5 Reasons Why You’ll Need an INTJ During a Zombie Apocalypse

It’s 2047 A.D. and humanity has hit the brink of defeat after a viral outbreak has consumed most of mankind. Whilst the flesh-eating dead roam the earth, a small group of survivors has to work together to see a new day. One of these survivors is the strategic, visionary-minded INTJ. This article will explore the five reasons why INTJs would be essential in a survival situation.

(Keep in mind, this article is tongue-in-cheek and I am not implying that a zombie apocalypse will actually happen).

Discover the 5 reasons why you'll need an #INTJ during a zombie apocalypse. #MBTI #Personality

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5 Reasons Why You’ll Need an INTJ Personality Type in a Zombie Apocalypse

 #1 – INTJs Aren’t Panicky

Grandma Ada has been bitten and there’s chaos and emotional volatility everywhere. Nobody knows what to do and some of the survivors begin to break down. The INTJ finds a nearby tree, climbs it and looks out to make sure no zombies are nearby. After some secluded time of thought and reflection, they emerge with a strategic plan and a handful of contingency plans at the ready. While the ISTP and the INTP work on concocting a kind of anti-venom, he (or she) organizes the group and keeps everyone calm with their straightforward, capable presence.

INTJ here. I’m a very strategic person and can “take charge” when necessary. Very confident also. I pride myself on my stoicism as well. I think I could be a “rock” for people to rely on and help guide through times of stress, given that I almost never stress myself.”@TraceMiller69

#2 – INTJs Can Plan for Numerous Unpredictable Factors

In unpredictable survival scenarios, you need a leader who can adapt to ever-changing events. INTJs are continually and automatically re-planning their lives according to new information and extemporaneous factors. They strive to face every situation with confidence and competence and this would certainly apply in a life-or-death apocalypse scenario. They would create many plausible survival plans so that if one fell through another would be at the ready. This pragmatic mindset would keep people motivated, encouraged, and drastically increase their odds of survival.

#3 – INTJs Think Long-Term

INTJs aren’t just focused on day-to-day survival. These types would be mapping out a far-reaching future goal and a strategy so that life wouldn’t just be about getting by, but progressing and transforming. They would use their natural confidence and determination to stay the course even when every day seems like a struggle. They would consistently envision far-reaching implications, possibilities, and solutions that will change the course of events.

#4 – INTJs Value Fairness and Justice

While many movies portray  INTJs as cold-hearted villains, the truth is that most INTJs place high importance on fairness and equality. In fact, INTJs consistently score higher on LSI scales for fairness than other types (according to the MBTI® Manual – Third Edition). You won’t have to worry about an INTJ playing favorites, breaking their own rules, or making shady deals to get ahead. These types would look for ways to ensure that everyone was doing their part and nobody was given a higher priority than anyone else.

#5 – INTJs are Organized and Big-Picture Focused

There are ominous sounds lurking in every corner and nobody knows who to trust. Without a leader, things can go awry really fast. Who takes charge of the situation? While an INTJ might prefer independent living, in a survival situation they would appreciate the importance of a highly-structured team. With their tough-minded, logical demeanor they’d take charge of the situation, assess the skills of the group, and organize each individual for optimum effectiveness. Their natural insight and resourcefulness would inspire comfort and determination in the other survivors.

What Are Your Thoughts?

How would YOU survive in a zombie apocalypse? Which personality types would you bring with you? Let us know in the comments!

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