What does your Myers-Briggs type tell you about your mothering style? FInd out in this fun, engaging article! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ

The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types as Moms

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What does your Myers-Briggs® personality type have to do with your mothering nature? Today we’re going to take a brief look at the strengths and struggles of each mom in this 16-personality type system! Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire here.

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ENFP – The “Anything is Possible” Mom

This isn’t your everyday hair-combing, rule-making, list-keeping mom. This mom is all about excitement, adventure, and groundbreaking ideas. She’ll ask you what you’re thinking about and really care. She’ll jump rope in the house, belt out songs with a hairbrush microphone, and gaze at the stars with you while discussing your deepest dreams. This mom might tire of sensory overload at times, but she’ll come alive when you’re ready to think outside the box, challenge rules, or mix things up with a new, crazy adventure.

Struggles: Can become overwhelmed with consistency, rules, discipline, and sensory details. May forget to comb your hair because she’s dreaming up an inspiring family motto or a backpacking trip across Asia.

Strengths: Broadens the imagination, is flexible and fun and will help her children identify and cultivate their gifts. She has a lot of empathy and compassion for childhood struggles.

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ENTP – The Iconoclast Mom

This mom is unusual in that she embraces a bit of rebellion in herself and her children. Rather than take offense, this mom gets a spark of joy when her children challenge the rules – especially if they have a logical reason for doing so. This mom is resourceful, action-oriented, and adventurous. She sees everything as a learning experience – from the trip to the grocery store to getting a flat tire on the interstate. She challenges her children to solve problems independently, think for themselves, and question norms and traditions.

Struggles: Has difficulty with consistency, rules, and structure. Can feel “caged in” by parenting. Emotionally clingy children can be difficult, as she worries whether they’ll be able to become independent. Often bores of household routines.

Strengths: Encourages independent thinking and logical analysis. Teaches with energy and enthusiasm and fosters a love of learning in her children. Is energetic and flexible, willing to resourcefully combat any crisis that arises.

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INFP – The Imaginative Mom

Gentle and deep, this mom will unlock imaginative pathways in your mind you never knew existed before. She fosters creativity, wonder, and a sense of awe in her children. No idea is too “silly” for this mom, and each child is given space and a voice to become their independent self. Sensitive and empathic, the INFP mom knows how to get into her children’s shoes and inspire them with lush dreams, hopes, and possibilities.

Struggles: Dislikes the commotion and high demands of parenting. May burn out quickly. Can struggle to make decisions or implement rules. May feel burdened by a sense of “not fitting in” with other parents.

Strengths: Fosters imagination, empathy, and compassion in her children. Is skilled at understanding the struggles and joys of her children and is a strong listener. Has a knack for cultivating powerful one-on-one connections.

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INTP – The Intellectual Mom

Though not effusive or overtly-showy, this mom is unyieldingly loyal and protective of her children. Yet unlike many mothers who “hover” and helicopter over their children, the INTP mother protects her children’s independence, autonomy, and curiosity. She welcomes questions, challenges, and requests for freedom – because in everything she wants her children to learn to think for themselves. She delights in her children’s self-reliance and curiosity and is ready to teach them through conversation, books, real-life experiences, and hands-on activities. Her children can count on her to be calm, tolerant, and just as curious about them as they are about the world around them.

Struggles:  Grapples with the structure, consistency, and noise of family life. May feel “caged in” by responsibilities and rules. Often struggles to implement routines. Has a difficult time when there isn’t much personal space or alone time granted to her. Often feels different than other moms and can struggle with loneliness.

Strengths: Fosters her children’s independence and intellect. Teaches and encourages learning and resourceful responses to problems. Stays calm and refrains from judging until she has a great deal of information. Has a flexible approach to life.

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ENFJ – The Personal Growth Mom

This mom has an inspiring life lesson for any problem that comes your way. Filled to the brim with emotional understanding and depth, she encourages you to share your heart and deepest feelings with her. Afterward, she’ll probably have a warm hug, a cookie, and a life-changing quote to turn your mood around for the better. This mom encourages her children to be their best selves and nurtures them through affirmation, praise, and empathy. She’s got no problem arranging playdates, organizing a daily calendar, and meeting their needs for emotional and social connection.

Struggles: Can struggle with the unpredictable, emotionally volatile nature of parenting. May feel compelled to solve her children’s problems and control things, which can lead to meddling or becoming overbearing. May “over-empathize” with her children and have difficulty separating her emotions from theirs.

Strengths: Has strong empathy and understanding for her children’s emotional needs. Has a knack for organizing a schedule and prioritizing goals. Is skilled at dissolving conflicts and helping children work through emotions. Fosters imagination and direction in her children’s pursuits.

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ENTJ – The Power Mom

Though not effusive or touchy-feely, this mom will have your back during a crisis and teach you the art of strategy. This mom is organized, efficient, and insightful. She fosters independence in her children and challenges them to pursue their goals without micro-managing or controlling them. She’s also not one to shy away from tough conversations or a challenge – she believes that the best way to love her children is to listen to them and encourage them to think logically to solve problems and make their way in the world. Loyal and caring, this mother shows her love through action, competence, and fiery dedication.

Struggles: May get overwhelmed by the emotionally volatile nature of young children. Can struggle when plans are disrupted or people are doing things inefficiently. Often finds 24/7 parenting somewhat boring. Needs a great deal of independence.

Strengths: Hard-working and organized, she comes up with a structure and system that keeps life running smoothly. Fosters independence and autonomy in her children. Is skilled at solving problems logically and giving her children a “can do” attitude about life. Has insight into her children’s needs and gifts.

INFJ – The Visionary Mom

She may struggle to find her keys on a daily basis, but this mom knows how to see into your heart and tell when you’re feeling sad, angry, hurt, or happy. She thrives when connecting one-on-one with you, talking about all your dreams and feelings. Emotionally supportive and sensitive, she helps her children to see the big picture and imagine beyond the bounds of their current situations. She enjoys discussing spirituality, values, culture, and psychology and is open to any complex discussion. This mom wants you to see a lush, vivid picture of what your life could be and guide you to that picture.

Struggles: Gets burned out by the details and mundane activities involved in parenting. Sensory overload can feel overwhelming and focusing on more than one child at once can be difficult. Tends to do better in one-on-one settings than in group settings and can feel stressed when juggling multiple children’s needs at the same time.

Strengths: Highly empathic and intuitive about her children’s feelings. Emotionally supportive and insightful. Has a gift for helping her children see future possibilities and implications. Sympathetic and affirming. Fosters imagination and direction.

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INTJ – The Nonconformist Mom

You may not see this mom at all the MOPS meetings or social festivities, but her influence will be obvious when her children win awards for honor roll, mathletes, or chess championships. This mom isn’t concerned with “fitting in,” she wants to raise children who think for themselves. She fosters an inner drive and determination in her children and teaches them to march to the beat of their own drum. A natural teacher, she is intellectually ambitious and doesn’t shy away from the complex questions her children pose on a daily basis. In fact, the tougher the question, the more satisfied this mom will be. Committed and loyal, these moms may seem stoic and formidable to strangers, but they show a softer, more affectionate side with their children.

Struggles: Dislikes a lot of sensory overload and chaos, and can find the naturally loud and disorganized world of parenting overwhelming. May struggle to find connection with other moms because of the rarity of her type. Needs a lot of alone time and can burn out quickly if unable to get that.

Strengths: Fosters independence and strategic thinking in her children. Helps her children to think through problems logically. Is skilled at creating a structure and routine for her children. Is deeply loyal and committed.

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ESFP – The Enthusiast Mom

Want a mom that will ditch the chores in favor of a last-minute trip to the roller-skating rink? Look no further than the ESFP! This mom is all about spontaneity, adventure, and fun. Down-to-earth and gregarious, she wants to live a life full of new experiences, thrilling sights, sounds, and breathtaking pursuits. This mom encourages their child to try new things, be brave, and trust their heart. She also teaches them to pay attention to practical realities so that they can be prepared for whatever crisis comes their way.

Struggles: Dislikes routine and mundane activities. Can feel “caged in” by the responsibilities of parenting. May be overly-impulsive and regret it later. Can over-empathize with children and struggle to set firm boundaries and rules.

Strengths: Has a lot of compassion and empathy for her children and is often a good listener. Loves going with the flow of children of all ages, and has a playful, flexible lifestyle. Puts family first and gives children a sense of adventure and fun. Typically down-to-earth and grounded.

ESTP – The Adventurous Mom

Boredom isn’t an option with the ESTP mom. Thrill-seeking and clever, this mom wants her children to know how to handle anything life throws at them. From teaching her children how to change a tire to taking them skiing down the slopes, she wants them to know what it’s like to be captivated by life. She wants them to feel the goosebumps that come from taking a smart risk and going on an adventure that tests their abilities. That said, she’s also smart. She’s not going to push her kids beyond what they are capable of. Charming, deeply loyal, and filled with good-humor, this is the mom many other kids look upon with envy!

Struggles: Dislikes routine, mundane activities and can feel “trapped” by the responsibilities and repetitive tasks involved in parenting. May be overly-impulsive and risk-taking. Can struggle with handling the emotional volatility of young children.

Strengths:  This parent fosters independence and resourcefulness in her children. She is skilled at handling crisis situations and thinking quickly when the situation depends on it. She is also deeply loyal, affectionate, and usually fun-spirited.

ISFP – The Creative Mom

Whether she’s tapping away at the piano, concocting a new recipe, or dancing to a favorite song, the ISFP mom is all about connecting with the heart in a physical way. She fosters creativity and empathy in her children and enjoys creating new experiences with them. This is the mom that will spend hours listening to their children’s favorite playlists (and singing along too). This is the mom that understands when their child wants to try out new trends in fashion in order to express themselves.

Struggles: Can get overwhelmed by the busy, noisy nature of parenting. Doesn’t like having their time structured and planned out on a constant basis. Can over-empathize with their children and struggle to discern where their emotions begin and their children’s end.

Strengths: This parent empathizes deeply with her children and is typically a good listener. Skilled at handling crisis situations and is good at keeping a level head. Deeply loyal, affectionate, and has a good sense of fun. Fosters individuality, empathy, and pragmatism.

ISTP – The Maverick Mom

This is the free-range mom who lets her kids play with tools or ride their bikes around the neighborhood without hovering around them. Fond of independent living and logical thinking, this mom believes in teaching her kids the practical necessities of life. She honors her children’s interests, opinions, and directions and tries to respect differences while instructing them on the skills needed for survival and happiness. Some people may misinterpret her non-controlling attitude as uncaring, but this mom knows that teaching her children autonomy and responsibility is vital in guiding them towards a happy adulthood.

Struggles: Finds the emotional volatility of children overwhelming at times. May not know how to navigate the murky waters of emotional distress. Can feel like a fish out of water among other moms who have a more “helicopter” approach to parenting. Dislikes repetitive, mundane tasks and can feel trapped by all the obligations of parenting.

Strengths: Fosters self-sufficiency, independence, and practical knowledge. Gives children the space to identify their strengths and experiment. Is quick to act in crisis situations and is skilled at teaching and troubleshooting. Is loyal and innovative.

ESFJ – The Milk & Cookies Mom

This is the mom who offers you a warm sweater and a delicious snack when you get home from school. Attentive to your needs and conscientious of your feelings, she enjoys heart-to-heart discussions and an organized, routined lifestyle. This mom cares about making sure all the little details that matter to you as a child are taken care of. This means picking you up from school on time every time, getting your dental exam every six months, and painting your room the exact color you love most.

Struggles: Can struggle with the naturally chaotic nature of family life. May take on her children’s feelings and struggle with feelings of co-dependency. Can be a perfectionist or overly-controlling and may struggle to “let go” and let her children learn from their mistakes or find their own way.

Strengths: Generous and attentive to the needs of her children. Has a gift for sharing practical wisdom and providing a steady sense of continuity in the home. Creates stable routines and attends to the emotional needs of her children. Values her children’s friendships and fosters their relationships.

ESTJ – The In-Charge Mom

This is the mom who’s probably running every event you attend with grace and confidence. She’s efficient, no-nonsense, but also deeply devoted and caring. On the outside, she may look like she’s constantly running from one project or even to another, but in the quiet of her own home she’s the mom who can’t give enough hugs or say enough, “I love you’s.” This mom is happiest when her efforts produce concrete results – children who try their best, participate in their communities, and lead their peers in the right direction.

Struggles: The chaotic, emotionally volatile nature of childhood can be overwhelming at times. This mom may struggle with handling the numerous emotional sensitivities that children face. She may also become a “workaholic,” trying to manage more than is healthy for her. She can also struggle with control and “letting go” when it’s needed.

Strengths: She is an excellent teacher and loves to find moments for learning throughout the day. She has a knack for organizing and planning and juggling numerous tasks in order to keep everything running smoothly. She’s practical and is skilled at teaching her children the practical skills they need for life. Is loyal and deeply devoted.

ISFJ – The Calming Mom

This mom exudes gentleness, quiet comfort, and (to those who know her well) a certain quirky, lovable sense of humor. She pays close attention to all the small details that make life enjoyable and pleasant; fresh-baked apple pies in the autumn, cozy throw blankets and Christmas music in the winter, and all of her children’s favorite foods permanently stocked in the refrigerator. This mom believes in creating a sense of stability and consistency in her children’s lives so that they feel confident and secure. She shows love by attending to those details that give life a sense of joy and beauty.

Struggles: Can grapple with the lack of alone time inherent in parenting. Tends to have a strong sense of duty and can feel guilt over anything that is not done right. May have a hard time adapting to sudden, unexpected changes.

Strengths: Creates a sense of routine and consistency in her children’s lives. Is compassionate and thoughtful. Is typically patient and a good listener. Goes the extra mile to find out what’s important to her children and understand their point of view.

ISTJ – The Faithful Mom

This is the mom who taught you how to do your own laundry when you were five. She’s also the mom who was never late to one of your soccer games, always had a snack on hand, and could get you out of any fix, no matter how complicated. She taught you responsibility, honesty, and caution. She might not have been majorly effusive and verbally demonstrative, but her actions proved time and time again that you could count on her and that she’d be there for you no matter what.

Struggles: Grapples with the naturally chaotic nature of family life. Finds the noise and lack of privacy overwhelming at times. Can be prone to worry and inflexibility.

Strengths: Loyal and dependable. Attentive to her children’s needs. Practical and down-to-earth, with an offbeat sense of humor. Skilled at teaching practical skills and life lessons. Fosters self-sufficiency and knowledge.

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Get an up-close look at how each Myers-Briggs personality type shows up as a mother! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTP #INFP #INTP
What does your Myers-Briggs type tell you about your mothering style? FInd out in this fun, engaging article! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ

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  1. So accurate, as always! I’ve sometimes wondered if it really was my grandfather’s influence that made my mom such a perfectionist, and now I know, my ESFJ mom is just wired this way. She keeps wanting to have these heart-to-heart conversations and, as a teenager, it was the last thing I wanted. Now, when she looks at me with “those” eyes, I know what she wants and I’ve come to appreciate that she wants to connect with me so deeply. I love reading about my family’s MBTI and understanding them (and myself as a very controversial person [INFP here]) better.
    Thanks for this very informative post, Susan!

  2. INFJ very true. My mom get’s SUPER stressed and exhausted when she has to take care of both my siblings and me. Since I’m the oldest I try my best to keep her happy. She’s also psychic literally. Even though it’s a bit sunny outside she states “It’s gonna rain.” A few hours later raining. I love my mom so much and she’s supported me though many thing.

    Thanks To All Hard Working Moms!

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