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7 Reasons Why You Need an ISFJ Friend in Your Life

There are a lot of articles out there about personality types and romantic relationships. But lately, I’ve been more interested in personality types and relationships of the platonic variety. In this article, I want to go into some of the unique gifts and strengths that ISFJs bring to a friendship. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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7 Reasons Why You Need an ISFJ Friend in  Your Life

#1 – ISFJs are Loyal

ISFJs are not fickle or fair-weather friends. If they decide to be friends with you, then they want to be there through thick and thin. Troubles, grief, and days where you just aren’t at your best don’t push them away. As long as you are honest with them, have a good heart, and don’t take advantage of their supportive nature, they’ll stick by you. They take their word and their relationships VERY seriously.

#2 – ISFJs Are Highly Empathetic

ISFJs tend to absorb the feelings of the people around them and connect with them on a deep and meaningful level. You’re feeling sad? They feel your pain with you. You’re happy? They feel your joy. When you need someone who will step into your shoes and empathize with you deeply, an ISFJ can do that.

#3 – ISFJs Are Down-to-Earth

Think your messy house or un-manicured nails are going to scare away your ISFJ friend? Think again. ISFJs are very grounded in reality and are fully aware of the “unpretty” realities of life. Realistic problems, struggles, and the disorder of everyday life don’t scare them away.

#4 – ISFJs Notice the Details That Make You Happy

ISFJs pay attention to those little things that make you smile, feel awkward, laugh, or frown. They are keen observers of details and they store away little facts about people that can be useful later on. For example, they might notice that you always eat a certain type of cereal for breakfast, and so they might keep that cereal around when you come over. Or they might notice that you get ever-so-slightly tense whenever someone brings up a certain member of your family. They’ll store away these little details and use them to be a better, more conscientious friend.

#5 – ISFJs Will Reminisce With You

ISFJs tend to be nostalgic, and if you’re ever struck with a craving for yesteryear, they’ll be right there with you. Want to hash out the details of your first meeting? Want to remember every glowing moment of one of your favorite vacations? ISFJs love rekindling old memories that bring joy and happiness to themselves and others.

#6 – ISFJs Understand When You Need Alone Time

ISFJs won’t get offended when you need a night in with a good book and some hot chocolate. They won’t come banging on your door unexpectedly. They’ll ask before just showing up, and, as introverts, they totally get it when you need some peace and quiet.

#7 – ISFJs Are Good Planners

Need to prepare for a family vacation? Feeling overwhelmed by a future event that you have to prepare for? ISFJs are good at mapping out plans and creating an organized way to get the job done. They are also usually very supportive and willing to lend a hand to their friends.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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7 reasons why you need an #ISFJ friend! #ISFJs #personalitytype #personality #myersbriggs #MBTI #friendship

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