocking up on survival gear in case of emergencies. In a zombie apocalypse, I would gather my friends and get them in my underground bunker. Then I’d secure a large enough area where I could maintain crops and keep and breed livestock. I already have a farm so that’s no big deal. Just keeping zombies out would be the important thing. I’m actually kind of excited just thinking about it.”
– Marcus, an ISTP


ESFJs are good at organizing people towards one unified goal. In an apocalypse scenario, they would be the ones making sure everyone’s practical and emotional needs were tended to. They’d ensure that everyone was on the same page and that each of the team members was doing their part. Fights and rivalries would be handled by them as they’d quickly point out that teamwork is the only way everyone will survive.

Here’s what some ESFJs had to say:

“We would try to lead a group of survivors but then get stabbed in the back by someone we trusted. That or we would prob die trying to save someone we loved. Either way, I don’t see myself surviving, lol.”Kat, an ESFJ

“My ESFJ husband would be the leader and risk his life to try to save all those he cares about in any way possible.” – Lyndsay

“We would probably kick ass in the beginning and then randomly die from underestimating them and getting a bit cocky.” – Filip, an ESFJ


With their strong leadership skills and their ability to quickly size up a situation, ESTJs would make excellent coordinators for a team. They’d be good at creating logical plans of action along with smart contingency plans in case the previous plans fell through. Their grounded, take-charge demeanor would inspire confidence in the people around them.

Here’s what a few others ESTJs had to say:

“I already have plans for the apocalypse. So me and my family are bugging out to Idaho or Montana. Anywhere with large cattle herds and few people. If you are useful to me, you can come. But be ready to pull your weight or I will kick you out to survive on your own. And yes I am taking Feelers with me. Fi music and art people and Fe nurturers. We will need all kinds.”
– Amy

“As an ESTJ, I’d make a plan to deal with the problem. When I discover that no one will follow the plan and it won’t matter anyway, I will go to my Introvert and read until it’s over.”
– David

“I’d delegate everyone to positions where they’d be used to their best purposes. The feelers would provide emotional support and keep people calm (and take care of the kids). The thinkers would come up with the plans. The sensors would carry out hunting and gathering missions while the intuitives focused on the long-range strategies.”
– Jeremy


ISFJs are down-to-earth, focused, methodical, and nurturing. They would help to take care of the details that others would lose sight of in their haste. They would ensure that practical needs were attended to, that nobody was getting lost in the shuffle, and that some kind of security and order was maintained.

Here’s what two ISFJs had to say:

“I think I would be good at putting together traps and snares to keep my unit safe. I’d also be good at making sure everyone had a voice in decisions and nobody got overlooked. Caring for people and making sure we weren’t doing “ready, fire, aim” decision-making would be my skill.”
– Nahomi, an ISFJ

“I’d make sure everyone’s emotional needs were taken care of and I think I could hold my own in a fight with a zombie. I’m pretty attentive to my surroundings and I’m good at being careful but confident.”
– Joshua

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ISTJs have intense, focused energy and are good at tuning out distractions to create logical action plans. They aim to anticipate future events and scenarios and create contingency plans so that their team of survivors would be safe and would never be without direction. ISTJs would be good at ensuring practical needs were met, that there was an order and structure to every day and that everyone had a purpose and responsibility within the group.

Here’s what two ISTJs had to say:

“I would create above ground as well as underground shelters. I figure we’d know ahead of time that a zombie apocalypse was approaching so my family and I would gather as many resources as possible from stores and create bunkers, storehouses, and create an enclosure where everyone would be safe. There would be tunnels leading out of the “camp” and I would find a variety of people with different skills to ensure we had a variety of resources at our disposal. Doctors, teachers, farmers, hunters, warriors, all of these types would be needed.”
– Dan

“In a zombie apocalypse, I’d find the safest area possible and surround it with traps and metal barriers so the zombies couldn’t get through. My logical brain would make it easier for me to fight zombies and not get sidetracked by emotions or fear. I think I could hold my own in battle, especially because zombies have no thought processes really other than eating people. It’s not really a fair fight.”
– Sheila

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What Are Your Thoughts?

Which personality types would you want on your team during a zombie apocalypse? How would you respond to this kind of disaster? Let us know in the comments!

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