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Here’s What Energizes You, Based On Your Personality Type

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Knowing what gives each personality type energy can be so useful in everyday life. If you’re feeling low on energy reading through this list can give you some ways to boost your resources. If your friend, partner, or child is energy depleted, read through these paragraphs to get an idea of how you can help them rejuvenate and thrive.

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ENFPs are stimulated by variety and challenge. Unlike many other types, ENFPs enjoy a little bit of chaos. Being thrown into the middle of a disaster (as long as it’s not too serious) gives them a chance to use their excellent creative thinking abilities. They like being allowed to brainstorm, think outside the box, and make new connections. ENFPs are also stimulated by having autonomy and freedom to create, imagine, and explore. They enjoy new situations and experiences, which is why many ENFPs love to travel. Being exposed to a new culture or way of life sparks their curiosity and broadens their understanding of the world. They like feeling like there are limitless places and possibilities to discover and people to meet and understand. ENFPs also are energized by having a free, open schedule without a lot of plans.

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ENTPs are stimulated by new ideas and possibilities. They enjoy brainstorming and problem-solving in make-or-break situations that require creative thinking. They come alive by strategizing, finding long-term goals and figuring out how to meet them. The more goals and ideas they have the happier they are (unless deadlines start accruing faster than they can keep up!). They thrive by having their hands in a variety of tasks and being able to switch between them at will. Multi-tasking, variety, and novelty sparks their curiosity and keeps their energy levels high. ENTPs like being “idea people” who aren’t restrained in their ability to create innovative plans and incredible possibilities. In turn, they like having people they can delegate to who will do the implementing of those ideas.  ENTPs are also energized by having an open, flexible schedule that they can use as they please without restrictions.

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INFPs are stimulated by an idea, project, or mission that aligns with their personal values and beliefs. They enjoy being immersed in something that they know will make a positive difference for the cause of their choice. Being in an open-minded, affirming atmosphere where they can express themselves openly without fear of criticism also gives them a feeling of contentment and belonging. They also enjoy being left alone surrounded by their favorite music, books, or creative supplies where they can imagine, explore ideas, and engage with their inner world. Books often give INFPs the ability to travel anywhere in the world or in time without having to leave the comfort of their own bedroom. Reading gives them the ability to explore their own emotional depths as they discover the emotions of the characters they read about.

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INTPs are energized by having the freedom to immerse themselves fully in the topic of their choice. They appreciate autonomy without boundaries, time-limits, intruding people, or rigid structures to pull them away. Troubleshooting, solving brain-teasers, and analyzing complex issues stimulates them and makes use of their dominant introverted thinking process. When they do spend time with people they appreciate having their thoughts and ideas affirmed and recognized, even if it they struggle to fully vocalize them. They enjoy brainstorming and challenging pre-established ideas and rules in a friendly, open-minded environment where debate is appreciated rather than stifled.

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ENFJs are stimulated by engaging openly with others in deep, authentic conversation. They love being confided in and trusted and they derive true joy from a raw, intimate connection. When people come to them with their problems, hurts, and fears they enjoy being able to listen, provide affirmation, and therapeutic support. They also enjoy working with others towards a cause they believe in. Teamwork, collaboration, and mutual appreciation all make them feel alive and energized. ENFJs also feel inspired by imagining and foreseeing how events will play out and how to arrange situations and people to reach a transformative future vision.

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ENTJs are energized by envisioning future goals and taking strategic steps to make those goals a reality. They enjoy hard work, goal setting, checking items off a “to-do” list, and seeing things accomplished. They like collaborating with visionary individuals to break boundaries and trail blaze new pathways in progress. They feel stimulated when they have a clear structure, but freedom within that structure to break convention or switch up the routines or traditions. They like to be challenged, dared, or competed against. They get a real thrill from completing tasks that other people have told them they “can’t” do.

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INFJs are stimulated by having an open, flexible schedule and the freedom to meditate, envision, or imagine. They are energized by silence and solitude where they can retreat into their complex inner world. In this world, they observe new perspectives, patterns, and hidden meanings and possibilities. They look forward and imagine where the future will lead and how to get to the best possible future outcome. They are also stimulated by creative work, reading, listening to music, and being immersed in deep, philosophical conversations with curious, intellectual people.

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INTJs are energized by having autonomy, independence, and intellectual stimulation. They enjoy being alone and uninterrupted to explore theories, perspectives, and strategies. They also get a thrill from being given complex problems that need original solutions. This stimulates them and gets their intuition and thinking processes working together in harmony. Open-minded debate and discussion with curious and intellectual people also enlivens them and helps bring their insight and logical thinking out into the world.

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ESFPs are energized by having a variety of options and experiences before them. They like directly engaging with the physical world, whether that be through dancing, music, swimming, laughing, or even embracing someone they love. They believe life is meant to be tasted, felt, and experienced in as many ways as possible. They enjoy having a flexible schedule with plenty of time to interact with people and be part of a team. At work, ESFPs enjoy making real-world differences for people and engaging in practical ways to motivate and help others. Sometimes this can be through performing and inspiring people, other ESFPs are energized by working as EMTs, surgeons, chefs, or lifeguards.

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ESTPs are energized by engaging physically with the world around them. They like using their tactical skills to solve immediate problems and find creative solutions to chaotic situations. They like having to think quickly in make-or-break situations and they enjoy the challenge of a good thrill. Challenging themselves physically tends to energize them which is why they’ve developed a reputation as being “thrill-seekers”. They like the sensation of pushing themselves to the limit and experiencing something totally new. Like ESFPs, ESTPs believe life is to be experienced fully through action, sensation, immersion, and pleasure.

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ISFPs are invigorated by doing activities that coincide with their deeply held values and personal feelings. They want everything they do to have some meaning or significance but they can express it in different ways. Some ISFPs find it meaningful to work with animal rescues while others enjoy expressing themselves through music, dance, or drawing. Being in open-minded, affirming, and flexible environments also help them to feel at ease and comfortable in their own skin. Being in nature, being surrounded by beauty, and creating beautiful things stimulates and energizes them.

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ISTPs thrive when they can be independent, analytical, and actionable at the same time. They enjoy figuring things out without outside help and challenging themselves; even putting themselves at risk to get the rush of excitement that comes from it. They might dare themselves to overcome a challenging survival situation or break their way out of a trap room, for example. They also can enjoy crafting, reading, or solving complex brain-teasers and mind-bending strategy games. The best rush for an ISTP comes from overcoming a challenge that is both mental and physical.

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ESFJs are energized by connecting and engaging with people in meaningful ways. They enjoy re-creating favorite traditions and memories that they can recall in years to come. Creating beautiful moments full of comfort, good food, pleasant surroundings – these kinds of things give them great joy. This is one of the reasons they tend to be the quintessential “good hosts”. ESFJs also tend to enjoy being in nature, engaging in the world around them through activities, recreation, crafts, or planning special occasions. They derive a lot of joy from organizing special outings and family or community events.

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ESTJs are energized by creating order out of chaos. They enjoy structuring their environment and producing an efficient plan or schedule. Seeing their goals come to life and being able to cross items off their to-do list gives them great satisfaction. They are energized by deciding, goal-setting, being productive and getting closure for their labors. They also enjoy working on plans with other motivated individuals and collaborating with driven people to accomplish things. Spending time in nature is also energizing for them.

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ISFJs are stimulated by quiet, peaceful moments that allow them to engage their senses – particularly their inner senses. Creating a comfortable atmosphere through pleasant smells, sights, and delicious foods all makes them feel rejuvenated. They enjoy reminiscing about favorite moments in their past or looking through photo albums and scrapbooks. They can enjoy hands-on quiet activities like gardening, cooking, painting, or even cleaning. They enjoy mapping out how they can have a more harmonious, peaceful life and they enjoy reading books that they identify with emotionally.

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ISTJs get revived by having quiet time alone to engage in their hobbies and interests. They are usually deeply interested in one or two subjects that they like to explore in-depth. They often enjoy hands-on activities like crafts, working with electronics, building, or playing card games. Low-pressure activities that engage their sensing and thinking mental processes are usually energizing to them. ISTJs also get energy from recalling some of their favorite memories and moments from the past – especially if those memories can improve the current experience. Having a structured, organized atmosphere also helps them to feel at peace and relaxed.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

Do these things energize you? Do you have any thoughts or ideas to add? Let us know in the comments!

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Find out what energizes and rejuvenates each #personality type! #MBTI #Myersbriggs #personalitytype #INFJ #INTJ #ENTJ #ENFJ #INTP #INFP

Find out what gives each #personality type energy! #MBTI #Myersbriggs #personalitytype #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP

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