INTJs and Relationships with Other Personality Types

I don’t consider myself a relationship expert, but one topic that continually comes up with personality research is the topic of compatibility. Thanks to books like Please Understand Me, Just Your Type, and endless other resources I’ve been able to access some really awesome information on types and compatibility. I’ll put some resources and references at the end of this post for anyone interested. Now let’s get started!

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INTJs are true perfectionists, and so they take their relationships very seriously. Finding the right person is important to them because once they make the decision to commit to a relationship they are usually very loyal and devoted partners. They believe in constantly improving their relationship and always strive to bring their very best to the table. A relationship with an INTJ is bound to be intellectually stimulating, exciting, and intense. INTJs have a natural self-confidence and depth that many people find attractive and intriguing. They usually make very good listeners and can encourage other types to pursue their dreams and visions.

What INTJs Look For in a Relationship


INTJs usually have thought carefully about what they want in a relationship. They aren’t often interested in flings or one-night-stands but are looking for something that will last a lifetime. Usually, before they embark on a relationship they will have carefully ensured that the person fits certain criteria so that they don’t waste their time (or anyone else’s). They’re not likely to “fall in love” in a heat of passion or spur-of-the-moment feelings. While they can be extremely romantic, it takes time for them to feel safe enough to divulge their feelings. If you’re in a relationship with an INTJ, you can take comfort in knowing that they probably thought very long and hard about the relationship before pursuing it; and once they have decided on a partner, they are unlikely to have a change of mind.

INTJs are very deep, thoughtful individuals and they look for the same in a partner. They want someone that they can discuss possibilities, theories, and meanings with. They enjoy someone who is imaginative and passionate. While any two types can have a fulfilling relationship and get along; INTJs will naturally be more at ease with another intuitive partner. The reason for this is that they will both be interested in ideas, theories, and concepts and usually enjoy similar topics of conversation and areas of interest. There is a natural flow that comes from two intuitive or two sensor types being together. That said, many intuitors and sensors have found very happy, long-lasting relationships together. In another post, I’ll get into more details about a sensor/intuitive relationship.

INTJs are very honest and direct, and they want a partner who is showing them their true self. Insincerity and phoniness are likely to turn them off very quickly. They can take blunt honesty, as long as it’s not a manipulated personal attack. Like all NT types, INTJs long to get to the very core truth of something; and this is no different in their relationships. If you’re with an INTJ honesty and authenticity is always going to be the best policy. With all this said, INTJs are also usually very private; so even though they’re honest, they don’t want to be pushed into sharing their entire life story over one conversation. They like to develop intimate relationships slowly and build trust as they gradually share their experiences.

INTJs and Defenders (SJ types) in Relationships:


Defenders usually think very highly of INTJs and admire their hard work and serious, intellectual nature. They can often provide a happy balance to an INTJs life with their practical, feet-on-the-ground mentality. They both respect each other’s schedules and plans and like to have things organized. SJs and INTJs are usually both clean, neat people and so they will often have a happy, comfortable home together. SJs are attracted to the INTJs intellectual intensity, depth, and creative and unique way of looking at the world. With the feeling SJ types, NTs admire their gentleness and compassion, as well as their warmth and loyalty. With thinking SJ types, INTJs will admire their practicality, logic, and effectiveness at getting things done.

Problems can arise when INTJs get frustrated with the SJs love of convention. INTJs are extremely independent and constantly want to evolve and expand their idea of the world. SJs like the familiar and the way things have always been done, and will have a hard time understanding what they may see as strange, non-conformist ideas. INTJs also don’t have a strong need for tradition and social niceties; whereas SJ types are often very aware of traditions and social standards.

INTJs and SJs have different communication styles due to their N/S preferences. This is usually the greatest problem for their relationships. SJ types are extremely realistic, literal, and down-to-earth. In contrast, INTJs are abstract, complex, and analytical and they can both get frustrated with each other’s different ways of thinking. SJ types will often want to just get down to reality and stop analyzing theories, and INTJs will see the SJ types as being “boring” and unimaginative. Neither is true for either type, but this can be a serious problem in their relationships.

Feeling SJ types can feel abandoned or unaffirmed in their relationship with the private, blunt INTJ. Feeling SJ types greatly desire affirmation and sensitivity, and may feel confused and insecure if the INTJ doesn’t work to affirm their feelings. INTJs may feel overburdened by the feeling SJ types need for what they see as “constant” affirmation.

All this said, an INTJ and an SJ type can have a happy and fulfilling relationship. The key is to being well-rounded and being understanding of each other’s needs.

INTJs and Adventurers (SP types) in Relationships:

Adventurers admire the INTJs penchant for effective action and their non-conventional style and attitude. They can also help the naturally serious INTJ to lighten up and enjoy life “in the moment”; providing fun opportunities, laughs, or creative sensory experiences. INTJs and SPs are often initially attracted to each other because of their many differences. The SPs admire the INTJs ability to forecast future trends, and the INTJs admire the SPs friendly, energetic nature. INTJs can help the SP type see past the present moment and take an interest in the big picture. SPs can help INTJs to loosen up and enjoy what is happening all around them, right now.

Problems arise most often because of the S/N difference in these types. INTJs live in their heads, whereas SP types live in their entire bodies. INTJs look towards the future whereas SPs live in the here-and-now. SPs are bored easily by long theoretical discussions and abstract ideas. INTJs get overwhelmed by the SP’s constant need for excitement and stimulation. INTJs want the SP types to explore future ideas and plans together, and the SP types want to just get done talking and “do” something. SPs are the ultimate “doers”, who don’t like to sit around and mull over things or talk about what “could be”. What matters to them is what’s happening right now. SP types also tend to be more spontaneous and start projects without finishing them which can bother the effective-minded INTJ. INTJs like organization and planning, and can find spontaneous changes disruptive and stressful. However, sometimes the excitable, spontaneous nature of the SP type can be a breath of fresh air for the INTJ.


INTJs and Investigators (NT types) in Relationships:

INTJs will obviously have a natural affinity to other NT types. They’ll enjoy talking about the same types of theories and topics and will both enjoy similar activities and interests. Different NT types will value different things, but in general NT types will always enjoy the INTJs intelligence, competence, and ambition. Because they are both logical and straightforward, an NT/NT pairing is usually very amicable. They will probably rarely hurt each other’s feelings because they understand each other so well. They will also love talking over their various dreams and theories, reading similar books, or watching similar movies.

Because NT/NT relationships have many of the same strengths; they will also share many similar weaknesses. If an INTJ is with an ENTJ, they will both be so perfectionistic that they may drive each other crazy. An INTJ relationship with another NT type might also lack the warmth and depth of feeling that an INTJ craves. Most people long for a type of opposite to balance themselves out, and this is no different for the INTJ. NT types are also very stubborn, and if they get into a heated argument about something, neither type may be willing to back down and admit their mistake. They are also both very private and may have a hard time forming a close, deeply intimate bond. Overall, this relationship could make for a great friendship; but a romantic relationship is usually a little trickier. Of course, just like any other pairing, this relationship can work if both people are well-rounded and generous.


INTJs and Dreamers (NF types) in Relationships:

The NT/NF relationship is supposed to be the most ideal pairing of them all. INTJs and Dreamers usually have a very deep attraction to each other. They share a strong mutual interest in abstract ideas, theories, and meanings. NFs deeply admire the INTJs ability to focus and concentrate, and the INTJ admires the Idealist’s depth of feeling and personal warmth. INTJs and NF types make great sounding boards for each other’s ideas, each offering a unique perspective that the other usually respects and marvels at. INTJs help NFs to be more logical and straightforward while NF types help the INTJ to get in touch with their introverted feeling and to be more sensitive.

Frustrations arise in this pairing when the INTJs blunt, straightforward manner unintentionally offends the NF type. NFs are very sensitive and crave harmony. More than any other type, the NF type wants a “soulmate”. So the INTJs private nature and logical mindset may seem un-affirming to the NF type, leaving the NF partner feeling insecure and unsatisfied. Also, the INTJ may feel overwhelmed by the Idealist’s desire for the “perfect” soulmate and may feel overburdened by trying to meet their partner’s emotional needs.

If these types try to understand each other and work to develop all their functions, they can enjoy a very deep, meaningful, happy relationship.

INTJ Strengths in Relationships

– Usually self-confident
– Honest and authentic
– Often intelligent and capable
– Usually good, thoughtful listeners
– Always searching to improve and “optimize” their relationship
– Deeply committed and loyal
– They give their partner independence and freedom
– They aren’t usually possessive

INTJ Weaknesses in Relationships

– Not naturally in tune with other people’s feelings
– Prone to being blunt or insensitive
– May be emotionally unsupportive
– Can be stubborn and believe that they’re “always right”
– They can be intensely private and hold back part of themselves from their partner
– Their perfectionism can make the relationship taxing on their partner

In conclusion…

INTJs can find happiness with any of the Myers-Briggs types, so please don’t take these thoughts as indications to leave a relationship. I greatly believe that any two types can be happy together as long as they work to understand each other and develop all their cognitive functions.

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Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey
Just Your Type by Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron-Tieger
Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type by Isabel Briggs Myers and Peter B. Myers
Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types that Determine How We Live, Love and Work by Otto Kroeger


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  1. Extremely insightful. This gave me a lot of good information to use in judging relationships with others, with in reason of course. (Wow that sounded INTJ.) I’ve been working hard to better myself in the area of improving my sensitivity to others feelings. I believe that if I can be more sensitive then my options are greater. My first love was a definite NF, I still miss her all the time, but the situation was beyond my control. My current relationship is to a NF but based on her choices prior to me I don’t think she’s true NF. I think she just mirrors to a degree and is actually SJ because she needs constant attention and affirmation. (Obsessively.) Drives me out of my mind. Thanks so much for doing this work up I definitley felt it was definitive as advice and guidance. To many others are “do this do that” with little reason.

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad you found it helpful and informative. I definitely appreciate your insight, since you know firsthand what an INTJ actually wants! I think you’re right in that the key is to always be working to develop your tertiary and inferior functions. For me, I’m with an SP type, and so I have to work at being aware of the present moment and my surroundings more than I naturally am, and I also have to be understanding when I see something as being “insensitive”, that it may just be a different way of viewing the situation or that it may just be directness, and not an intentional insult. NF types are likely to be a little more independent than SJ types, so that may be part of the reason she needs the affirmation. I do truly believe that any two types can be compatible, they just have their own unique hurdles to get over!

  2. I looked for a contact page to discreetly propose a change, but couldn’t find one. Your sentence, “INTJs usually have thought through carefully what they want in a relationship.” Does it need an “about” in there? If so feel free to repair and delete this comment. 🙂

    1. Ohhh thank you!! I really appreciate it. I am always torn between being a perfectionist and wanting to complete my posts in the limited amount of time I have. What I end up with are extremely long posts with grammatical errors and typos that I keep fixing! So I definitely appreciate the help, thanks 🙂

  3. In my experience, INTJs seem to be happiest with ISTJ or INFJ types. Although INTJs can be close friends with ENTJs and ENTPs, they feel most at home with another chill-seeker that finds comfort in the familiar, doesn’t like stimulating activities and enjoys lounging at home.

    INTJ shares dominant Ni with INFJ and auxillary Te with ISTJ.

    The earliest married couples in my social circle are INTJ male-INFJ female pairings. 🙂 Both have a love for exploring deep ideas and spending quality time together in chill environments, eg taking a road trip or having a walk in the park.

    INTJ-ISTJ pairings are also ideal for a “power couple” that wishes to start a family. Like you said, the ISTJ respects the hardworking, neat and clean nature of the INTJ. ISTJs pay attention to detail and focus on delivering high quality work with minimal mistakes. In practice, such a family usually involves the ISTJ adroitly handling logistics and planning, while the INTJ handling bigger picture things.

    1. Thanks for your input! I know several INTJs and they’re actually all married to other rationals, but I can definitely see how an INTJ/INFJ pairing or INTJ/ISTJ pairing would be very ideal!

      1. Hello! Thank you for your response! How would a marriage between an INTJ and another NT be like? 🙂 I could see how that can work! I notice INTJ and ENTP are often best friends and have been dubbed as the “dynamic duo”. What are your thoughts about that?

      2. The marriages I’ve seen have been very happy! I have an INTJ/ENTP sister/brother-in-law and I would definitely say they fit the description of a dynamic duo. They get along really well and have a great companionship as well as love for each other. They love to discuss big ideas and their different plans and theories. I personally believe any two types can have a good relationship – but I can see where certain pairings are just easier and more natural than others 🙂

      3. So I see this thread was current about a month and a half ago. This discussion is quite amusing. I am an INTJ married to an ENTP and we both think we have the best marriage in the world. My in-laws nick named us the “dynamic duo” when we were still engaged. We love to share, discuss and hash through our ideas and goals together. Actually, this is a huge priority for a good date night (or Saturday morning breakfast discussion). Anytime life gets busy and we don’t get our time to synch up, we both get more stressed and impatient.
        I’m always curious what others think. This post was very interesting.

  4. I stumbled upon your website and really enjoyed reading the INTJ articles! My husband is an INFP, and I love your description of the NT/NF relationship 🙂 I’m always interested in articles about INTJ females, too. I work in a school where there are a lot of SJ/SF types, and my family is the same. I’ve met guy INTJs, but I haven’t met another female INTJ. I’d be interested in anything about possible differences between males and females when they have the same personality type. Thanks so much for your insightful articles!

  5. You were spot on with the INTJ’s and the Artisans. I’m an INTJ, and my husband is an ISTP. This man cannot look at the bigger picture, and I have a hard time living in the moment.
    We have issues when his projects get the better of him and he starts spending excess time on them. This leaves me to care for our children, two boys ages 3 and 4. I homeschool them, so I’m with them ALL the time and these children as sensory oriented to oblivion. They have to be talking, touching, smelling, at all times and sense I’m “mommy” it’s me who gets the brunt of this. I cannot stand it for long periods of time, and if he’s working on his motorcycles or going on lengthy bike rides, my sanity tends to cave in.
    Problem is, sense I’m a woman when my sanity goes I get emotional, and ISTP’s don’t like when people get emotional because they’re going crazy and he gets angry with me and has all the answers to my problems when I get this way (another thing INTJ’s can’t stand).
    I could go on for hours, but my husband and I do have a lot of fun especially when our differences compliment each other and we find the middle ground. He likes that 4 times out of 5 I know where his misplaced things are, and I love how he makes me laugh.

  6. My ex-fiance is an INTJ and he’s such a jerk. He’s cheated on me and we broke up just about two months before the marriage date we’ve planned.

  7. My hubby is INTJ and I am ENFP. It’s a match made in heaven. We have been called the power couple by our friends, lol. I am always looking for new possibilities to improve and my hubby puts them into action. We love to go for long drives and just talk about all the possibilities:). My husband gives me a very safe solid feeling. We have been married 13 years and I swear it constantly gets better.

  8. I’m a female ENFP and I just started dating a male INTJ about a month ago. Things are fine most of the time (mostly because I’m busy with school so I don’t have time for much right now which gives him plenty of space), however I noticed very early on some communication and emotional barriers.

    He seems to have good intentions, but sometimes I leave our time together feeling unloved or confused because he hasn’t expressed much about how he feels about me. I really want to bring this up, but I’m afraid to scare him away…. any tips would be so appreciated!


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