24 Signs That You’re an INFP, the “Dreamer” Personality Type

Ever wondered if you were REALLY an INFP? Do you ever worry that you’ve been mistyped by an inaccurate online test? Do you ever feel like Myers-Briggs is just plain confusing?

I’m here to help!

Not sure if you're REALLY an INFP? Take a look at these 24 signs of a true INFP to find out. #MBTI #Personality #INFP

Take a look at these 24 experiences or feelings that INFPs relate to! How many do you relate to? Let us know in the comments!

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Get an in-depth look at what it really means to be an #INFP personality type. #MBTI #Personality

24 Signs That You’re an INFP

  1. You’re Guided By Your Moral Compass

More than anything, you want to stick to what you believe is right and good for you personally. Living in accordance with your values and ethics is of the utmost importance to you.

  1. Authenticity Means Everything to You

You’re only human so you feel peer pressure like anyone else does. At the same time, it makes you cringe to think of pretending for the sake of your peers. To you, being real is essential to your sense of integrity. You want your friends to love you for who you REALLY are, and not for some underhanded manipulation.

  1. You’re a Misfit and That’s Okay With You

You like being different. You enjoy all the quirks that make people unique, and you have no desire to be a cliché or a copycat of the most popular person you know. You don’t mind going against the grain of society if you believe you’re showing your best self.

  1. You’re a Daydreamer

INFP author Edgar Allan Poe once said, “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” As an INFP you relate to this quote wholeheartedly. Your imagination is the one place where you can be totally free. There are no locks, boundaries, rules, or regulations. You don’t need to buy a plane ticket to go somewhere new. You don’t need to conform to societal expectations. For all these reasons and more, you’re the quintessential daydreamer.

  1. You Sense the Rightness or Wrongness of Something in Your Gut

Sometimes you don’t even know what your values are until you get a gut feeling that something is wrong or right. You may experiment with something only to feel a wrenching sensation in your stomach that warns you that what you’re doing doesn’t match up with the REAL you inside. Over the years you’ve learned to trust these instincts and follow their guidance.

  1. On the Outside You’re Flexible. On the Inside, You’re Stubborn.

When you’re around a group of friends you might seem easy-going and up for anything. But on the inside, you’re deeply tied to your beliefs, ethics, dreams, and ideals. When it comes to your core values you’re impenetrable. Like Joan of Arc, a real-life INFP, you’ll go down fighting for the causes that matter to you.

  1. You Crave Deep One-on-One Relationships

You may hide from large social gatherings and raucous parties, but this doesn’t mean you’re completely anti-social. You thrive when you can get into deep, meaningful conversations with people one-on-one. Sharing dreams, discussing possibilities, and exploring what life is really all about are all things that give you a sense of pure joy and contentment.

  1. You Underestimate Your Effect On Others

You tend to have a live-and-let-live mentality (unless someone is being a bully, then you’ll step in quickly). Because you’re so independent in nature you tend to be blind to the influence you have on others. People are drawn to you for your integrity and willingness to be true to yourself. You often inspire people to be more authentic, genuine, and imaginative.

  1. You Just Know When People Are With You or Against You

You have an innate sense of who can or can’t be trusted. You don’t need everything in life spelled out to you. Your intuition is powerful and you can usually intuit when someone has underhanded motives or ulterior motives, even when they seem nothing but friendly to your face.

  1. You Empathize with the Underdogs

You have an urgent need to stand up for people or animals that have been dismissed, rejected, or bullied. While you may seem easy-going to many people at first glance, you’ll stand up with a fiery determination and dauntless energy in defense of the persecuted.

  1. You Can Sense Other People’s Feelings Easily

From an early age, you learned to put yourself in other people’s shoes. “How would this feel if it were me?” is a question you often ask yourself in order to get a sense of someone’s emotional condition. Because this is so natural to you, you can often sense other people’s emotions, even when they’re trying to hide them. Sometimes you need to get extra time alone because you over-empathize and burn yourself out in the process.

  1. You Hate Being Labeled

You believe that everyone is complex and one-of-a-kind. Everyone’s experience of something is totally unique. Because of this belief in the exclusivity of each individual, you hate being labeled or labeling others. When people try to sum you up you always feel like they are ignoring a thousand things that make you you. It feels like a betrayal of your individuality.

  1. You Crave Freedom, Affirmation, and Acceptance

Autonomy is crucial to your well-being, and you’ll go to great lengths to secure your independence. You hate the idea of being confined in the bounds of someone else’s rules. You often get a thrill from being on the open road or traveling to a new place you’ve never been to before. You enjoy following your intuition, your imagination, and your ideals wherever they might take you. You just want people to accept you for the free-spirit that you are, and affirm the core values that are so central to your personality.

  1. You Have a Personal Space “Bubble”

Sometimes you want to wear a shirt that says “Please, no hugs.” While you might welcome affection from certain close friends or a significant other, you feel irritable around physically intrusive people. You need physical and emotional space and struggle in chaotic, high-sensory, or physically crowded spaces.

  1. You Could Never Do Something Just Because Someone Else Wanted You To Do It

Unless something aligns with your values, you’ll be hard-pressed to do it just because someone else is pressuring you to do it. The more authoritarian people get with you, the more you’re likely to rebel against them completely.

  1. You Love the Rush of Finding a New Idea

Playing with innovation and creativity is something that gives you a rush of pure joy. When you get a spark of inspiration you can’t wait to chase it down the rabbit hole to see where it leads. In your friendships you enjoy sparking ideas and inspiration in your friends (and getting the same in return!).

  1. You Believe That Not Daring to Risk is Failure

A safe, traditional life is devoid of meaning to you. You know that to chase after your dreams you’ll have to be non-conformist in many ways. You can’t play it safe and expect to change the world or live up to your ideals. Sure, mistakes might happen, but at least you’ll know that you’ve lived a full, meaningful life in the end.

  1. You See Random Connections That Other People Miss

As you go through your everyday life, you’re often struck by the random connections that connect all things. These connections span across past, present, and future. Trying to explain these connections can be daunting, and many people don’t have the patience to listen to your profound thoughts. That said, you can quickly notice connections between data points, and you often “connect the dots” and understand the evolution of various events and situations.

  1. Creativity is the Air You Live and Breathe

A life without creativity and tinkering would be a mighty dull one indeed. You probably have a collection of half-finished projects scattered across your room, and you probably can’t pass by an object without seeing half-a-dozen ways it could be used to make something beautiful or fascinating.

  1. When You’re Stressed, You Stop Being “Mr. Nice Guy”

In cases of extreme stress, you’re often overcome by a sense of all the problems and inefficiencies in the world around you. You become more sarcastic, cynical, and quick to point out errors in judgment. You’re thinking side goes into overdrive, but you feel disconnected from your feeling side. This is usually very confusing for you. You can find out more about this here: Dealing with Emotional Overwhelm as an INFP

  1. Your Favorite Songs Feel Deeply Personal to You

The songs you’ve grown to love are so connected to your values, emotions, and experiences, that you can feel almost vulnerable playing them for other people. It’s like revealing some of your deepest secrets without them even realizing it.

  1. You Hate Conforming

When you were a child, you were probably told to do a lot of things simply because it was expected of you. “Go talk to Uncle Bob,” “Don’t mention that in front of your grandmother!” “Share your favorite toys” “Don’t wear that shirt with those pants!” While you want to be kind and considerate to others, you hate doing so at the expense of your freedom and values. So what if you wear a striped shirt with a floral printed skirt?

  1. You’re Nostalgic

You have a deep fondness for childhood favorites: Favorite movies, books, songs, places, and experiences. When you’re stressed, sometimes you can calm yourself down by re-reading a favorite book or looking at photos from one of your favorite memories. While you’re drawn towards new and novel things, you also feel an inexplicable tie to the past and the magic of all those beautiful experiences you’ve treasured over the years.

  1. You Distrust Showy, Ostentatious People

There’s something about especially loud, arrogant people that puts you on edge. Sure, a lot of people struggle with these types. But you especially have difficulty knowing whether you can trust anything they say. You’re often surprised by an irresistible urge to knock their ego down a peg or two.

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Not sure if you're REALLY an INFP? Take a look at these 24 signs of a true INFP to find out. #MBTI #Personality #INFP

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  1. I’m was borderline with a lot of the answers so I was a bit sceptical and perhaps a little annoyed at the label 😆. However…..the only ones I didn’t answer with a ‘yep’ is 14 but I hug those like hugs and really don’t like crowded places and you don’t invade my desk space!!!! Haha the other one was 19….but I guess I like to rearrange my 6 yrs old lego display quite often.

    As my name is Andrew, I get Andrew and Andy and when asked which one I prefer, I say it’s depends on the person saying it. There are Andy people and Andrew people… Useless info but one person thought it was beautiful. Perhaps it sums up this personality type tho!

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