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The Fashion Styles of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Can your Myers-Briggs® type give any indication about the type of fashion you like to wear? Which type is the most likely to wear a suit? Which type is most likely to wear athletic clothes? While everyone is unique and there will always be exceptions, certain trends tend to show up more frequently in some types than others. Let’s take a look!’

Disclaimer: Your background, upbringing, enneagram type, work dress code, body type, and even your friends can have an influence on your particular style. The information in this article is based on some surveying I did among my email list, along with some style information found in “The Art of SpeedReading People – How to Size People Up and Speak Their Language” by Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron-Tieger. The suggestions here are based on the majority of feedback I got from readers of my email list and from the notes in the Tiegers’ book! Not everyone will fit that mold, though! You may be one of them 🙂

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Your Myers-Briggs® Type and Your Fashion Sense

 The Individualist Intuitives (ENFPs and INFPs)

#INFP and #ENFP style sense

These types are all about dressing in a way that expresses their individuality. They don’t pick clothes based on what’s appropriate, commonly accepted, or traditional. They look for things that resonate with their values and unique tastes. If they are anime fans, they’ll probably look for t-shirts with their favorite anime characters on them. If they’re fond of classic literature, they may dress in the style of the period of their favorite books. Often free-spirited types, ENFPs and INFPs tend to be drawn to fashions that are somewhat romantic, personalized, and unusual.

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The Romantic Types (ENFJs and INFJs)

ENFJs and INFJs want a look that captures their creative personality but still appears appropriate and classic. They are often drawn to romantic, striking outfits – but they may make the mistake of buying clothes that they love appearance-wise, only to later find out they’re uncomfortable or don’t fit as well as they’d like to. These types are likely to dress in classic or romantic styles, but with some accent that symbolizes something important to them. For example, they might wear a basic black dress but pair it with unusual gemstone earrings. Or a man might dress in a suit and tie but have long hair or beaded bracelets that mean something significant. When they’re home alone, they tend to prefer comfy clothes, caring very little what the actual appearance is. Oversized sweaters, sweatpants, and hoodies were a favorite for home life.

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The Eclectic Types (ENTPs and INTPs)

#INTP and #ENTP style sense

While these types don’t tend to get as excited about style as many others, they also know the importance of it. Ever rational, NTPs will look for outfits that will help them get what they want. They prefer comfortable, loose-fitting pieces of clothing, but they also know that dressing sharp can help them get the job they want or make the right impression at a social event. They also tend to enjoy clothing that resonates with something they love. For example, if they’re Star Wars fans, they might wear Star Wars t-shirts. They also tend to enjoy t-shirts with clever or witty sayings on them (as long as they’re not cheesy or cliché). P.S. You can get the Photosynthesis t-shirt pictured here (this is not an affiliate link).

The Strategic Professionals (ENTJs and INTJs)

#INTJ and #ENTJ style sense

These types are all about dressing to achieve their long-term goals. Because they hate mediocrity, they tend to dress in fashions that give them an appearance of success. In the name of efficiency, they’re also likely to have a minimalistic wardrobe with mix-and-match pieces they can easily pair together without much thought or deliberation. Occasionally they’ll have a more individualistic article of clothing that they’ll wear when they’re off the job. This is particularly true when they’re in their teens or old age.

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The Individualist Sensors (ISFPs and ESFPs)

Individualist Sensors tend to look effortlessly stylish. They crave looks that are simultaneously comfortable but perfectly coordinated and sexy. They’re the types that make bed-head look like a style statement and ripped jeans look like high fashion. Their wardrobe is filled with pieces that mean something significant to them or evoke their individuality and outlook on life. Every accent, color, and texture is meant to give an overall aesthetic that describes something meaningful about their personality.

The Pragmatic Types (ISTPs and ESTPs)

#ISTP and #ESTP style

Practicality and comfort are the deciding factors in fashion for ISTPs and ESTPs. These types want breathable, loose-fitting clothes that they can get comfortable and move around in. If an outfit will keep them from climbing a mountain, it’s probably not worth it in their opinion. That said, they also have a strong sense of aesthetics. They match their outfits carefully and buy high-quality items that will not only be comfortable but last. If they have to wear a suit, they’ll find a way to make it the most breathable but appropriate suit possible. When they’re not at work, they tend to prefer athletic clothes or jeans and t-shirts.

The Romantic Traditionalists (ISFJs and ESFJs)

#ISFJ and #ESFJ style sense

Comfortable and classic time-tested styles are what SFJs crave. These types don’t see the point in wasting money on flash-in-the-pan trends. They want to buy looks that will be fashionable now and fashionable ten years from now. While they may have the occasional impulse buy of a trendy accent or t-shirt, their closet is typically made up of dependable suits, jeans, comfy sweaters, or breathable cotton dresses (if they’re the dress-wearing type, of course).  It’s important for SFJs to look their best, and they are usually careful to make sure all their style components match. They also like to accent their clothes with beautiful accents like diamond earrings, leather handbags, or elegant watches.

The Professional Traditionalists (ISTJs and ESTJs)

#ISTJ and #ESTJ style sense

STJs focus on function and effectiveness in their style choices. They often have minimalistic wardrobes with a variety of mix-and-match styles they can put together easily at a moment’s notice. These types prioritize dressing for the job and often have classic suits, pencil skirts, and high-quality, neutral-colored tees or blouses that they can wear with a variety of other pants or skirts. It’s crucial for STJs to look right for the part – whether that part is going to a job interview or attending a church event. At home, they like comfortable, casual looks that still have a hint of elegance. Jeans are high-quality and durable, and t-shirts are likely to be perfectly fitted and washed carefully so that the whites are as bright as possible.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you agree with these style statements for your type? Disagree? Have any thoughts or suggestions to add? Let us know in the comments!

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Get a glimpse of the fashion choices of each Myers-Briggs personality type

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  1. You hit it right on for me. As an ISTP woman it described me perfectly. Comfort is huge. But I’m very particular about quality. I don’t preferred name brands but if I find a brand that has good quality,good fitting clothes I might use them again and again. It saves me time.( practical) and

  2. I’m an INTJ and for the most part, what it states here is true. Although I personally wear formal attire only when it’s necessary, other times I prefer dark colours, especially something which would go with my personality.

  3. INFJ here, And I can say that I do like the Romantic look. Though I must admit its mainly my fall trend with sweaters and thick flannels, as for the warmer day I go for lighter flannels and long sleeves. Have always liked long sleeves over short.
    Thats my style, and I LOVE it! 🙂

  4. The statistical language analysis says xNTP. And i would only make a fashion statement
    with the inofficial “Big Black” “Do It Yourself” shirt. More embarassing it can’t get.
    When it comes to mask fashion, i really don’t care. However, some people might consider the fashion aspect to be important, for whatever psychological reason.

  5. ISTJ woman, and you hit the nail on the head. The most efficient closet is the best. wear the clothes that make you happy every day, not what’s going on in the latest fad.
    I have recently found that I LOVE linen fabric, once I let go of the fact that it’s natural state is kinda wrinkled. It adds a gentleness to my black and white personality Subconscious it causing other to not see me as so rigid. 😏

  6. I’m something between a (I/E)NFJ when at home, wearing comfy clothes, but (I/E)NFP when going out, wearing my personalized clothes. Aside from being in the middle of those, it describes my tastes pretty well

  7. This was so fun …good job! And thank you! I’d love to see more photos, if you were ever up to the task 😉 business vs @home for each type…oooo

    Love. Xx

  8. Thanks, this was so accurate for every type!

    EXCEPT one thing, you said if INTPs love star wars, they will put it in their outfit, which is true, but WHY would an INTP like star wars?! LOL.
    Also, INFJ (I know 5 of them (who are female) so yes, I know) would wear dresses! I asked them, and 4 said always dress over pants (but one said pants mostly because she is very active, but still loved dresses.)

  9. Opposites attract I’m an INTJ personality that dresses like an ESFJ, and my husband an ESFJ that dresses like an INTJ.

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