5 Ways to Annoy an ISTJ

Today I want to talk about “the Inspector” personality type; the ISTJ. ISTJs are one of the more common Myers-Briggs personality types, making up roughly 21% of the population. ISTJs have a plethora of strengths; they are practical, resourceful, logical, and responsible (at least the healthy ones are!). They believe in following through on their word and taking care of their loved ones. There’s a lot more to an ISTJ than what you would gather from their reputation as duty fulfillers and rule followers. Underneath their often serious demeanor, they have a very warm, kind-hearted, and humorous temperament.

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So how do you rattle these seemingly calm individuals? Let’s find out the 5 ways to really annoy an ISTJ:

Not Following Through On Your Word

ISTJs take what they say seriously, especially when it comes to promises and commitments. If they say they’re going to be somewhere at 3:30 they’ll likely be there at 3:15. If they say they’ll do something for you, they’re not going to forget to do it. They say what they mean and mean what they say. When other people are wishy-washy or ditch their promises, it offends and irritates the ISTJ.

Dawdling, Lateness, and Procrastination

I know that’s three things, but they’re all intertwined. ISTJs like to be places on time, and hate running late. They also like to finish their projects ahead of schedule. Waiting on someone who’s dawdling or who’s running behind irks these punctual types. They also get stressed out if they have to work with someone who habitually procrastinates and leaves things till the last minute. ISTJs have Auxiliary Extraverted Thinking (Te) so they like to quickly get jobs done in an efficient, organized manner…which brings us to pet peeve #3


ISTJs like to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Some ISTJs have meticulous homes while others have meticulously laid out desktop folders. Whatever the case, they like to know where things are and to have them organized efficiently. If they are stuck in a haphazard environment that seems to lack any order it stresses them out. They may not tell you that it stresses them out, but believe me, it does.

Being Touchy Feely

Don’t misspell “Your” in a meme


ISTJs tend to be private and reserved, and they feel uncomfortable when people encroach on their personal space. Being in situations where they are expected to hug strangers or being around people who tend to be too close for comfort irritates them. They give people personal space as a sign of respect, and it makes them uncomfortable when others don’t do the same for them.

Not Respecting Their Things

ISTJs like everything to be organized, and they really don’t like it when visitors or friends start messing with their possessions. If they lend you a book, make sure you don’t dog-ear the pages or set your coffee mug on it. If they invite you to their home don’t absent-mindedly peruse their refrigerator looking for snacks. Respect their space and their things, and you’ll have a better chance of staying on their good side.

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All About ISTJs

What Do You Think?

Do you relate to these pet peeves? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Procrastinating? I’m an INTP, no wonder my older sister yells at me whenever I miss homework! But my sister is very affectionate with me and reading this makes me her even more because it is so like her. She’s in college now and would freak if she knew I have a C in math…????
    (Sssh, don’t tell her).

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