Discover the Myers-Briggs® personality types of the Encanto characters and find out if any of them have your type! #MBTI #Encanto #Personality

The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the Encanto Characters

Ever wondered if any of the characters in Disney’s new Encanto movie have your personality type? In today’s article, we’re taking a closer look at the characters and personalities in this inspiring movie.

I relate to Mirabel, but she doesn’t have my personality type!

Chances are, many people will find Mirabel (the main character) relatable, particularly if they dealt with being ignored, scapegoated, or belittled in their families. Mirabel signifies many of the issues that the lost child experiences growing up in a dysfunctional family. Many children who were scapegoated may resonate with the character of Bruno even if they don’t have his personality type.

Encanto brings up a lot about dysfunctional family roles, and if you were reminded of your own childhood while watching the movie, I’d encourage you to check out Heidi Priebe’s videos on dysfunctional family roles to see if that explains some of the memories or issues brought up in the movie.

Follow Heidi on YouTube to discover more about Dysfunctional family roles and Myers-Briggs® personality types

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But let’s get back to the Myers-Briggs® personality types of the Encanto characters!

As always, I like to put up a disclaimer here. We can’t ever know for sure what a fictional character’s type is (unless the author explicitly states it). Some of the characters in the film were only described or shown briefly. These are our best guesses, but many of the characters leave room for interpretation. As always, if you have any insights or perspectives, feel free to share them in the comments!

Abuela Alma – ESFJ

Abuela Madrigal ESFJ

I was really torn between ESTJ and ESFJ for Abuela Alma. She shows the control and leadership that is common among ExxJs, but also has the practicality of the Sensing type. What drew me to ESFJ over ESTJ was her social ease and ability to work well in large crowds of people. She quickly knows how to smooth things over, dissolve conflict, and use the family’s gifts to help others. In fact, she hides things from her family on multiple occasions just to keep the peace, when it would be more expedient and logical to get others involved and problem-solve. Initially, I wasn’t a fan of Abuela Alma and found her harshness with Mirabel disconcerting. It was a pleasure to see her transform towards the end of the film and find redemption as well as forgiveness in her own heart.

Isabela Madrigal – ESFP

At first glance, Isabela resembles an ESFJ type. She seems to know just how to present herself and solve social situations with ease. Yet as the story of Encanto progresses, we see that this social mask she has to wear is just that: a mask. Deep down she wants to live in the moment, create whatever her heart wants, and be true to herself. As the more true core of who she is, Isabela is an ESFP. These types thrive when they can improvise, be creative, and express their true hearts. When Isabela has the freedom to be authentic, she’s more of a free-spirited ESFP than the ESFJ type she feels she has to resemble for the family.

Julieta Madrigal – ISFJ

Gentle-hearted and nurturing, Julieta can cook or bake things to heal people’s physical ailments. She has the soft-spoken, soothing nature of the ISFJ but she’s also fiercely protective of her children and will tell Abuela when she feels that she’s being too hard on Mirabel. That said, she sticks within the family’s social structure fairly well and respects the traditions and practices of the family, and puts the best interests of everyone at the forefront of her priorities.

Felix Madrigal – ESFP

Fun-loving and friendly, Felix captures the ESFP personality well. He knows how to soothe his wife’s emotions and stand up for her when Abuela is being too hard on her. Deep down, he wants his wife to be true to herself and not feel pressured to conform to other people’s wishes when it comes to her emotions. His outspoken, passionate nature captures the energy and charisma of the ESFP type.

Dolores Madrigal – ISFP

Dolores Madrigal ISFP

Soft-spoken but deeply attentive, Dolores captures the sensitive and observant nature of the ISFP. She knows more than anyone realizes, but she often stays in the background, barely raising her voice above a whisper. While she can be a bit of a gossip, she wants what’s best for others and maintains her own individuality within the group. And even though people refer to her as a gossip, she was able to keep Bruno’s secret out of respect and empathy for his situation.

Luisa Madrigal – ISTJ

While she appears brusque and tough on the outside, deep down Luisa is a gentle and emotionally complex individual who feels compelled to live up to her purpose within the Madrigal family. She is forced to shoulder, quite literally, enormous burdens for the family, and she tries not to complain. But really, she’d love a chance to relax and have some peace and quiet. ISTJs will likely relate to Luisa’s need to fulfill her responsibility and duty while wanting some time for themselves. Known as “the duty fulfillers,” they often take on responsibility as a way to show they care. But often they feel that their efforts are taken for granted by the ones they love. We often find Luisa in the background, taking care of unpleasant duties (who really wants to carry around a bunch of smelly donkeys?) and feeling vulnerable about having emotions. Thankfully, towards the end of the film, we see her start to accept herself, learn to relax, and allow herself to be open about her emotional experience.

Camilo Madrigal – ESTP

Mischievous and fun-loving, Camilo captures the energy and humor of the ESTP type. When things get serious and overwhelming, he knows how to lighten people up and point out the absurdity of everything. He has a dry wit and charm that many ESTPs will relate to; he points out things as they are (for example, the fact that the family is homeless) without showing a lot of emotion. Like the rest of the Madrigal children, he feels tremendous pressure to be something for everyone else. But he lets out some of the pressure through various pranks and using humor as a coping mechanism. In the dysfunctional family roles, he’d probably be the Mascot.

Bruno Madrigal – INFJ

Bruno Madrigal INFJ

Visionary and friendly, Bruno has an instinctive knowledge about how patterns will play out in the future. His superstitious, visionary nature will be relatable to many INFJs who also find themselves (although not quite as literally) formulating ideas about how things will come to pass in the future. While he appears anxious and timid, he has a polite, warm nature that many fail to see because they’re thrown off by his visions. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his family and support people, but unfortunately, he often feels he has to do it in hiding because his gifts are unappreciated.

Pepa Madrigal – Extrovert and Feeler (specific type unknown)

One of the most tormented characters in Encanto (although few seem to talk about it), Pepa strives to control her every emotion because her feelings have the power to change the weather. This causes her to live in a constant state of near-panic and stress because she has to try to control everything inside and around her so that she doesn’t cause hurricanes, thunderstorms, or turbulent weather to erupt at any moment. As she finds a certain amount of freedom towards the end of the movie, she starts to embrace her true feelings – regardless of how “stormy” they might be. Either way, there isn’t enough information about Pepa throughout the movie for us to have a clear idea of whether she’s a Sensor/Intuitive or Judger/Perceiver.

Antonio Madrigal – Intuitive/Feeling/Perceiver (INFP or ENFP)

Sensitive and imaginative, Antonio has a heart for the diverse and rambunctious animal world. His shy, big-hearted ways endear everyone to him, but especially Mirabel. He has insight into the feelings of people and animals alike, often sensing how Mirabel is feeling and the pain she is enduring as the only member of the family without a gift. Because Antonio isn’t given a lot of screen time throughout Encanto, we can’t be sure if he’s an introvert or an extrovert, but NFP seems fairly clear.

Mirabel Madrigal – ENFJ

Warm and energetic, Mirabel always seems to have a crowd of children following her around asking her questions. Her friendly, big-hearted demeanor endears people to her, but she often puts down her own feelings in order to focus on others (something ENFJs are famous for). People know her as personable and affectionate, and count on her to commit to her family selflessly. Unlike some of the other members of the family, Mirabel feels an incessant need to understand Bruno’s visions and can easily sense a pattern of destruction in the family (and its source). Like most healthy ENFJs, she knows how to unify people and be a spokesperson for each person’s greatest strengths.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Did you enjoy this article? Do you agree or disagree with these typings? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Seeing Mirabel and Isabela misspelled like this triggered me harder than it should have.

      Dolores didn’t really keep his secret though, did she. She mentioned she could hear him all the time, but nobody would listen to her. I think people make her out to be more selfless than she actually is. Same with her “stepping back” for the family’s sake regarding Mariano; in her place, I would’ve felt like I had no chance at all against my perfect older cousin who has the family’s support, so why admit my true feelings? Instead, she makes Isabela dread getting married by sharing unappealing information with her. She’s a gossip. ISFP might still be fitting though.

      1. I don’t think she purposely tried to make Isabela fret about her marriage with Mariano. I think she was just repeating what she heard in the moment. You’re completely right though, she is a gossip, and I wouldn’t really call her selfless either. She’s more of in the middle in my personal opinion, not quite selfish but not exactly selfless either.

  1. It’s written Mirabel and Isabela with a single l in both names, and Abuela’s name is Alma. I know this is a common mistake people make, but if you are going to write an article about a movie at least bother to write their names correctly and don’t write an English version of those names.

    1. Hi June! Thank you for alerting me to this. This was my mistake and one of those facepalm moments where I couldn’t believe I spelled them incorrectly. The English spelling was just stuck in my head. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve gone back and corrected this now!

      1. Thanks for replying so quickly and fixing it, many people don’t even bother so thanks! 😊

      2. I knew I loved Bruno for a reason. 🥺
        He and I are both INFJ’s. Mirabel being an ENFJ also makes sense. I resonated with her the most out of all the sisters. But I’m much more introverted (hence “I” and not “E”) so I am super happy to see how well most of these match their characters. Well done!

  2. I love these kinds of articles! I always enjoy hearing your opinions whether I agree with them or not.(Not that I ever remember disagreeing with you though😅.) If it is possible, I would really appreciate if you did more disney movie’s character types in the future also🥰

  3. Also, the animals Luisa carries are donkeys, not goats. Otherwise, great article! I had some difficulties labaling them on my own, but this did help.

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