Get a look at the unique personality types of each Bojack Horseman character. #MBTI #Personality #BojackHorseman

Here’s Which Bojack Horseman Character You Are, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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I love the show Bojack Horseman, a weird off-the-wall animated sitcom about a self-loathing, alcoholic anthropomorphic horse who is also a has-been Hollywood star. It’s not every day that you find yourself relating so viscerally to someone who looks like nothing like you — mostly, because he’s, well, a horse.

Many skeptics question this show’s prolific fan base: “Why do you want to watch a show that has weird plotlines, too many puns, and is in a universe occupied by both anthropomorphic animals and humans who co-exist without finding it strange?”

Don’t be deceived by its strange premise. Bojack Horseman has some profound things to say about depression, anxiety and the power of friendship, all in the backdrop of a ridiculous world that makes its heavy themes more digestible. If you’ve seen the show, there’s also a wide array of characters that every type can relate to!

Here’s Which Bojack Horseman Character You Are, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

ENTP — Bojack Horseman

The namesake protagonist was on a very famous TV show in the ‘90’s called “Horsin’ Around.” He hasn’t gotten a lot of gigs since, and he now lives in a house in the Hollywood hills trying to figure out why he can’t take responsibility for the havoc he wreaks in his closest relationships. That doesn’t stop him from being popular in the industry, though. Bojack is perceptive (Ne) of the abstract meaning in his surroundings, and capitalizes on his natural sharp wit to critique virtually everything (Ti) — including himself. His on-point sense of humor can turn on himself when he beats himself up over emotions that make him feel out of control. Ironically, his rationalizations in trying to feel nothing are what end up making him act out.

INFJ — Diane Nguyen

Bojack’s best friend is a shy, strong-willed aspiring human writer who wants to make a difference. Her kind heart, often hidden beneath layers of social anxiety and a prickly, guarded demeanor, comes through for Bojack in multiple mishaps. She is able to dig out the essential takeaways for significant events in her writing (Ni) while also appealing to the common humanity of her readers in calls to action (Fe) — which are often ignored, as it goes, in Hollywood. Nevertheless, she is affectionate toward those she cares about and willing to hold them responsible for their social impacts, which leads her to be both Bojack’s greatest critic and closest confidante.

ESFP — Mr. Peanutbutter

Mr. Peanutbutter is a dog, and a character put up as a foil to Bojack’s jaded outlook on life. Mr. Peanutbutter is also a Hollywood celebrity, but unlike his horse friend, has seen a steady amount of work since his initial ‘90’s success. He is always determined to see the bright side of life and its meaning and is excellent at living in the moment (Se) — sometimes at the cost of the future. He doesn’t understand why his friends are so glum and is fiercely loyal to them, even willing to overlook their flaws and give occasionally out of touch but sincere sentiments to encourage them (Fi). He is consistently energetic, sweet, and playful, with a positivity that can be both confusing but also inspiring.

ENFP — Todd Chavez

Todd is a human who lives on Bojack’s couch for most of the series. He is a slacker who doesn’t consciously judge his place in life. That lack of self-deprecation has unleashed his many hidden talents, often which manifest in wacky ideas for new businesses that occasionally end up somehow succeeding. He is able to come up with complex, roundabout ways to innovate his endeavors (Ne), while also being able to shrug off Bojack’s insults and support his friend unconditionally (Fi). He is also very good at forgiving Bojack for screwing up by understanding his perspective, even when everyone else is tired of believing in Bojack.

ESTJ — Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn is a cat and fast-talking, smooth Hollywood agent. She knows how to cut people a good deal and convince them to further her business (Te); her priority is coming up with a mutual logical benefit that wins her the best clients in town. She used to date Bojack and continues to look out for his needs when she can. When under stress, Princess Carolyn can lose sight of her original vision and intention to try and take care of the immediate sensory needs (Si), but is great at coming up with a spontaneous idea to deal with the moment when she needs to (Ne). She can be controlling but efficient and serves as a source of stability in the midst of Bojack’s chaotic life.

ESTP — Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn is a human child actress from Bojack’s show who has grown up and become addicted to drugs. She chases after sensory thrills when she has the chance (Se) and can be very impulsive. However, she’s also able to critique the logic of Bojack’s actions in a way that keeps him on his toes (Ti), and is also able to validate his perspective on how hard it is to be a good person and make yourself feel better. Due to shared history, she is very important to Bojack as a close friend always willing to go on an adventure — even when it may be deadly and dangerous.

ENFJ — Hollyhock

In season 4, Hollyhock, also a horse, comes to Bojack’s door claiming she may be his daughter. She is very considerate of others and ends up being a sort of motherly figure to Bojack despite their age difference. She is a young teenager trying to find her place in the world and often wondering what is the right thing she wants to do (Fe), but is perceptive to others’ motives and general character. She is determined to uncover the meaning of her parentage and motivate Bojack to be a better person (Ni), even when he lets her down-time and time again; Hollyhock still abstractly believes in his good and encourages him to reflect on who he wants to be in this world.

ISFJ — Charlotte Carson

Charlotte is Bojack’s friend who he knew when she lived in Los Angeles during his pre-fame days. She also symbolizes Bojack’s nostalgia and wistful longing, as she moved to Main. Despite the excitement of LA, she prioritizes the peaceful day-to-day and escaping all of the madness (Si) and crafting her idea of a sensory stability above the community she’s found that she clearly values (Fe). She still knows how to talk to and provide for BoJack when he resorts to escapism and hurts her because she cherishes their friendship (Fe), and is very calm yet understanding of his various predicaments. Even when she feels slighted by his destructive behaviors and is angry, she still gives him a heads up about a Hollywood reporter with a major scoop, showing consistent care no matter what.

ISTP — Judah Mannowdog

Princess Carolyn’s beloved assistant is able to get things done quickly and diagnose a solution that is failing (Ti). He is attentive to what is happening in the real world even when others are less aware, and loves playing guitar and biking (Se). He is also great at ‘fixing’ situations and being on top of negotiations by using his observant personality and quick wit as well.

ESFJ — Herb Kazzaz

Herb is one of Bojack’s oldest friends and the producer of his show, Horsin’ Around. Herb is kind and tries to make sure his friends are taken care of even before himself (Fe) and has trouble asking for help even when his position on the show is jeopardized. He is a successful Hollywood executive in the ‘90’s who forms healthy relationships with the show’s child stars. As a “dad friend,” he also prioritizes Bojack’s sensory comfort by offering his friendship every turn of the way (Si), and has trouble letting go of the past when he feels burned by Bojack later on in the show. However, he also says that despite everything he still enjoys seeing Bojack when he visits him 20 years later.

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Get a look at the unique personality types of each of the Bojack Horseman characters. #MBTI #Personality #BojackHorseman

Get a look at the unique personality types of each Bojack Horseman character. #MBTI #Personality #BojackHorseman

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